Mini Pumpkin Pies


Ahh, Fall. This time of year makes me want to turn on the oven again and welcome the scents of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. The leaves changing, the cooler days and the upcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving season make me think of 'pumpkin'. Have you noticed that this time of year brings on a pumpkin-craze? I love it! When it comes to dessert for Fall entertaining, from casual company to traditional holidays this time … [Read more...]

Barbie And The Secret Door


I've talked about my twins mad love for Barbie movies before, their collection is vast and they watch them over and over again. When compared to other types of movies, the Barbie films takes the cake when it comes to the music and songs. When my girls aren't watching the movies, they sing songs from them all day long. For my two, who have struggled with speech and language, any vocal practice is good practice. Plus, … [Read more...]

Month In Photos: August 2014


JULY 2014 has taken me a long time to publish! While this month has been busy and I'm trying to adapt to back to school, I'd rather believe that we are doing some wonderful things as a family lately - and there just isn't enough time. August was one fantastic month though and by looking at our photos, you could say that it was Isabelle's month to shine. You might notice that August 2014 includes a photo of … [Read more...]

Spot the Savings with CAA

CAA Rewards

This time of year marks the release of the 2014/2015 city coupon books, for sale through fundraisers at our schools. These are one hot commodity, since there's discounts and promos for stores and services that most people buy from on a regular basis. Yet, these coupons from the book can only be used once, and oftentimes I've thought of how great it would be to be able to use them over and over again. Think of all the … [Read more...]

10th Annual National Family Dinner Night


Some things, even important and obvious things, requires a reminder now and then. Like - family dinner nights. Dinnertime is our time as a family, to re-connect and share our day. School, activities, lack of time, chaotic and conflicting schedules - they all have a direct effect on sitting down to dinner together. The hectic days can get the best of us, so it's important to keep in mind that when possible - we must … [Read more...]

A Glowing Game

glowing game

  This past weekend we did a little glow bowling, entirely fun and something we really should do more often. Do you bowl? . … [Read more...]

Announcing a Tim Hortons Twitter Party and a Contest! #DoubleDoubleCard


When choosing the best rewards credit card for you, take a look at your lifestyle and your current purchases. Which card can make those items you buy most often, cheaper if not free? Well, is anyone else found in line at Tim Hortons pretty much daily? I'll cheers to that! The CIBC Tim Hortons® Double Double™ Visa* card is really 2 cards in one – a Tim Card® AND a CIBC Visa credit … [Read more...]

Go Math! Academy Online Learning #HMHAcademy


Over the past few weeks we've been trying out Go Math! Academy,  an online, at-home learning program based on Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s enormously successful GO Math!™ textbook curriculum. Used by over 7 million kids worldwide, Go Math! Academy offers thousands of math practice problems, hundreds or help videos, and plenty of games and rewards to make learning fun!  Truth be told, being asked to try out … [Read more...]

Kraft Gift Basket Giveaway


I hope you've been reading my posts over on the Real Women of Philadelphia website. There, I've been sharing stories, recipes, tips and more - since May 2013! Time sure does fly when you are having fun. OK, delicious fun! The site is packed with so much goodness but recent additions I love are: Dessert Roundup: 5 Tasty Treats Made with Pudding, DIY: 3 Ways to Reuse Your Philly Tubs and .... ... … [Read more...]

Around the World at The Calgary Zoo


I'm fortunate that the City of Calgary is just a quick drive from where I live. It's a city that we visit often - to take in attractions, do some fantastic shopping yet usually our stay is a wonderful mix of it all. One favourite through the years is a visit to The Calgary Zoo. The Calgary Zoo Botanical Garden and Prehistoric Park has seen me as a child, a teen, met each of my babies and has watched us all grow … [Read more...]