Announcing a Tim Hortons Twitter Party and a Contest! #DoubleDoubleCard


When choosing the best rewards credit card for you, take a look at your lifestyle and your current purchases. Which card can make those items you buy most often, cheaper if not free? Well, is anyone else found in line at Tim Hortons pretty much daily? I'll cheers to that! The CIBC Tim Hortons® Double Double™ Visa* card is really 2 cards in one – a Tim Card® AND a CIBC Visa credit … [Read more...]

Go Math! Academy Online Learning #HMHAcademy


Over the past few weeks we've been trying out Go Math! Academy,  an online, at-home learning program based on Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s enormously successful GO Math!™ textbook curriculum. Used by over 7 million kids worldwide, Go Math! Academy offers thousands of math practice problems, hundreds or help videos, and plenty of games and rewards to make learning fun!  Truth be told, being asked to try out … [Read more...]

Kraft Gift Basket Giveaway


I hope you've been reading my posts over on the Real Women of Philadelphia website. There, I've been sharing stories, recipes, tips and more - since May 2013! Time sure does fly when you are having fun. OK, delicious fun! The site is packed with so much goodness but recent additions I love are: Dessert Roundup: 5 Tasty Treats Made with Pudding, DIY: 3 Ways to Reuse Your Philly Tubs and .... ... … [Read more...]

Around the World at The Calgary Zoo


I'm fortunate that the City of Calgary is just a quick drive from where I live. It's a city that we visit often - to take in attractions, do some fantastic shopping yet usually our stay is a wonderful mix of it all. One favourite through the years is a visit to The Calgary Zoo. The Calgary Zoo Botanical Garden and Prehistoric Park has seen me as a child, a teen, met each of my babies and has watched us all grow … [Read more...]

Ease the Back to School Transition with Best Buy

best buy roots backpack

All Summer we {somewhat} know what to expect for back to school. We make our lists and check it twice, we buy gear, and we're off! Yet, back to school is never without some curve balls. Perhaps there's items that you need now, that weren't on the list. Or, this time of year brings about a longing to re-vamp the office or other rooms of the house. This time of year is a great time to do things like this, since the … [Read more...]

How to Care for your Photos


With the day and age of digital photos upon us, it's important to remember how to care for your photos. Digital photography is actually just a stage of photography that makes it easier to use and store photos. It is best to get them printed and have your digital records as a back up. There is just something nice about having the real thing to be able to hold in your hands and share with your family and friends. So how do … [Read more...]

The Last Hurrah


If there's one thing I can say about Summer 2014, is that we truly made the most. Our season was filled with fun activities, events and travel - which is why I can't help but to be blessed yet sad at the same time. Summer was fantastic. These are some of the last shots of our Summer. Sun, grass, smiles and friends. Park, play, ride & camping.        We were right in … [Read more...]

The New CCM Resistance Helmet


When it was time to get each of my girls helmets before hitting the ice for the first time, I only chose from the CCM brand. Whether your child is in hockey or just loves to skate - there's no room to leave out safety. Head injuries are serious business and I think we all know that. There's a big reveal coming from the CCM brand, and it's been 4 years in the making. The new CCM Resistance Helmet was developed and … [Read more...]

One Dish Salmon Dinner


It's hard to bring the family together for nightly meals, I get it. Before I became a Stay at Home Mom when the twins were born, my career involved shift-work. This meant there was weeks out of the month that Isabelle ate dinner at her sitters and not with our family. Flash forward to now, it's the activities and sports that throw a curveball in our day, many of them are right over dinnertime.   Yet, it … [Read more...]

Come to the #LeonsCAE Twitter Party – Over $3000 in Prizes!


This time of year really makes me want to clean & purge! Sort through and organize closets and drawers and definitely change things up a bit for the new season. Even a new side table or some new accessories makes a big difference in the home, though I know many that are doing some major overhauls right now.  Do you need to upgrade the items in your home? Want some new and fabulous items to call your … [Read more...]