Peaches and Cream Bars

peaches and cream bars

If you've been to the market lately {or any store}, you'll know that right now is a great time to get fresh peaches at an affordable price. If you are blessed to have your own peaches trees - perfect - and I'm so jealous! So, why not embrace the available stock and make a delicious peaches recipe! These Peaches and Cream Bars are sweet, creamy and has a taste all on their own. It's a fruit + white cake + cream … [Read more...]

Apple Cinnamon Streusel Muffins


It's the final countdown to back to school, and I {like most parents} are busy, busy. Making schedules, shopping and psyching ourselves up for another 10 months of making school lunches.  When it comes to making and sending school lunches this year - do you have a game plan? Meaning, are you determined to not get into the rut and start the chain of daily sandwiches?! I know I am! I have already made a list … [Read more...]

Margherita Panini


Do you always make the same old sandwiches at home? Ya, me too. But, I'm working on changing that. The new school year is coming up and I don't want to be in a sandwich rut after a few short weeks. Margherita Panini Sandwich So, I'm expanding my sandwich repertoire now! When thinking of what kind of sandwich to feature this week - I looked to my favourite pizza. Margherita! I love the combination of tomato, … [Read more...]

Garden-Fresh Pasta Salad


Most of the pasta salads I make are mayo-based. Which is great, but sometimes it's good for the soul {and tummy} to break free from the usual and try a new recipe. This, my friends, is how you find true gems that are welcomed into your recipe box, to be made regularly. This is the case with Garden-Fresh Pasta Salad, a recipe I found on the Kraft Canada website. What drew me to this recipe was the fresh {but common} … [Read more...]

Blueberry Lemon Cupcakes

Blueberry Lemon Cupcakes

My baking changes with the seasons, are you the same? During the colder months, it's all about the caramels and chocolates. Right now, hello Summer, I can't get enough fresh fruit and berries. Lighter, with that tart-sweet taste and I love taking advantage of the cheaper prices this time of year. I'm bringing berries back! For the past couple of weeks, there has been bowl after bowl of fresh blueberries in my … [Read more...]

Broccoli Craisin Salad


Featured in my recipe box is Taco Salad, a lovely recipe that I got from a Mom at Cheer potluck. This Broccoli Craisin Salad recipe is another favourite of mine, that was given to me at a school potluck! See the trend here? You can really get some great recipes when going to gatherings, it's like a collection of everyones much-loved dishes. I make Broccoli Craisin Salad year-round yet it's especially nice right now … [Read more...]

Grilled Corn on the Cob

grilled corn on the cob recipe

Call me a creature of habit {or just a little bit stubborn}, yet I've always just boiled corn on the cob. It's how I've always cooked corn on the con, and never considered that it could be cooked differently. After all, it always tasted good so why change it? Does this sound familiar? While at the farmers market a couple weekends ago, I bought some fresh corn on the cob. While waiting in line, a … [Read more...]

Get Grilling with Bick’s #bicksburgers


All hail this beautiful weather and the ability to grill again! Wasn't it a long and painful Winter? I can't even count the number of family barbecues we've already had since the sun graced us with its presence again. At home or out at our summer creek property {where we've spent the last 5 weekends!}, our trusty BBQs sure are getting one huge workout! When the mood to grill strikes, I love to try new recipes … [Read more...]

The Albertan Burger


  If there's one thing us Albertans know when it comes to food, it's beef. Alberta beef is world renowned and simply delicious. So it only goes without saying that when we BBQ - there's some beef on that grill. At home or even out camping, just our family to entertaining in the backyard - burgers are made by us often. You simply can't beat a good burger with some classic sides - it's all part in celebrating … [Read more...]

Strawberry Jello Pie


One of the bazillion things I love most about this time of year, is that berry prices start dropping. Through the winter months, they are horribly expensive here. I always take full advantage of the lower prices and buying berries often, to bake with and also to eat fresh.  When thinking of a 'Strawberry dessert recipe' to feature this week, so many good ones came to mind. There's so many delicious desserts … [Read more...]