This past weekend was Thanksgiving, I have so much to be thankful for. We surrounded absolutely delicious food, my twins in dress-up {Bo Peep and Elsa} because well, they're them. My oldest set the table and made name places from post-its. So obviously these needed to put on the forehead, for most of the dinner and by everyone, adults included. I'm thankful for many reasons, yet also for incredible fun, silliness, … [Read more...]

Limeapple Sale – up to 50% off!


Limeapple is Canadian clothing brand offers great designs in activewear, swimwear and casual Streetwear for active, colourful girls for young girls size 4-14. Plus, they are based out of Calgary, Alberta!   Sale Alert: Limeapple is having a flash sale JUST on Wed Oct 15th - with up to 50% off everything on the site, including 25% off the new Fall arrivals.  So, make a note now … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread


I set out this season to make more recipes with pumpkin, asking friends for their favourite recipes to try. I wanted to increase the 'pumpkin' collection in my recipe box, thinking it will perhaps will decrease the amount of Pumpkin Spice Lattes that I make at home. When really, it doesn't. I can't stop the lattes!  So, a friend sent me a recipe to try for Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread, though it was more of a … [Read more...]

Unwind and Unplug at Nipika Mountain Resort


In the breathtaking British Columbia Rockies, there is a mountain resort called Nipika, nestled in a valley just outside Kootenay National Park. Just a 20 minute drive from Invermere, Nipika Mountain Resort is a place that brings you back to the basics. It's a resort that the family goes to unwind, connect, unplug and play. Accommodations at Nipika Mountain Resort are hand-built and beautiful log cabins. The … [Read more...]

Cake Rush Brush Dry Shampoo


In the last couple of years, I have grown very fond of dry shampoo. Yet, my biggest complaint is that dry shampoos come in such huge cans. I've always debated on whether I actually need to bring it along {I do but it's so big!}. Introducing Cake Rush Brush Dry Shampoo, it's a new do-it-everywhere dry shampoo! This new volumizing dry powder {in 3 shades: Light, Dark and Darkest} comes with a handy on-the-go brush … [Read more...]

Dial for Men and Edmonton Eskimos CFL game #giveaway


We know that as beauty savvy ladies we insist on products that perform to the best of their game, but we often forget that the men in our lives demand the same effectiveness from their personal care. They just aren't so 'shout it on the rooftops' about it. That’s why Dial for Men offers a performance-driven lineup of body washes for the most active and busy body schedules. Dial® for Men 24 Hour Odour Armour body wash … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Halloween Costumes


Boo! It’s that time of year again to get your kids {and yourself!} dressed up for a night of fun! Halloween costumes can cost a lot {especially if you are buying costumes for twins or multiple children}, but if you know some ways to save money on them, your Halloween budget does not have to be as scary. It is possible to dress up in what you want with very little to spend.    How to Save Money on … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Tips for Prep Work, Decor and Cleanup


What comes to mind when you think of the term 'Thanksgiving Day'? Here are my immediate thoughts: Turkey, Stuffing, Pie - FOOD! Family Leaves, Fall, Decor Dishes. More Dishes. Cleaning Messes while feeling Stuffed, Literally.  Thanksgiving, like other holidays, come with more than just sitting back and feeling gratitude for the loved ones in your life. There's a whole lot more to the holiday … [Read more...]

Dyson Cinetic DC78 Vacuum #giveaway


I know, I know - I've been teasing you with my Dyson Cinetic DC78 Vacuum posts.  It was bad enough that I kept the secret of its release for so long, and then I entertained you with a surprise video unveiling with a little glimpse into my chaotic life with twins plus one. Since then, I've posted on the DC78 Cinetic benefits and reasons why you need the Dyson Cinetic DC78. Really, there was so much to … [Read more...]

Scary bars for Halloween – Limited Edition from Nestlé


If you look closely next time you're shopping, you'll see the limited edition Scary bars from Nestlé. They are the same chocolate bars we know and love {all made in a peanut free facility, so I especially love}, yet with Halloween themed packaging and special spooky names for some added fun. Don't let 'Scary bars' fool you though, they aren't scary at all, think: scary cute. Check out the new SCARIES, ScAERO, COFFIN … [Read more...]

Month In Photos: September 2014


September 2014 marked a milestone in my life. For the first time in 10 years, I was to have my days to myself - all 3 of my girls were in all-day school! {insert confetti and party hats here} I do admit to a few moments of panic over where the time has gone and how it truly now feels like I don't have babies anymore. The eyes did tear a couple times, yet for the most part, I'm thrilled. I find I have a tad more … [Read more...]