Fireworks {Kind of} Captured


We spent a few days at our creek property last week, and celebrated Canada Day there. It was an incredible camping trip, and for a very specific reasons {but, more on that later}.  Of course, the highlight after the sun fully set, was the fireworks! Not long at all and it wasn't an intense and dramatic show - but they were one of the best ever.  A family chose them, invited neighbours and we … [Read more...]

Month In Photos: June 2014


JUNE 2014 was truly one beautiful month, we had so many sunny days. So obviously much time was spent outdoors. We camped for 3 weekends at our creek property, taking off the last one due to rain and just to have a quiet weekend at home. Month In Photos: June 2014 In June, I was on absolute survival mode. With all the school activities and endless year end events - my calendar was a mess of pen, notes and … [Read more...]

Moments Like This


It's moments like this, while out camping, that make all the bug bites totally worth it. Solitude, peace, reflection and all the time in the world to watch my babies grow.   . … [Read more...]

Month In Photos: May 2014


MAY 2014 started with a bang as our family headed to Beaches Resorts in Turks and Caicos! Located on beautiful grace bay, we spent a lot of time in the sun, sand and pool - and the trip could not have been better. Actually, most of our May 2014 was spent in Turks and Caicos, since we didn't return until mid-month. How's that for a spectacular May!? Once we returned, it was activity and school catch-up plus a TON of … [Read more...]

Turks & Caicos Islands


Our family is back from one INCREDIBLE trip to Beaches Resorts in Turks & Caicos!  I've wanted to visit the Turks & Caicos Islands for so long, this destination has been on tops my travel bucket  list for many years. Actually, photos of the islands has been my screensaver for too many years to count - total paradise! Yet, seeing this beauty in person ... well, beyond words.  I do … [Read more...]

Month In Photos: April 2014


April started off with a bang as I spent some time in Mexico for a press trip and enjoyed much sun, sand and water. Yet that was just the beginning of a great month ahead - April was an entire month of enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Rubber boots were a must this Spring yet after a few days, all the snow was gone. Hooray for seeing grass again! Easter weekend was a great time with family, even though my daughter ended … [Read more...]

Month In Photos: March 2014


March 2014 was a month jam-packed with birthday parties and small ways to make memories. The girls had quite a bit of time off with conferences and Spring Break, so it was a nice blend of relax time at home and activity when boredom struck. Month In Photos: March 2014 We attended our city's children's expo where the twins got to meet, hug and follow Rainbow Dash around like little fan girls. Instead of an … [Read more...]

Weekend Staycation


This past weekend the family and I went to Calgary for a weekend staycation. My oldest was in a cheer competition, so why not take the opportunity and stay for the weekend? Here are just a few quick phone snapshots from this weekend. A bit of randomness from much fun, food, laughter and shopping! How often do you take little staycations?     . . . … [Read more...]

Stand out with PhatStraps! #CanonCanada #giveaway


For years my DSLR looked like every other with it's generic black branded strap. At gatherings, like weddings and dinners, I'd lay my camera down on a table and then hesitated when I went to pick it up. Many camera with the same black branded strap would collect in the area.  The last straw was when we were on one specific vacation and the temperatures soared to a billion degrees {small exageration}. I, of course … [Read more...]

Month In Photos: February 2014


February 2014 could be best described as bitterly cold. There were just a few nice days that allowed for outdoor play. Yet for the most part, indoors we stayed. Month In Photos: February 2014 Of course there was another *fantastic* cheer competition for my oldest and we certainly can't forget Valentine's Day 2014. This year, the candy that the kids were given really competed with Halloween. As we move into March, I'd … [Read more...]