Green All Inclusive Travel – Karisma Resorts


Karisma Hotels has a special motto with their all-inclusive resorts: Gourmet Inclusive. This entails to so much yet I learned another detail about this policy on my last trip, and it really raised the bar to a whole new impressive level. Green All Inclusive Travel How important is green all inclusive travel to you? While at Generations Riviera Maya, I had a tour of their 100,000 square foot greenhouse, which … [Read more...]

Generations Riviera Maya


Karisma Hotels just opened their new resort, Generations Riviera Maya in the beautiful relaxing Mexican destination of the Mayan Riviera. This resort with 144 suites caters to families of all kinds and sizes, with all the modern luxuries to make your vacation experience, the best it can be. From the Cancun airport, the drive to Generations Riviera Maya is about 30 minutes with traffic. When you arrive at the … [Read more...]

Beaches Negril Dining


No matter which resort or destination you go, one of the first questions that people ask is, "How's the food?". The dining available at any resort is key, am I right? It's one of the constants that people looks for when booking their vacation.  When my daughter and I returned from Beaches Negril, I spent a lot of time talking 'food' with family and friends, and discussing in emails and messages from readers. It's … [Read more...]

Horseback Ride and Swim at Sandy Bay Ranch


One of my favourite parts about our first trip to Negril Jamaica was taking the Horseback Ride and Swim tour. It was offered from Chukka Adventures at the Sandy Bay Ranch, a tour easily booked at our Island Routes kiosk at Sandals Negril.  It's literally horseback riding, in complete paradise! Despite not being on a horse in many years, I wanted to take on this tour to see the Jamaican countryside … [Read more...]

Rick’s Cafe in Negril Jamaica


Hundreds of people gather around, all eager wait for the moment to come. Standing on a 25ft ledge is a brave soul, glancing down at the water below with clenched fists. The onlookers hold their breaths along with their cameras until the decision has been made to jump. Then, seconds seem like minutes before the water below is met. Chants of, 'jump, jump, jump' turn into mass cheers and whistles. I watch and think, 'no … [Read more...]

Kids Guide: Beaches Negril


 When staying at all-inclusive resorts, your time is what you make it. Love relaxing on a gorgeous beach with a book? You'll want to ensure that you choose a resort with a beautiful and spacious beach. Maybe you love the pool-life during your vacation Ensure your destination has pools that are large enough to offer space even when occupancy is maxed. Traveling with kids yet you still wants that pool, beach and … [Read more...]

One Morning with the Sandals Foundation


  One morning while in Jamaica, I witnessed one event. One love with the Sandals Foundation. And it forever changed me. Armed with wrapped presents that filled a suitcase when coming to Jamaica, my daughter and I arrived at Mount Airy School in the Mocho Mountains of Clarendon Parish. On this morning we, along with the Sandals Foundation, were throwing a Christmas party for the children of the … [Read more...]

A Mother and Her Daughter at Beaches Resorts


 If someone asked me, 'where do you want to be in 5 years?', I immediately think of destinations and eagerly rattle on about my travel bucket list. It's not the answer most expect, yet it's evidence of just how much traveling means to me. It's in my heart and soul and will forever be a top passion. "We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us." - Island Routes.  Vacations with just my husband … [Read more...]

My Girl and her Beach

beach at beaches negril family travel

  My daughter and I just got home from a remarkable stay at Beaches Resorts in Negril Jamaica for #BeachesMoms. Mother & Daughter time = success! Every day, we dedicated some time so that Isabelle could hunt for seashells. One of her favourite things to do while at the beach, she takes great pride in the seashells she finds.   I bet this girl could spend hours combing the sand and waters … [Read more...]

Calm the Chaos at Sandals Negril


  I put down my book to hear the soft music of 'What a Wonderful World' playing in the Cucina Romana beach restaurant, just a few steps away from my lounge chair. A sudden tropical rain, which the Jamaicans call 'Liquid Sunshine', had just blown through the area. This is the reason why my attention was on my novel, dry under the cover of a well-built palapa at Sandals Negril.  The rain had stopped … [Read more...]