Tips for Staying Connected Over the Holidays

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When I was young we always had a houseful of people at Christmastime. Family, extended family, as well as friends - they were all there, each and every year. In recent years though, Christmas is a lot different, as we only have a few family members with us over the holidays. Everyone else is just so far away! According to a recent survey commissioned by WIND Mobile, over 74 per cent of Canadians say it is important to ... read more

Barbie Favourites Exclusive to Toys R Us!


Perhaps your child has said they want 'Barbie' for Christmas. Without the specifics on which kind of Barbie products they are interested in, you would most likely try and find ones they don't have and perhaps choose from the most popular ones out right now. Am I speaking from experience? Yes! Here's a good question though - which store do you hit up first? Think any Barbie distributor would be the same? Nope! Did you ... read more

Tim Hortons Duelling Donuts Contest

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Have you ever had a Tim Hortons donut and thought, I love this but it could really use ___ ? Well, here's your chance to design your lust-worthy donut AND WIN! The Tim Hortons Duelling Donuts contest is back, yet this year there's a sweet celebrity twist! Eight finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their donut to a panel of famous Canadians, in person!. The celebs include actor Jason Priestley, ... read more

Get Grilling with Bick’s #bicksburgers


All hail this beautiful weather and the ability to grill again! Wasn't it a long and painful Winter? I can't even count the number of family barbecues we've already had since the sun graced us with its presence again. At home or out at our summer creek property {where we've spent the last 5 weekends!}, our trusty BBQs sure are getting one huge workout! When the mood to grill strikes, I love to try new recipes ... read more

Philly Cheesecake of the Year Contest with #giveaway


Fruits, chocolate, jam, cookie and/or syrup. Cheesecake recipes are aplenty, and it's one dessert that sure is a crowd pleaser.Do you have a cheesecake masterpiece scribbled on paper and sitting lonely in your recipe box? I bet it's screaming for some nationwide applause Perhaps your tried and true cheesecake recipe, a favourite with your family, could be Canada's favourite as well. It’s time to PhillyUp ... read more

Great Canadian Chicken Challenge


I have a confession: I am quite addicted to cooking challenge type shows. I watch with a ton of interest, hold my breath during judging and the ideas has really broadened my own cooking abilities. I mean, the dishes they come up with are sometimes crazy but so brilliant! I always wonder how I'd fare in a cooking challenge, yet either way, the experience would be so fun! It's with this same excitement that I am happy ... read more

Win a Year of Spa Treatments thanks to MAM! #MAMBABY


Parenting can be hard, but your unbridled love for your children drowns out all fears and tears. This one is for my US friends: MAM wants you to share what makes your little ones so special, your hopes and dreams for their futures and the joys of parenthood by posting a video, photo or letter on   Eligible entries will be considered for a grand prize of a year’s worth ... read more

Win a Trip to Disney Parks in the Pack the Magic Contest

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With March Break just around the corner, Canadians from coast-to-coast will soon be spending quality time with their loved ones, and what better way to make family memories than with a vacation to a Disney Park! Canada’s leading full service online travel provider,, is celebrating all things Disney by launching a promotion giving Canadians the chance to win a Disney Parks family ... read more

Snack Healthy with Taste of Nature Bars


  A couple weeks ago I made a pledge to snack healthy with Taste of Nature Bars. I, like others, fail when making huge {and oftentimes unattainable} resolutions. That's a lot of pressure to put onto oneself! I have learned through the years that small choices are more likely to succeed, like 'slow and steady wins the race'. In my pledge, I vowed to change my terrible snacking habits and have incorporated one ... read more

Edible Gifts Recipe Contest and a Giveaway!

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  We all know that is the season of giving, yet it's also the season of sharing. How about sharing to give? Let me explain... Make a difference this holiday season by giving to those you love and to those in need. From now until December 2, 2013 Philly Canada wants your best gift-able Philly recipes! Submit your recipe {which includes Philadelphia cream cheese as an ingredient} and you could be 1 of 5 people ... read more

Win a $10,000 Kitchen Makeover #FinishYourKitchen

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  When it comes to houses that make our home, I'm really picky with the kitchen. More than just a place to cook, it really IS the heart of the home. Have company? Somehow you end up in the kitchen. Homework to be done? Chances are my daughter is leaning up at the kitchen counter. More so than any other room, we always gravitate to the kitchen. Compared to the kitchen in our last home, our current one is a ... read more

Start bragging with the 2013 Gerber Generation Photo Contest

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  Hey you! The gig is up. I see it all over your Facebook page, the walls of your house, your instagram photos, your tweets, all those albums on your phone, in the smile as you look at your kid and even the evidence is on your keychain. Yes, you have THE cutest baby. I'm totally guilty too. I myself probably have at least 5 photo albums designated to the first year of my kids lives. Dressed up, not ... read more