This Makes Me Smile


One of my favourite things in this whole world, palm trees make me smile from ear to ear. This particular one was taken while at Generations Riviera Maya.  Love!     . ** If you have one, please link up your own Wordless {or Wordy} Wednesday below ** and thank you for leaving a comment too! . . . … [Read more...]

Spring Break


PSA: We are in the middle of Spring Break, and enjoying every moment! Sleeping in, lazy days, baking ... and while my kids feel the need to dress like they're going to a party everyday, I balance that by spending as much time as I can in my PJ's. Yet, to prevent me from becoming a total sloth thanks to the break, I'm also doing some much needed de-cluttering of the house. In small doses though, since I am in … [Read more...]

Weekend Staycation


This past weekend the family and I went to Calgary for a weekend staycation. My oldest was in a cheer competition, so why not take the opportunity and stay for the weekend? Here are just a few quick phone snapshots from this weekend. A bit of randomness from much fun, food, laughter and shopping! How often do you take little staycations?     . . . … [Read more...]

I Promise to Share and Be a Friend


I promise to share and be a friend. By showing we care it's love we send. Tho' the world is so wide, with love deep inside, it's easy to be a friend, a friend! - by Jaën Wanamaker . . . … [Read more...]

Truly Proud


This last weekend my oldest took part in another cheer competition. Her team got 2nd! Most importantly though, Isabelle has found a sport that she loves whole heartedly. After dabbling in pretty much every activity and sport out there, I'm certain that cheerleading 'is the one'. Thanks to cheerleading she's stronger, more confident and pushes herself to learn and grow. Always determined to give it her … [Read more...]

Get Outside and Play!


  Finally! Finally we have a break from the freezing weather and I can say those words I love to speak ... "Get outside and play!".     In no way do I believe that Spring it on it's way, yet this break in weather sure makes a person think it is. Back and forth, back and forth - like taking off a bandaid slowly. Just get on with it already, rip it off and bring on the next season! … [Read more...]



  The other day I took the twins to a brief doctors appt and snapped a photo with my phone. I then realized that I took a similar photo in 2011, only they were wearing gowns. Flashback!     Let's take a minute to celebrate the technological advancements in phone cameras, the general look of our doctors offices and the improvement in my own shutter skills {what up 2011?!}. The twins? … [Read more...]

Dear Winter


  It's February and like all Februarys past, I've started to get very anxious.  Dear Winter, Honestly, I'm am so incredibly over you. You've been with us for the better part of 5 months now. Perhaps it's time that you leave. Love {not really}, Me I look out the window at the white abyss and try not to think of how many more days weeks months are still left. Instead, I close my eyes and … [Read more...]

Twins Learning to Ice Skate


  2014 brought a new milestone for my twin girls, they just recently learned to skate!  At first they held onto me until they got used to standing on skates, yet that was only for about 5 minutes. Then, they let go and were off on their own. Very nervous at first and going at a snails pace, they quickly learned to shuffle a little faster, fall correctly and get back up on their own {all in that one first … [Read more...]

Rainbow Loom Chaos


  It started on Christmas Day after gift opening - Rainbow Loom Chaos! FYI, the included instructions are no help whatsoever. So, my tip is to take it to the internets folks. It'll save you some time and frustration. Once Isabelle learned the basic rainbow loom bracelet, she has been on a loom-making-mission. Hundreds - everywhere! All our friends and family are now wearing many bracelets and … [Read more...]