Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm #Giveaway


As you all know, I have a definite fondness for Fisher-Price. It's a brand that saw me grow up and one that was with my own kids since the day they were born. Fisher-Price brings forth products that are fun, educational and simply - classic. The Little People Animal Friends Barn is one of those classic toys that have been around for generations, yet is one that has make-overs through the years. The one we grew up with ... read more

Grab a tissue: Fisher-Price ‘Poem to Your Child’ Video

fisher-price disney little people ariel cinderella review

Close your eyes and recall the best memories of when you were young. I'm sure your recollections were of play, and times shared with loved ones. These moments which make a lasting impression even years later, is what drives my parenting today. My hope is that one day my girls will recall their happy play - and in those recollections, their Mom is right there playing with them as well. Playing with my kids is ... read more

Fisher-Price Smart Stages Vacuum

Fisher-Price Smart Stages Vacuum review giveaway

Before I was an online FisherPriceMoms ambassador, I was a real-life Fisher-Price Mom. Just look back through my many articles and you'll read stories of how the brand has been a strong factor through mine and my kids life. Even though my kids are past the technical Fisher-Price targeted age, you'll still find the brand throughout our house. Toys that my kids still pick up from time to time have been kept {you can't ... read more

Fisher-Price Classics, Back Again!

Chatter Phone Talking Game fisher-price classics

  I've noticed a trend in being a #FisherPriceMom over the past few years. No matter which toy I feature, comments always bring about the talk of the Fisher-Price Classics. At mere mention of the brand or any Fisher-Price toy, conversations on my posts bring about fondness and memories of the childhood. Hey, I've reminisced and gave an inside glimpse into the history of Fisher-Price after my ... read more

King of the Railway!

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Castle Quest myorganizedchaos fisherpricemoms

  Trains and train sets are a relatively new thing to me. My oldest never took interest in trains at all. So, years ago when my twins showed great interest in 'all things Thomas', I scrunched my face with a 'well, this is unexpected ... Now what?'. Katie in particular, cannot get enough of trains. She adores Thomas the Tank Engine, has a look of 'OMG' when she spots the real thing. She is the child that is ... read more

Introducing the New Little People Characters

fisher price little people

  Like all kids, my girls each have their own distinct personality. The twins, though similar in many ways, are very very different. Yet one similarity is that they all constantly surprise and amaze me. As each one learns and grows, their personalities do as well. Their souls expand with each new experience.  Fisher-Price has released 5 new Little People characters, each with their own personality, to ... read more

It’s a Winner: Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable

little people disney princess myorganizedchaos

  Fisher-Price went and did it again. The brand came up with a set that made my girls giddy with happiness and sparked new play.  When the Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable arrived and the girls studied the box, their excitement grew quickly over the princess characters and the little horses they rode on. For Little People fan-kids, this is a pretty big deal. Not to mention ... read more

The Elements of Summer

cadiallac escalade fisherpricemoms myorgnaizedchaos

  I really could go on and on, almost lunatic-like, yet I really do love Summer. Wholeheartedly and completely, I embrace the season like a kid at Christmas.  With a glance at the calendar, I cringe at the thought of turning that page. How is it that July is almost over? I, like most Canadians, have been waiting too many months for this. So why does January linger like watching the water boil when this ... read more

Royally Overjoyed Baby Shower – Win Tickets!


  I was 32 weeks pregnant with my twins and measuring 41 weeks. Despite my huge belly, swollen everything and a feeling of complete exhaustion - I was OVERjoyed. It was my baby shower. A time when family and friends gathered to celebrate the two tiny additions-to-be in our family. The food, laughter, hugs and warm wishes OVERflowed from every heart in the room. Spoiled rotton like royalty, I ... read more

Best Little Laugh, Captured!


  Call me entirely forgetful, yet I don't recall a lot from when my kids were babies. I remember little tidbits, or feelings as a whole, but mainly it's all a blur. Maybe I went into survival mode? For example, I don't remember the exact moment when my girls laughed for the first time. Correction. I don't recall when 2 of my 3 girls laughed for the first time. Only because I managed to get one of them on ... read more

The Toy Category of Fisher Price Favourites!

fisher frice favourites fisherpricemoms

  One of my kids' favorite pastimes of all time is to 'play restaurant'. With play food or imaginary food, a paper and pen or just their finger and palm of their hand. They are often seen asking random people what they want to eat or drink, then running off to make a decadent meal or snack for them. Pride in providing nourishment, excited in being helpful and working together as cooks and waitresses. It's ... read more

Million Moments of Joy Contest with Fisher-Price

OVERjoyed fisherpricemoms

  As a Mom of Twins plus one, it never ceases to amaze me just how much STUFF the kids get into. As soon as they could walk, much parenting consisted of tackling the chaos they left behind. Like in the photo above, in the little time that I put in laundry, the twins gathered up all their books and make a path throughout the entire house. {all} OVEReverything, kids are like ... read more

Azul Beach Hotel Hosting Fisher-Price Brand Ambassadors


Adiós! This phrase could only mean one thing - I'm off to paradise, my friends! This week, I'm joining a few of my fellow Fisher-Price Play Ambassadors ... {drumroll} ... in the beautiful Mayan Riviera! I'll be staying that the luxurious Azul Beach House by Karisma , a gourmet-inclusive resort south of Cancun, just 10 minutes from Playa del Carmen. I had my eyes on this particular resort when my husband ... read more

Behind the Scenes ~ Fisher-Price Play Ambassador Photo Shoot


  Where it all began. To launch the #FisherPriceMoms Ambassadorship, my 3 daughters and I flew to Toronto in March 2011 for a very special photo shoot. I definitely had a great time and do smile seeing my girls and I in promotional ads, and even my daughters still talk about that event to this day. My twins were only 2 when we flew across Canada for the shoot, yet I'm shocked that they still recall this ... read more