All-Natural Sugar Alternative – #XylaHealthyEating Twitter Party

Xyla Twitter Party

There are times in my life that I've sought out sugar alternatives. Most of those times is when I'm trying to cut down on my sugar intake, after realizing just how much I've been consuming. Yet, cutting out sugar entirely makes it a bland world, right? So instead, I find alternative ways to get my sweet fix, and not reach for the high-calorie traditional sugar. For myself, it's a choice. Yet for those with … [Read more...]

Dyson has Expanded the Cinetic Science Upwards

Dyson Cinetic Family

Last year I helped in the unveiling of new Dyson release, and it became a home cleaning game changer. The product in the spotlight was the Dyson Cinetic DC78 – the first canister vacuum with the amazing Cinetic Science. While Dyson vacuums are world-renowned for freeing people from the expense of purchasing filters and bags, their new Cinetic Science takes it a step further in that the filters never have to … [Read more...]

BLONDME by Schwarzkopf Professional Chills for Winter with the Cool-Ice Range!

blondme cool ice giveaway

Beachy Blondes are so last season, literally! The hottest blondes for fall and winter are actually cooling down like the temperature, and bringing the crystal clear and brilliant shades of new-age ice queens to the forefront! BLONDME Cool-Ice products by Schwarzkopf Professional are perfect for keeping icy blonde tones looking their best, and being a favourite of celebrity colorist and Global BLONDME Ambassador Kim … [Read more...]

Skechers Winter Boots

Skechers Womens Keepsakes winter boots canada review

After trying for years to avoid anything to do with winter, I've settled on the 'if you can't beat them, join them' attitude. It was actually my daughter that pointed out a few years ago, that we never went sledding or skating etc, and my 'I hate winter' response was getting old. I had to buck-up, slap on that fake smile and get out there. Brrrr. So, here we are, in winter yet again and one must prep for the season, … [Read more...]

His & Hers Holiday Beauty and Grooming Essentials

His & Hers Holiday Beauty and Grooming Essentials Kit

Exotic soaps and lotions are nice, yet, history has shown that these pretty items tend to stay in their adorable well-wrapped package. For far too long. I love the simple gifts of items that people actually use on a daily basis. Take a peek in someone bathroom cabinet or tub-side and you'll know exactly what to get them. Hey, if it saves me a shopping trip for these essentials next month? Most welcome! I'm all up for … [Read more...]

Top 5 Tim Hortons Gift Ideas

tim hortons tree ornament

When gifting to others, my tip for success is to look at their interests and what they love. Pay attention to their usual daily life and take notice of products they use or make mention of needing. If necessary, snoop around on their social media accounts and look for clues - they really are everywhere. For instance, my Twitter profile has always said, "... fuelled by coffee ...". Yes, I would smile greatly and hug a … [Read more...]

Juicepresso Slow Pressing Juicer

juicepresso juicer review

Juicing is one of those things that has always caught my interest. For myself, the allure was the ability to get all the good stuff into the body in one drink {I am so terrible otherwise}, and for the tremendous health benefits of slow pressing. There are powerful antioxidants in fruits and veggies that help prevent cancer, strengthen your immune system, and boosts anti-aging effects. As well, fiber, vitamins, … [Read more...]

Nestle for the Holidays. Because, Chocolate.

Nestle holiday chocolates

It would be hard for me to find someone that didn't buy chocolates during the holiday season. We have them on hand for evening treats after a long day of merry-making, for guests, as gifts, for the stocking and a whole lot of baking!  So what's new and hot in the world of chocolate-love for Christmas 2014? Nestle has some amazing choices on the shelves right now! For the kids, cause they need that … [Read more...]

Rocky Mountain Soap Company – Sugar Plum

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Sugar Plum review

It was last September when we ventured to through the Canadian rocky mountains, to attend a wedding. If you've never been, this area of Canada is simply amazing - breathtaking, wondrous and grandiose. You simply must put my backyard on your must-travel list. During our travels at this time, we stopped at a tiny resort off the highway. Nestled literally in the rocky mountains were little cabins in the trees, the … [Read more...]

An Introduction to doTerra Essential Oils

doterra essential oils beginner introduction

I've mentioned a few times here on My Organized Chaos about being so stubborn, and 'Essential Oils' is just one fine example where I can look at myself, history and my patterns - and completely shake my head. For years I've followed the buzz about essential oils, with much curiosity. In fact, one of my best friends is very knowledgeable in oils, and we've discussed it at great lengths. She's even given me some … [Read more...]

Preserving Memories with

Preserving Memories

Last year I featured and here I am raving about them again. You now when a company goes above and beyond your expectations, when you immediately think of them when shopping. You all know that I love my photos and capturing those precious yet chaotic moments of life. Well, I have a couple of photo goals as we move into the new year. Dear Santa, I've been so good in doing my Month in Photos series as … [Read more...]

New Monsoon Cordoba Kitchen Collection by Denby

New Monsoon Cordoba Kitchen Collection by Denby

Back when we registered for our wedding, tableware was so boring! Styles sure have changed since then, and for the better. Especially with the New Monsoon Kitchen Collection by Denby! The New Monsoon Cordoba Collection allows for personality, as the pieces allow you to play up what your kitchen pattern says about you. With a variety of different patterns and pieces to select from, turn a drab kitchen into an eclectic … [Read more...]