Channel your Inner Optimist


  This time of year comes with a lot of pressure and stress. Don't worry; I feel it too. Some days, the stress starts as soon as I wake, with the first realization of my to-do list for the day. We all know those days that don't go exactly as planned, when you slap on that 'bad day' sticker of warning. Thing is, your reaction and mood sets the tone for the day, which can snowball into bigger problems and more ... read more

Looking Back: Our 2013

walt disney world fireworks halloween party myorganizedchaos

  While My Organized Chaos is many things at different times, my main focus is always 'for my girls'. I'm pleased that one day they will look back and read about our life as it happened and our many travels and experiences. Even my product review posts tell a story, share their interests at the moment - and as always, feature many personal photos along the way. Last year I posted our 2012 in Review, a post I ... read more

One for the Fridge


  When picking up my daughter from school one day, I noticed that the bulletin board outside the classroom had some new creations. Clever idea actually, a project called, 'My Favorite Part About Me'. Each child announced their favorite body part and why they liked it best. There were so many adorable answers like, "My Arms: to hold my new baby brother", "My Nose: Without it I couldn't smell Mom's dinners", "My ... read more

2012 in Review {an Absolutely Amazing Year}


  Time {and life in general} goes by way too fast, and sometimes you don't even realize the cumulation of blessings and experiences that can happen in the span of 12 months, until you actually look back and put it into writing. For the first time on this site, I'm dedicating a blog post on an entire 2012 in Review. And, my goal is to continue this in future years as well. After all, I envision my kids ... read more

Hilarious Family Christmas Photos


Avoid any of these Hilarious Family Christmas Photos and I think you'll be fine for your card this year. Goes to show that people have all kinds of tastes, from odd to completely horrible. Thanks to a good friend for sending these to me, they sure take 'WTH were they thinking?' to a whole new level. Really? And THAT'S the shirt you wear to go see Santa? Classy!   Poor Santa is being held ... read more

Weekend Chaos ~ Gangnam Style


  A lazy Saturday in the house of Chaos means laundry, cleaning and nail painting and Gangnam Style? Yet, there's also music and dancing in the mix, it just makes those chores go down a little easier. Like a spoonful of sugar. Kinda. Here the twins demonstrate their Gangnam Style. I was doing well with keeping the giggles at bay until the very end. Sorry for the snorts, but their finale is just too ... read more

IN a Flash Mob! Me!


I was keeping a very juicy secret this past month, and I'm thrilled to finally be able to share! *big sigh* I was IN a FLASH MOB! {all caps means I'm screaming with excitement!}. During my time in New York City for the BlogHer '12 Conference, I was in the Master Moves Mickey Flash Mob - right at Times Square! Talk about one huge event for my first ever 'Hello New York City'. Kristin and I were the only bloggers ... read more

Shocking Vintage Ads

1956-baby Oil Babies

  Advertising has certainly changed over the years, these shocking vintage ads will make your jaw drop - some just plain disturbing! Cause you want to grease down baby with oil before exposing them to UV rays...?!? Seriously? OMG! I have no words for these ones, I think the shock speaks for itself... . . . ... read more

Damaged Photos {Insert Curse Words}


After a blissful Long Overdue Girls Day with my Isabelle, let's flash forward to Sunday. My lovely weekend was about to take a complete 180. I had to face damaged photos! The girls were watching old VHS tapes they found in a storage bin, when it occurred to me that they hadn't seen the REALLY old ones from when I was a teen. They loved the suggestion that I fetch these tapes and we snuggle in and watch them before I ... read more

Outdoor Toys from Fisher-Price


I haven't made it secret, here nor on my postings at the Fisher-Price website, that I am very excited that it's finally Spring. I am rejoicing in finally saying those wonderful four works that I have longed to say all Winter, "Go Outside and Play with your outdoor toys!" Yet, those words go with the action of bringing out the outdoor toys from storage. I'm sure I'm not alone in discovering that m0st are filthy, ... read more

Frightening Photos with the Easter Bunny


  I did it once. Many years ago while at the mall, little Isabelle insisted on photos with the Easter Bunny. I have to admit, the whole concept scares me. Santa? Yes. Anyone else dressed up wanting kids on their knees? No. Yet she really wanted to see 'it' up close, so as much as it creeped me out, I agreed. Turns out she got closer and didn't like it. A total, 'get me the heck outta here!' look. Since then I ... read more

10 Year Old Self

Today I reminisce on my 10 year old self. True, where I'm from is filled with daylight hours spent outside riding bikes and making treehouses. Myself and my bestie at the time used to have picnics under the weeping willow tree and build all sorts of crazy things. Day spend indoors? We watched Much Music - a lot. Not only did we watch, sing and have mini dance-parties right there in the living room, but we also wrote ... read more