Time Saving Beauty Tricks + #TimeForYou Contest

Time Saving Beauty Tricks

To say that I'm a busy gal in a house of chaos, is putting it mildly. Though, I don't have to preach to the choir right? I know we all have hectic schedules and much on our plates. It's a wonder we fit it all in! Or do we? I have to admit, there are areas of my current life that do fall to the weigh-side thanks to everything else I'm juggling. I used to be the girl that wore make-up {almost} daily, stayed up-to-date on ... read more

Get Beautiful Summer Nails with Trind #TrindNailTips

trind giveaway

For most of my life I longed to be one whom had strong and healthy nails. For instance, my Mother had the most gorgeous nails. I still remember being school-age, sitting on the couch watching TV with her, and admiring her nails. I'd trace my finger around each one, then try to bend them with all my might - but never could. Myself? Total opposite! Instead I've always had brittle and thin nails, which bend like ... read more

Green Tea Bamboo by Elizabeth Arden

Green Tea Bamboo by Elizabeth Arden

One of my favourite fragrances of last year was Green Tea Yuzu Fragrance by Elizabeth Arden. It was so light and refreshing and the perfect scent to kick off the spring and summer season.  For this year, Elizabeth Arden announces the debut of Green Tea Bamboo, the newest addition to the Green Tea family of fragrances! Present in many parts of the world, Bamboo is widely recognized as a symbol of ... read more

Cellumis – Age Defying Skincare

Cellumis Age Defying Skincare

Aging and wrinkles weren't ever a top worry of mine. I decided I was a person that would accept it gracefully and be proud to have lived enough to show that it shows on my face. Grey hair and all. Plus, I thought thanks to genetics, I always thought I had it beat. After all, someone just came to my door just last week and asked if my parents were home!  But then I noticed a line. One clear across my ... read more

How to Get the Perfect Curls – Cheer and Dance Hair Hack

how to get the perfect curls cheer and dance hair hack

I've most likely spent a small fortune on curling irons and curlers in my lifetime. Even ... perms. Yes, I said perms. While each one I tried had its benefits, I was never a hardcore fangirl of any of them. Each method I tried lost their lustre - either the curl didn't last with one kind, or another was too uncomfortable, and still another took to long to set.  Needless to say, I accumulated a cabinet ... read more

Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion

Prtty Peaushun

Has winter left your skin dull, dry and pale? Yeah, me too. In our efforts to revive the dull and make ourselves feel better, we try lotions and sprays. Yet, the results are short lasting and most likely do half the job, since well - stretch marks and being 30-something and all.  While I've grown to love all the markings of life that made lasting impressions on my skin, I won't pass up a chance to slow down time a ... read more

BLONDME by Schwarzkopf Professional Chills for Winter with the Cool-Ice Range!

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Beachy Blondes are so last season, literally! The hottest blondes for fall and winter are actually cooling down like the temperature, and bringing the crystal clear and brilliant shades of new-age ice queens to the forefront! BLONDME Cool-Ice products by Schwarzkopf Professional are perfect for keeping icy blonde tones looking their best, and being a favourite of celebrity colorist and Global BLONDME Ambassador Kim ... read more

OPI Plaid About You

OPI Plaid About You

OPI really does have some great gift sets to choose from the for the 2014 Holiday Season. I already featured the OPI mini set {giveaway at the link!}, and now there's a  OPI Plaid About You that is simply fabulous! OPI Plaid About You includes nail lacquers ideal for the season plus a special gift in festive packaging, perfect for giving and receiving. I can't get enough little cases for makeup, for the car ... read more


BC HAIRTHERAPY Beauty Boxes moisture kick

Need a holiday gift idea for, well, any woman out there? Schwarzkopf Professional has launched their new BC HAIRTHERAPY Beauty Boxes, featuring their best sellers, already packaged in a luxurious leather box and ready to gift - no wrapping required! Plus, you can get a BC HAIRTHERAPY Beauty Box in 5 therapies for any hair type and for all hair care needs. The BC ... read more

OPI Trend on Ten – 2014 Holiday Gift Set

OPI Trend on Ten - 2014 Holiday Gift Set

Sometimes the best things come in cute little packages, and nail polish is no exception. I actually don't think I've ever gone through an entire full sized bottle and oftentimes the smaller mini nail lacquers are so handy to have on hand, especially when travelling. New for the 2014 Holiday season is an adorable yet functional Gift Set from OPI, so ideal for stocking stuffers! The Trend on Ten set features ten ... read more

Schick Holiday Packs

schick hydro 5 holiday pack

I cannot say it enough, I love to give practical gifts. I like to think that if someone is gifted items they need, then while out shopping, they'll have extra to spend on something that spontaneously catches the eye. Plus, there's just something to be said for gifting items that you know will use used and appreciated.  There are 3 choices in Schick Holiday Packs for the 2014 holiday season. Whether it’s ... read more

Cake Rush Brush Dry Shampoo


In the last couple of years, I have grown very fond of dry shampoo. Yet, my biggest complaint is that dry shampoos come in such huge cans. I've always debated on whether I actually need to bring it along {I do but it's so big!}. Introducing Cake Rush Brush Dry Shampoo, it's a new do-it-everywhere dry shampoo! This new volumizing dry powder {in 3 shades: Light, Dark and Darkest} comes with a handy on-the-go brush ... read more