Boozy Peaches and Cream Parfait

Boozy Peaches and Cream Parfait

In the summer I crave fresh fruit. Lots and lots of fresh fruit. Yet, it's also a season of barbecues, patio gatherings, and different fruity drinks and deserts to serve guests - and yourself.  In the colder months I make a mean Kahula cake that is absolutely perfect for an ... read more

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5 Reasons To Give Your Kids An Allowance

5 Reasons To Give Kids An Allowance

As a parent you want to teach your children to be financially responsible. Knowing the value of money and the responsibility that comes with it, are key lessons for adulthood.  One of the best ways to tech children about finances, is to give them an allowance.    5 ... read more

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Top 10 Summer Travel Destinations

Top 10 Summer Travel Destinations

Summer has officially begun, which means it’s time to take a break from your busy life – and what better way than to embark on an adventure! Here are the Top 10 Summer Travel Destinations for 2015 - both within Canada and international. This is a great list of iconic places to visit, that offer ... read more

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Darkside sphero review giveaway

Come to the Darkside!

Last year I introduced you to Sphero, a fun remote-controlled round toy that is played using a tablet or phone. Now, there's a new app-enabled racing toy on the market that is pretty cool in looks and with great new features as well. Get ready for Darkside! Devious.Defiant. ... read more

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