Celebrate our Cold Weather Heroes

cold weather heroes canada

Somewhere in my mid-teens I went from enjoying our Canadian winters, to downright detesting them. We Canadians are surrounded by the white blanket abyss, much hours of darkness, and frigid to downright nasty temperatures - from November right through to April or May. It's torturous and I'm so done with winter! Yet, I can't complain too much, I work indoors and don't have to be exposed to the elements that often. I'm ... read more

Date Night Must-Haves

pantene canada giveaway date night

With life, work and all the chaos in between - it's easy to forget that we need to slow things down and relax a little. In the role of parent, it's important to designate time in just being 'you', since we devote so much of our time and energy to our kids. Which is why my husband and I try to have date nights as often as possible.  On most days, it's a feat to get three kids dressed and presentable before we ... read more

Disney’s Big Hero 6

disney big hero 6 review canada

From Walt Disney Animation Studios {“Frozen,” “Wreck-It Ralph”), Disney's “Big Hero 6” introduces you to a lovable robot who will change your world. Join Baymax {voice of Scott Adsit} and Hiro Hamada {voice of Ryan Potter} in a comic adventure that will make your heart soar as they learn about teamwork and becoming more than you thought you could be. SYNOPSIS:  With all the heart and humor audiences expect from ... read more

Twin Sister Love #12PrintsProject

twin sister love

On my to-do list for this Spring is to re-decorate the twins bedroom. They share a room, and the wall decor hasn't changed since they were babies. Their names are in wooden letters on their wall as is a couple wall decals with cute sayings about baby girls. I have wanted to make it more 'big girl' to match their bulky furnishings, which do take up the majority of the space. My procrastination on re-doing their room has ... read more

New Club House Skillet Sauces

club house skillet sauces canada review

A friend and myself joke {or is it a joke} that we live by the 30 minute rule. Get home from school and we have 30 minutes to get ready and out the door. Arrive back home and have 30 minutes to cook dinner, then 30 minutes to clean up and get ready, and then out the door to the next activity. Then, back home with 30 minutes of homework before bedtime routine starts - which usually takes about 30 minutes. Rinse and ... read more

Bridge the Distance with Canon – #CanonL

canon telephotos lens review canada

You know the drill, parents. You have kids and you start capturing every moment, most likely before the baby is even born. Then, with camera in hand, you try desperately to snap each new milestone and every memory made from vacations to birthdays and most importantly - the simple everyday moments that shape our lives. Bridge the Distance with Canon This I know all to well. Stemming from the lack of photos of ... read more

New Tax Credits Could Mean Family Savings for Canadians

New Tax Credits Could Mean Family Savings for Canadians

April showers bring May flowers – and the tax deadline. Believe it or not, the deadline for filing your 2014 tax return is less than 90 days away. If this deadline is already weighing you down, you're not alone. Let’s face it, not many Canadians get excited about tax season. But there is good news, Canadians!   This year there are new tax credits for Canadian families that may help put a few dollars back into your ... read more

Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion

Prtty Peaushun

Has winter left your skin dull, dry and pale? Yeah, me too. In our efforts to revive the dull and make ourselves feel better, we try lotions and sprays. Yet, the results are short lasting and most likely do half the job, since well - stretch marks and being 30-something and all.  While I've grown to love all the markings of life that made lasting impressions on my skin, I won't pass up a chance to slow down time a ... read more

Fifty Shades of Grey by OPI

50shadesgrey- OPI

OPI announced has just released six new limited-edition nail lacquers inspired by Universal Pictures and Focus Features’ Fifty Shades of Grey, the hotly anticipated film adaptation of the worldwide bestselling book by E L James. The Fifty Shades of Grey by OPI collection includes five gray nail lacquers in varying shades and textures, along with one rich red hue.  “The Fifty Shades of Grey book series is ... read more

Valentine’s for Dogs – Say I LOVE YOU with treats!


Valentine’s Day has gone to the dogs…literally! As you know, we just got a puppy last week and our whole world has been bursting with love. I had debated for years and held strong to my 'no' stance each time hubby and my kids begged for a dog. Yet, one look at this adorable face - and I totally caved ... In just a short week, Charlie has become a member of the family. Not a possession but a friend and a ... read more

Help redefine the meaning of #LikeAGirl

Always - Play #LikeAGirl

As a parent, I have many wishes for my girls, and one is to never let their gender get in their way. I want them to always know that they can do and be anything they want to - and that they should be proud to be girls. Recently my oldest was teased by a couple boys at school, because she's in competitive cheerleading. They told her she was 'such a girl', and that 'boys play real sports'. My daughter then told me ... read more

All-Natural Sugar Alternative – #XylaHealthyEating Twitter Party

Xyla Twitter Party

There are times in my life that I've sought out sugar alternatives. Most of those times is when I'm trying to cut down on my sugar intake, after realizing just how much I've been consuming. Yet, cutting out sugar entirely makes it a bland world, right? So instead, I find alternative ways to get my sweet fix, and not reach for the high-calorie traditional sugar. For myself, it's a choice. Yet for those with ... read more