VTech Innotab 3 Baby


I think it's funny to see adults awkwardly learn their way around handheld devices when compared to kids, who can pick them up and go like second nature. In moderation, kids need that technology, to develop the skills that we all know they'll need one day. Introducing the VTech Innotab 3 Baby, designed to be a childs first tablet! Here's our video review, check it out:   The VTech Innotab 3 Baby comes … [Read more...]

OPI Wipe-Off! Lacquer Remover Wipes {Acetone Free}


The NEW OPI Wipe-Off! Acetone Free Lacquer Remover Wipes are designed for on-the-go usage, and each individual wipe quickly removes lacquer from all ten nails and features a moisturizing formula and fresh lavender scent. Plus, the acetone-free formula is safe for removing lacquer from acrylic nails. Cool right? I love the new OPI Wipe-Off! Wipes, and these will now be my travel-saviours! With 3 girls plus myself, … [Read more...]

Helping Provide Clean Drinking Water to Children: #cleanwater Photo Challenge


Have you heard about the Clean Drinking Water program? This program is helping provide clean drinking water to children in the developing world through a water purifying technology developed by P&G. Technology? It's pretty cool, guys, one small purification packet quickly turns 10 litres of dirty, potentially deadly water into clean, drinkable water!   Best of all? You can help donate, just with … [Read more...]

Planning a Summer Road Trip? Be Sure to Pack This!


From long vacations abroad to day trips close to home, there's certain items that I make sure to pack. Yet I want to discuss one particular item that you shouldn't leave home without, ever. Gravol.If you are thinking this is one item which you won't really need, read on. I have two examples of the only 2 times that I didn't pack Gravol {gah!}. And you can bet I regretted it. The one and only time that I didn't … [Read more...]

Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge


Even though I have girly girls, my daughters are often seen in dress and tiara while digging in the mud. Glitter on the face and playing Star Wars with lightsabers. Wearing high heels while zooming a toy car on the banister. Kids minds have endless imaginations, pop a toy in their hands and let them create a scenario that revels any bestselling novel.  My girls are excited to be apart of the Hot Wheels® Connector … [Read more...]

Get a Clean Floor without the Dirty Work

Get a Clean Floor without the Dirty Work

I love the look of my tile kitchen floors, but at the same time, they are a pain to clean. Most floor cleaners do a bang-up job but don't get into the indented grout. Which means that my floors don't actually get a good clean, unless you were to get on your hands and knees and scrub. Yeah, like that's gonna happen!  Another problem is that floor cleaners spurt water and scrub the floor, but if you really … [Read more...]

Tim Hortons Chill Nation Challenge! #ChillWithTims


Summer is officially here and school is now over, bring on the Iced Capp's! Ok, full disclosure - I may have urged summer on by taking in a *few* Iced Capp's through the spring. How can I resist this cool and sweet iced coffee treat on a nice day?  My idea of the perfect companion to summer is an Iced Capp, a drink I like to bring home after a day of errands and shopping. Perhaps you enjoy yours during your lunch … [Read more...]

Summer Infant Baby Zoom WiFi Video Monitor


I know what you are thinking, my 'babies' are too old and my monitor days are behind me! You guys! That's what I thought! A few years ago I donated our baby monitor, like all other baby gear that took over my house {x2!}. At the time I thought I'd never need one again, the girls were old enough that I felt confident in not having that close eye on them while they slept. Confession: I was so wrong. It started … [Read more...]

Leader of the Pack


If you scour through my blog, you'll see that I am a #DysonFanGirl. Years ago I had one impressive introduction to the brand, when their upright filled an entire canister of yuck - immediately after I vacuumed my house with my current vacuum. I was grossed out, blown away and deliriously excited at the same time. Fast forward to now and you'll see quite a few Dyson products in my home. Uprights, the digital slim {a … [Read more...]

Dreamy Dress-Up Accessories from RockPretty Kids!


Dress Up clothes aren't just for Halloween, my kids love to wear costumes and dress-up accessories all year long. Perhaps you've noticed just how colourful and 'in character' my kids are, in photos that I share on Twitter and Instagram. You just never know who my kids will be each day!  I try and scour the sales after Halloween to keep the dress up box stocked, yet I've really been disappointed in the … [Read more...]