Mother’s Day Gift Guide from Showcase


If you want to get the perfect Mother's Day gift, you only need to listen. Engage in everyday conversation and watch TV with the recipient - the key is to listen for those not-so-subtle hints as to what they'd like to have. For instance, I didn't realize I said 'cool, I should get that' when a TV commercial caught my attention one day, until my daughter brought it up one day while browsing in the Showcase ... read more

WaySpa Giveaway from Strauss WaterBar

Strauss WaterBar canada

I tend to be a forgetful person, even when it comes to the everyday essentials that should by now, be routine. If my medications aren't right there where I'll bump into them daily - I'll forget. If my must-do list isn't staring at me in the face each day, what list? This even comes down to drinking water each day. If it's not there shouting 'drink me' loudly, I won't grab for it. This is why I like the idea of ... read more

How to Get the Perfect Curls – Cheer and Dance Hair Hack

how to get the perfect curls cheer and dance hair hack

I've most likely spent a small fortune on curling irons and curlers in my lifetime. Even ... perms. Yes, I said perms. While each one I tried had its benefits, I was never a hardcore fangirl of any of them. Each method I tried lost their lustre - either the curl didn't last with one kind, or another was too uncomfortable, and still another took to long to set.  Needless to say, I accumulated a cabinet ... read more

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat

Springtime in Alberta is the time of year when it can be snowing in the morning, then 20 above in the afternoon and then back down to the single digits once the clouds and wind come out in the evening. Rinse and repeat. On top of this annoyance, you also have a busy schedule. So, when I up the heat in the morning and then go out shopping, my house is a furnace when I get home. Likewise, I cool off the house at night ... read more

A Perfect Pre-Teen Bedroom – Complete with Powerful Inspiration

Lime Green Perfect Pre-Teen Bedroom

The last room in our house to get redecorated was my oldest daughters bedroom. A room that was once previously the toy room, my girl put up with alphabet and monkey wall decals for years, bless her. So when it was time to truly make the room her on, she went bold, just like her own sassy self. Now, the room is painted lime green, perfect for her pre-teen personality. She got new bedding and bedroom accessories to ... read more

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm #Giveaway


As you all know, I have a definite fondness for Fisher-Price. It's a brand that saw me grow up and one that was with my own kids since the day they were born. Fisher-Price brings forth products that are fun, educational and simply - classic. The Little People Animal Friends Barn is one of those classic toys that have been around for generations, yet is one that has make-overs through the years. The one we grew up with ... read more

Send Mothers Day Love and Win with the #Eggs4Moms Contest


Fact: Mothers are very special people.  They work long unpaid hours with no sick days. They run in opposite directions, day in and day out, and from sunrise to sunset (even taking night shifts when needed). They offer unconditional love and devotion, support and faith - and even sometimes the last penny they have. Mothers would also literally jump in front of a train to save their children. Yes, I am a mother, ... read more

Crayola Virtual Products

crayola virtual fashoon show design and drive

Each and everyday my girls create. They jump from their colouring books to the design apps on devices, constantly. If you could see my desk right now, there's tons of pages and cut-outs that accumulate daily, creating is something they dive into many times a day - even if it's just for 5 minutes before we head out to school. For Spring, Crayola has combined kids love to colour with the love for tech with their virtual ... read more

Spring Loop Giveaway


Spring is in the air and I've teamed up with some FANTASTIC friends to do a giveaway on Instagram!! Each of us love Instagram (and probably spend too much time there) so we thought it was time to reward the folks who follow us. There are 5 of us involved, soberjulie, tammileetips, thislilpiglet, simplystacieblog and myself - mychaos. Celebrate the arrival of Spring and enter to win a $50 Payal for yourself ... read more

Dealing with Spring Sneezies

spring allergy reflief

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the makers of REACTINE®, yet as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.   There's nothing more exhilarating the beginning of Spring. It's a time when the long winter months are finally in the past, and the promise of summer is at its peak.  The temperatures are rising, the sun shines brighter, and you spend more time outdoors - while not covered head to toe in ... read more

Taco Night Made Easy – and Frugal! {Free Philly Offer}

FREE Bag of Touch of Philadelphia Shredded Cheese offer canada whatscooking phillyup

Taco Tuesday is one of our favourite dinner nights - of.all.time. Yet the truth is, any night can be 'Taco Tuesday' in our house. I've been caught claiming this phrase on a Wednesday, Saturday, Thursday etc.  After all, why limit a great Mexican meal to just one day of the week? Olé! This is the time when I must give kudos to Old El Paso for the Stand 'n Stuff shells. Really, this release was a ... read more

Photographing a Cheer and Dance Competition #CanonL

taking pictures ata cheer competition

By now you should know that I have a passion for photography and capturing all those precious memories that fill our days. This is why I started my Month in Photos series, in which I make an easy photo collage of my favourite photos for each month. The goal was to stop leaving precious photos in files and on drives - and to actually 'do' more with my photos. To collect and have something tangible to share. In ... read more