The Messes Twins Make


  There's two to wash, There's two to dry; There's two who argue, There's two who cry. One's in the mud, Having a ball; The other holds a crayon... Another marked wall. Some days seem endless, My patience grows thin. Why did God choose me To be a mother of twins? The answer comes clear- At the end of the day, As I tuck them in bed And to myself I say... There's two to kiss, There's two to … [Read more...]

Sponsored Post: Never Say Dieting Oath

Never Say Dieting Oath

  A few years ago I wrote about how my daughter, who was 6 at the time, thought a perfect body created a perfect life. My daughters' statement has crossed my mind countless times since then, that small conversation sent a huge ripple in my world of parenting and still effects me today. Knowing how much kids take in and imitate, I've always been conscious of my own words and actions. I know that my … [Read more...]

Discovering your Disney Side


  Having never been as a kid, I used to think Disney Parks were just gigantic amusement parks. I assumed it was a similar experience to the fairs that flew through town once a year, only bigger and more permanent. While I was always curious and knew I wanted to go eventually, I didn't think it would ever be 'up there' on my list of favourite places in this world. Then, I experienced Disney as an adult with my … [Read more...]

Piling on the Chaos


  Since life in the house of chaos wasn't busy enough, I just had to add another activity {twice a week} into the mix. The Twins starting taking swimming lessons again! It's been a couple years since they have been in actual classes, even though they swim often with us and on vacations. The girls do enjoy their time in the pool yet with Cheerleading {three times a week + competitions}, Guides and Sparks - … [Read more...]

I rocked back to school. Nope, that’s a fail.

school lunch sandwiches

  Twas the night before the start of school, when all through the house, not a child was stirring ... **reality check: they were but weren't in bed. I kept hearing the thumps and giggles. What's that book called again, about going the f to sleep? *sigh* There was only one thing left to do and we were all ready. I began the first of many school lunches. Standing there and scowling at the job but mostly at … [Read more...]

Family Fun ~ Strawberry Shortcake: Follow Your Berry Own Beat!

strawberry shortcake live alberta

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received family tickets for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience.   On Friday night, the girls and I had a very special time together. We went to Strawberry Shortcake: Follow Your Berry Own Beat! Excitement was high that entire day, my kids were literally jumping for joy and eager for showtime. They didn't … [Read more...]

Second Annual Walmart Mom of the Year Award!

walmart mom of the year

  Disclosure: I received compensation for this post yet of course all opinions are 100% my own. ~~~ Over 8 years ago I started the hugest journey of my life, a job which I consider the biggest in the world - I am a MOM! While it's a trying job that really tests my patience sometimes, it's also one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences of my life. There are many days when I'm not sure if I'm doing … [Read more...]

Best Little Laugh, Captured!


  Call me entirely forgetful, yet I don't recall a lot from when my kids were babies. I remember little tidbits, or feelings as a whole, but mainly it's all a blur. Maybe I went into survival mode? For example, I don't remember the exact moment when my girls laughed for the first time. Correction. I don't recall when 2 of my 3 girls laughed for the first time. Only because I managed to get one of them on … [Read more...]

April Fools Joke – Blessed Backfire


  April Fools Day will always bring one huge smile to my face and be a common topic of conversation in our family for many years. Even though we do not participate in the trickery anymore. How come? At 20 weeks pregnant {on march 29, 2008}, I posted this 1st photo of my belly bump on my personal Facebook page. The comments came flooding in of congrats and many 'wows' over how far along I already … [Read more...]

Letter From My Daughter

letter from daughter

  Isabelle, my sobbing after reading this letter you gave me, had made you so worried and confused. On this particular day self-doubt and feelings of Motherhood-failure ran so deep it was suffocating. You saved the day.     {copied word for word, from Isabelle, 8 years old} Dear Mom and Dad You guys are my heroes in so many ways. I am thankful that I have such good parents and even if … [Read more...]