Month In Photos: September 2014


September 2014 marked a milestone in my life. For the first time in 10 years, I was to have my days to myself - all 3 of my girls were in all-day school! {insert confetti and party hats here} I do admit to a few moments of panic over where the time has gone and how it truly now feels like I don't have babies anymore. The eyes did tear a couple times, yet for the most part, I'm thrilled. I find I have a tad more … [Read more...]

Month In Photos: August 2014


JULY 2014 has taken me a long time to publish! While this month has been busy and I'm trying to adapt to back to school, I'd rather believe that we are doing some wonderful things as a family lately - and there just isn't enough time. August was one fantastic month though and by looking at our photos, you could say that it was Isabelle's month to shine. You might notice that August 2014 includes a photo of … [Read more...]

How to Care for your Photos


With the day and age of digital photos upon us, it's important to remember how to care for your photos. Digital photography is actually just a stage of photography that makes it easier to use and store photos. It is best to get them printed and have your digital records as a back up. There is just something nice about having the real thing to be able to hold in your hands and share with your family and friends. So how do … [Read more...]

The Last Hurrah


If there's one thing I can say about Summer 2014, is that we truly made the most. Our season was filled with fun activities, events and travel - which is why I can't help but to be blessed yet sad at the same time. Summer was fantastic. These are some of the last shots of our Summer. Sun, grass, smiles and friends. Park, play, ride & camping.        We were right in … [Read more...]

Project Life by Stampin’ Up


Years ago, I used to be a scrapbooking maniac. I was very much into making my own photo pages and albums, each page carefully thought out and planned to perfection. Then, life and kids happened and no longer did I have the copious amounts of time to devote to scrapbooking. Since then, I made the occasional photobook online, my way of scrapbooking with less time and energy involved. The do fill my need for … [Read more...]

Back to School for the Twins Plus One

2014 back to school twins plus one

Today is Back to School! My oldest is now in Grade 5 and the twins just started Grade 1. Myself? I have my days free, a first in 10 years. Yes, there were a few teary moments and it was hectic to get 3 kids settled into 3 different classes in only a matter of minutes. Yet, they are there and I am here. The house is quiet. It's just me and my coffee, and the sounds of the keys as I type. I miss you summer … [Read more...]

Always Epiphanie


I think back to all the items I've reviewed here on My Organized Chaos {6 years worth!}, and wish I could easily do a follow up on those reviews. I think it'd be helpful for my readers to know which products stood the test of time, and which didn't. This is information I'd love to know myself when searching online. Alas, that would literally take forever {but you can always send me an email if you do have any questions, … [Read more...]

Everyday Moments: Captured and Shared


My photos are my most prized possessions, each one illustrates everyday moments captured for a lifetime and to be honest, I really don't know what I'd do without my photos – they are that precious to me. The pictures I have from years ago are only printed and in albums, dozens of them fill a bookcase in our home. The most recent ones are stored digitally {Facebook, Instagram, files and drives}, yet I'm sad to say that … [Read more...]

Month In Photos: July 2014


JULY 2014 was again another beautiful month for weather in Alberta. The majority of the month was spent in a heat wave, which resulted in us getting air conditioning for the home. Crazy canucks right? A few days of super hot weather out of the year and we're installing the AC. Yet, a cooler house really helped with my cake decorating this year since this month the twins turned 6! They had a fantastic FROZEN themed … [Read more...]

My Twins are Six!

twins 6

This past weekend we did some celebrating - my twins turned Six! Six is a pretty big number, it's like overnight they turn into school-age children. Taller, stronger, more independent and mature ... Hold me! I'll post more about their birthday soon, yet truth is, I haven't even had time to even go through their photos yet. *someone* {me} decided it would be a good week to do an impromptu bedroom renovation. … [Read more...]

Fireworks {Kind of} Captured


We spent a few days at our creek property last week, and celebrated Canada Day there. It was an incredible camping trip, and for a very specific reasons {but, more on that later}.  Of course, the highlight after the sun fully set, was the fireworks! Not long at all and it wasn't an intense and dramatic show - but they were one of the best ever.  A family chose them, invited neighbours and we … [Read more...]