Exploring the Beauty of Prince Edward Island

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I think we've all heard from someone (if not from many), that 'Prince Edward Island is Beautiful.' Since I'd never before visited our smallest Canadian province on the east coast, I had always wondered - how so? How is PEI beautiful? Simply because of the landscape? What does 'a beautiful place' truly mean? Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Prince Edward Island for the first time, and indeed I agree ... read more

CanadaStays Celebrates the Summer of the Staycation

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What are your summer plans? Us, we always stick closer to home during the summer months, and take in local activities and attractions. We might visit other provinces within Canada, but we rarely leave the country. After all, we Canadians have such a long and bitter winter, yet our summer weather is simply amazing. Many times over the season I'm reminded just how beautiful our country is, and one of my goals is to ... read more

Unwind and Unplug at Nipika Mountain Resort


In the breathtaking British Columbia Rockies, there is a mountain resort called Nipika, nestled in a valley just outside Kootenay National Park. Just a 20 minute drive from Invermere, Nipika Mountain Resort is a place that brings you back to the basics. It's a resort that the family goes to unwind, connect, unplug and play. Accommodations at Nipika Mountain Resort are hand-built and beautiful log cabins. The ... read more

Around the World at The Calgary Zoo


I'm fortunate that the City of Calgary is just a quick drive from where I live. It's a city that we visit often - to take in attractions, do some fantastic shopping yet usually our stay is a wonderful mix of it all. One favourite through the years is a visit to The Calgary Zoo. The Calgary Zoo Botanical Garden and Prehistoric Park has seen me as a child, a teen, met each of my babies and has watched us all grow ... read more

Pine Lake Leisure Club


In a previous post, I showed you our cabin accommodations, during our stay at the Pine Lake Leisure Club with thanks to Parkbridge. Yet, a #glamping experience isn't complete, without all the great amenities that this resort has to offer. Pine Lake Leisure Club has some great amenities for their guests, ones that really up the bar when it comes to lake-side living. Heated Outdoor Pool - Our stay was during one of the ... read more

Pine Lake Leisure Club Cabins by Parkbridge


Earlier this month the kids and I stayed at one of the Pine Lake Leisure Club Cabins, by Parkbridge. Just before our stay, my husband was called to work, so I invited a friend and her two kids to stay with us for the weekend. A multi-family summer trip to the lake? Sounds fun, right? It was! The Pine Lake Leisure Club is a short drive from Calgary or Edmonton and only 20 minutes from Red Deer. The Leisure Club offers ... read more

The Lake Life


This past weekend the kids and I {along with a friend and her kids}, took a double family road trip to Pine Lake, Alberta. We stayed at Parkbridge Leisure Club, a place that truly perfected the art of glamping. More about our weekend will come but for now, I'm sharing a snapshot of The Lake Life. Gotta love summers in Alberta, the sun doesn't fully set until almost 11pm.   . . . ... read more

Prince Edward Island – #1 Place to Travel in Canada for 2014


Ever since I was a young child and completely enthralled with Anne of Green Gables, I've always wanted to visit Prince Edward Island (PEI). Having been born and raised in Alberta, I've had a fascination with Canada's smallest province and island. Perhaps it's because when compared to the plains and mountains of Alberta, it looks like a whole different country. While my part of Canada has much to ... read more

The Calgary Tower {Yikes!}

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I've lived here all my live and never went up the Calgary Tower. That fact is very odd to me.  This Summer I decided to change that when my family and I set out to seize the Summer with Travelocity.ca. While in Calgary for our weekend getaway, we took the kids up the Calgary Tower, which was built in the 60s. Pretty isn't she?  Views all around of the city of Calgary, noticing all the landmarks from ... read more

Banff National Park: Seize the Summer and Travel

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  Last month my family was asked to seize the Summer and travel thanks to Travelocity.ca. We decided to take two mini-vacations in order to #goandseizethesummer, the first one being a trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  We took in some super fun attractions such as the Banff Gondola up Sulphur Mountain, the Columbia Icefield Adventure tour, and a Boat Cruise on Lake Minnewanka {full posts at the ... read more

Family Travel: Banff Lake Cruise on Lake Minnewanka

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  Just a short drive across the highway from the town of Banff is Lake Minnewanka. I had been there many times before, since it's such a scenic drive with gorgeous views. Yet, never have we stopped at the lake and took a good look around. On our last family trip to the Canadian Rockies, we changed that. Walk to the dock and you can get tickets to take the 1 hour Banff Lake Cruise, a sightseeing ... read more

Family Travel: Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure

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  Our family trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains started with a scenic drive to the Jasper area. Our destination: take a tour on the Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure. The last time I had gone to the Columbia Icefields was 13 years ago, and the rest of my family have never been. We knew it would be 'pretty' considering the location, yet we never imagined just how educational and awe-inspiring it would ... read more