Moments that Need to be Looked Upon Often

birthday photos posterjack gallery frame

Of all the events and occasions that I've taken photos of, birthdays would be the one that results in the most captures. After all, it's a grand occasion that deserves much celebration. That being said, it's also the one grouping of photos that I've done anything with. Memories of birthdays past sit in disks and files, never printed nor displayed.  Birthday photos are usually joyous and vibrant, yet they ... read more

Month In Photos: July 2015

july 2015 month in photos myorganizedchaos

June 2015 was one that was spent almost entirely outdoors enjoying the wonderful summer sun! The month started with Canada Day celebrations, camping and trips to the lake to cool off. We took one amazing cross-Canada family trip to New Brunswick where there was photo-opportunities galore and much to see and do. It was a great week spent visiting apart of Canada we hadn't seen together, and a wonderful start to summer ... read more

Summer Memories Captured

posterjack gallery frame

Summer Memories Captured. I know, I know. Summer isn't even half-way over so why reflect already? We still have lots of summer left! ... again, I need to convince myself of this as it's passing far too quickly. We are truly making the most of our summer 2015. We've already done many day trips and activities - even a cross Canada family vacation. We've only just started on our summer plans too! Whether it's ... read more

Month In Photos: June 2015

june 2015 month in photos myorganizedchaos

  June 2015 marked the official start of summer vacation. My oldest daughter completed Grade 5, which means she's now off to {*gulp*} middle school. Actually, I still call it Junior High, which I'm told isn't said anymore. That's probably for the best, since the 'Degrassi Junior High' theme song runs through my head every time I say it. And we all know what those kids were up to!! {for the record I'm talking ... read more

Beach Love – Captured

beach love

When choosing photos to display in my home, winners are the ones that bring on certain emotions. The end-goal is to look each and every time and simply, smile. The best photos to frame are those that pause life at just the right moment, at a time that you could re-live each day if you had the choice.  Like this one.  This photo is of our latest family trip to Mexico, one time when ... read more

Month In Photos: May 2015

May 2015 month in photos myorganizedchaos

May 2015 was a month of 'Mexico'. Technically we were only there for a week, but looking at the photos I took over the course of May - Mexico was the biggest highlight for sure. So, when putting together my Month In Photos for May 2015, I loved the idea of dedicating a collage just of our trip with Velas Resorts, the beautiful hues compliment each other so much. From palm trees, sandy bottoms, baby turtles, much ... read more

Photo Fail: Don’t Be That Offensive Parent

photo fail don't be that parent

The title might fool you into thinking that I'm pointing fingers here. OK, maybe I am. Yet, that finger needs to point at myself too, since I'm guilty as well. I was recently introduced into this hilarious {yet truthful} video from Canon and it struck a cord {x2}. You know, the kind of realization that makes you scream 'YES!". Give the video a watch and let the truth soak in ...   Hi, I'm Tammi and I love ... read more

Month In Photos: April 2015

april 2015 month in photos myorganizedchaos

April 2015 - The snow melted and the outdoors were enjoyed! We're finally seeing the signs of spring, which makes me deliriously happy {and not just 'case the kids can run off energy while not a few feet away from me ... ok that too}. You all know I'm a sun worshiper so April is always one month that I always look forward to. In April 2015 Isabelle ended her 2nd year of Cheerleading, it was a fantastic year for my ... read more

Tips and Tricks for Using a Telephoto Zoom Lens

telephoto lens canonl canadian mom blogger

Once upon a time I thought all camera lens were created equal. I was happy with my standard lens that came with the body, and snapped away thinking that some of the not-so-great photos which resulted - were my fault. 'If only I were a professional' I often wished. Then, as my skills and knowledge grew, I was introduced to the different lenses on the market and developed my own lens wish-list with some ... read more

A Perfect Pre-Teen Bedroom – Complete with Powerful Inspiration

Lime Green Perfect Pre-Teen Bedroom

The last room in our house to get redecorated was my oldest daughters bedroom. A room that was once previously the toy room, my girl put up with alphabet and monkey wall decals for years, bless her. So when it was time to truly make the room her on, she went bold, just like her own sassy self. Now, the room is painted lime green, perfect for her pre-teen personality. She got new bedding and bedroom accessories to ... read more

Photographing a Cheer and Dance Competition #CanonL

taking pictures ata cheer competition

By now you should know that I have a passion for photography and capturing all those precious memories that fill our days. This is why I started my Month in Photos series, in which I make an easy photo collage of my favourite photos for each month. The goal was to stop leaving precious photos in files and on drives - and to actually 'do' more with my photos. To collect and have something tangible to share. In ... read more

Month In Photos: March 2015


March 2015 - in like a lion and out like a lamb. This saying applies to both the weather, and our schedule for the month. My oldest had two cheer competitions in March, so the beginning was spent prepping for both, which included a week-long trip to Louisville Kentucky for the Jamfest Nationals Competition. Our time spent there was amazing, from the competition itself {my first time experiencing cheer in the US, which ... read more

2014 Month in Photos Album

photo book easy simple

As you know, I've been making and posting my Month In Photos here on My Organized Chaos, for just over a year now. My neighbour first introduced me to this idea, I instantly fell in love with this way of capturing all the best of each month, and easily turning those memories into a keepsake. You see, I love all things 'photo' and the evidence of this is well documented. Up until 2009, I have pretty much every single ... read more

Month In Photos: February 2015


February 2015 is always a stale month, don't you agree? At this time in the year I'm so completely over Winter. Each passing day seems to drag, and all I can think about is Spring and Summer. Month In Photos: February 2015 Yet, thanks to some mild weather, we did do some sledding and skating this month. Then, another cold snap hit and indoors we went, for yet another round of hibernation. In February we played ... read more