Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

We all have our favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe, and while I make mine quite often - I love changing it up now and then. With valentine's Day coming up, I'm thinking pink, I'm craving strawberry and I want sweet treats! This Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe combines all of that, ... read more

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Grab a tissue: Fisher-Price ‘Poem to Your Child’ Video

Close your eyes and recall the best memories of when you were young. I'm sure your recollections were of play, and times shared with loved ones. These moments which make a lasting impression even years later, is what drives my parenting today. My hope is that one day my girls will recall their ... read more

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So, your family doesn’t fit the typical two adult, two child model {mine sure doesn't!} Does this mean cruising is out of the question? Ten years ago the answer might have been yes. Not only were cruises cost prohibitive, there were few rooms available that could accommodate a larger family. ... read more

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Help redefine the meaning of #LikeAGirl

As a parent, I have many wishes for my girls, and one is to never let their gender get in their way. I want them to always know that they can do and be anything they want to - and that they should be proud to be girls. Recently my oldest was teased by a couple boys at school, because she's in ... read more