INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller – Now in Denim

INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller review denim

We all know how important that stroller purchase is. It's one of the items that I used to stress a lot about when I had babies. There's so many out there, and they are most definitely not created equal. When I was contacted to review the new INGLESINA Trilogy Stroller in the new {and trendy} Denim fabric, I immediately thought of the perfect little tester. My new great niece, beautiful Miss Marley! Indeed she's a ... read more

How to Get into the Routine of Playing Outside

how to get into the routine of playing outside

I remember being a kid and playing outdoors from sun up until sun down. Most of the time my friends and I rode bikes and scooters around the neighbourhood, all summer long. I have fond memories of these times and can still close my eyes and feel the 90's summer breeze flowing through my crimped hair. Now that it's May and the sun is shining brighter and the temps have risen, it's time to head outdoors again. You ... read more

Maple Harbour Bedding Sets

Maple Harbour Bedding Sets

Once we buy bedroom furniture, it's a done deal and we don't replace them unless something breaks. Actually, our master bedroom larger dressers are vintage from my husbands grandparents, and they are rock solid. I'm sure those will always be with us, perhaps even passed down to our children. So, to change up the look of our bedroom {cause the same old gets so boring after a while right?}, we change bedding and curtains ... read more

Green Tea Bamboo by Elizabeth Arden

Green Tea Bamboo by Elizabeth Arden

One of my favourite fragrances of last year was Green Tea Yuzu Fragrance by Elizabeth Arden. It was so light and refreshing and the perfect scent to kick off the spring and summer season.  For this year, Elizabeth Arden announces the debut of Green Tea Bamboo, the newest addition to the Green Tea family of fragrances! Present in many parts of the world, Bamboo is widely recognized as a symbol of ... read more

Coping with Summer Allergies


This post is sponsored by the makers of REACTINE®, yet as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.   I am the type of person that embraces the summer months, fully and completely. It's a season that literally makes me stand outside, shut out the chaos of life, and savour my surroundings with all my senses. It might look funny, to see me randomly walk out onto the deck and simply stand there, ... read more

Listerine Challenge Results

listerine challenge canada

Last month I told you about the LISTERINE® Challenge in which I confessed my oral hygiene habits and shared how you could take part in the challenge -with a chance to win a sweet 20K. While I had some great habits and was well on my way to a totally healthy mouth, I was missing one key aspect.  Missing was a daily rinse with LISTERINE® Total Care Antiseptic Mouthwash.  For the last ... read more

The Importance of Self Expression – Barbie #SUPERSTYLE

barbie #superstyle

I'm constantly amazed by my kids fashion sense. My oldest daughter definitely marches to her own beat, opting for accessories like neon, flashy scarves, and fun socks. It's not uncommon to see her with at least one dramatic accessory. Sometimes matching and sometimes not so much - she does stay on top of the latest trends but has the ability to turn them into her own look. My fraternal twins are very unique little ... read more

Spring Into Fitness Clearance Sale at Limeapple

limeapple review canada girls activewear

My three girls are active girls throughout the year, currently with dance and Cheerleading. Yet springtime is the start of a new cheer season for my girls, so new fitness clothing is in order.  Limeapple, a Canadian girls apparel company based out of Calgary, has become my go-to for the last couple of years. Their activewear has proven to be of great quality, plus an affordable price when compared to other ... read more

SoftMoc – Birkenstock for Spring and Summer 2015

softmoc canada womens birkenstock review

Besides touring magnificent castles, churches, streets and iconic attractions during a trip to Germany when I was in High School - I had one other specific mission. To get a pair of Birkenstock sandals! I had wanted a pair after falling in love with a style my friend had, and almost made that purchase at home, for the trip. Then I decided that if I was going to get this German brand of shoe and was going there anyway - ... read more

Spring and Summer Apparel Shopping for Less #LooksforLess


During your spring cleaning, did you realize that Spring and Supper apparel is needed? Perhaps you're like myself and got out the kids summer clothing {thanks to beautiful weather, yay!} and discovered they are way too tight for them. Maybe you're just tired of the same old and your wardrobe needs some refreshing. Either way, hands up if some shopping is in order!   We all want Spring and Summer ... read more

Strange Magic Now on Video!

Strange Magic DVD review

Strange Magic is a film from a story by George Lucas {produced by Lucasfilm} and one that was inspired by William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Being a huge fan of George Lucas, right away I knew this was one film I had to watch. Yet, it takes more than a name to impress my kids - it has to have a great storyline and appeal to those that perhaps don't know of his talent and fame. Indeed, Strange Magic ... read more

On Friendship, Caring and Sharing

gallery frame Posterjack

We feel very fortunate to have the best neighbours any homeowner could ask for. The couple that owns the house have become good friends and luckily, they have two daughters around the same age as my oldest and the twins. Since they live right next door, our girls play together often, all year long. Yet it's this time of year that their play grows in frequency due to the slowing down of activities and the nicer ... read more