Chipotle Slaw Burger

Chipotle Slaw Burger

Think about it: Can you make your summer burger, better? I honestly didn't think there was a problem with the burgers we make. We do enjoy them, though we have fallen into habitual ways and always make them the same way each time. Whether for ourselves for for company, we always served plain old ... read more

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my organized chaos children

So I Don’t Forget

I must have the worst memory in the world. Sometimes my husband will say things like, "remember that restaurant we went to years ago, when we travelled to ...". And, I have no clue what he's talking about. Most of my memories are sporadic and broad, the fine details mostly non-existent. It's ... read more

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Best of the Moncton Area – Travel New Brunswick #LetsGoNB

The first leg of our recent New Brunswick family trip was spent in Moncton. We flew into the small airport after a long weather delay in Calgary, and we immediately felt more relaxed. I quite enjoy flying into small airport for the ease in getting out and on our way.  It was only a short ... read more

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mattel board games giveaway

Mattel Games – Make Time To Reconnect

With the kids out of school for the summer months, we've been spending ample amounts of time together as a family. Whether we are off on our travels or at home, there isn't a lot of time which we aren't together. As busy as we are with fun activities, there is lag time in there and being so used to ... read more

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