Month In Photos: March 2014


March 2014 was a month jam-packed with birthday parties and small ways to make memories. The girls had quite a bit of time off with conferences and Spring Break, so it was a nice blend of relax time at home and activity when boredom struck. Month In Photos: March 2014 We attended our city's children's expo where the twins got to meet, hug and follow Rainbow Dash around like little fan girls. Instead of an … [Read more...]

Weekend Staycation


This past weekend the family and I went to Calgary for a weekend staycation. My oldest was in a cheer competition, so why not take the opportunity and stay for the weekend? Here are just a few quick phone snapshots from this weekend. A bit of randomness from much fun, food, laughter and shopping! How often do you take little staycations?     . . . … [Read more...]

Stand out with PhatStraps! #CanonCanada #giveaway


For years my DSLR looked like every other with it's generic black branded strap. At gatherings, like weddings and dinners, I'd lay my camera down on a table and then hesitated when I went to pick it up. Many camera with the same black branded strap would collect in the area.  The last straw was when we were on one specific vacation and the temperatures soared to a billion degrees {small exageration}. I, of course … [Read more...]

Month In Photos: February 2014


February 2014 could be best described as bitterly cold. There were just a few nice days that allowed for outdoor play. Yet for the most part, indoors we stayed. Month In Photos: February 2014 Of course there was another *fantastic* cheer competition for my oldest and we certainly can't forget Valentine's Day 2014. This year, the candy that the kids were given really competed with Halloween. As we move into March, I'd … [Read more...]

Truly Proud


This last weekend my oldest took part in another cheer competition. Her team got 2nd! Most importantly though, Isabelle has found a sport that she loves whole heartedly. After dabbling in pretty much every activity and sport out there, I'm certain that cheerleading 'is the one'. Thanks to cheerleading she's stronger, more confident and pushes herself to learn and grow. Always determined to give it her … [Read more...]

Get Outside and Play!


  Finally! Finally we have a break from the freezing weather and I can say those words I love to speak ... "Get outside and play!".     In no way do I believe that Spring it on it's way, yet this break in weather sure makes a person think it is. Back and forth, back and forth - like taking off a bandaid slowly. Just get on with it already, rip it off and bring on the next season! … [Read more...]



  The other day I took the twins to a brief doctors appt and snapped a photo with my phone. I then realized that I took a similar photo in 2011, only they were wearing gowns. Flashback!     Let's take a minute to celebrate the technological advancements in phone cameras, the general look of our doctors offices and the improvement in my own shutter skills {what up 2011?!}. The twins? … [Read more...]

Month In Photos: January 2014


      January 2014 highlights were teaching the twins to skate, swimming lessons and a Cheerleading competition in Edmonton. Month In Photos I actually didn't take as many photos in January compared to previous months. I have to keep in mind that some of the best moments to remember are the usual/ordinary ones. For instance, the photos of the twins on the couch - they were simply in a daze … [Read more...]

P!nk The Truth About Love Tour


  When COVERGIRL asked me if I wanted tickets to see the P!NK The Truth About Love tour in Edmonton, you can bet I was game. I am all over P!INK and have for years. There was no hesitation in who my +1 for the concert would be either. A close friend of mine flew across Canada a few years ago, just to see P!NK - so of course this is the very same fangirl that had to come with. Recall when I planned an … [Read more...]

Month In Photos: December 2013


      December is pretty much over already? How did that happen? This entire month seems like a whirlwind that took me along for the ride. It started with a fantastic trip with my daughter to Beaches Negril in Jamaica. The sand, sun and ocean was the most perfect way to start the month off right. As soon as we got back, it was a mad rush to finish shopping, baking and decorating. Due to the … [Read more...]