We’re Learning


At the first signs of Spring, I watched the girls bring out their bikes and speed down the street. They still had training wheels on, and I realized that they weren't even trying to balance - they kind of coasted on one side, leaned over and completely supported by the wheel.  "I need to take those off or they'll never learn", I said to my husband.  Despite my husbands hesitation, we took off the training … [Read more...]

Margherita Panini


Do you always make the same old sandwiches at home? Ya, me too. But, I'm working on changing that. The new school year is coming up and I don't want to be in a sandwich rut after a few short weeks. Margherita Panini Sandwich So, I'm expanding my sandwich repertoire now! When thinking of what kind of sandwich to feature this week - I looked to my favourite pizza. Margherita! I love the combination of tomato, … [Read more...]

Insider Nail Tips With Trind


Have you heard of the salon quality nail products brand, Trind? I didn't until recently, and now I'm hooked after just a few days! Trind is Europe's most trusted and respected line of hand and nail care products. Founded in the Netherlands, Trind can be found in the finest perfumeries from St. Tropez to the Champs Elyseé in Paris, and from Stockholm to Milano. They are known globally as experts with 25 years of … [Read more...]

Month In Photos: July 2014


JULY 2014 was again another beautiful month for weather in Alberta. The majority of the month was spent in a heat wave, which resulted in us getting air conditioning for the home. Crazy canucks right? A few days of super hot weather out of the year and we're installing the AC. Yet, a cooler house really helped with my cake decorating this year since this month the twins turned 6! They had a fantastic FROZEN themed … [Read more...]

Kraft Canada Searches for Ultimate Food Hacker

Kraft One Pot Done

We've all been there: it was a day of chaos and it's now 5pm. What to make for dinner? It's so easy to run to the nearest drive-thru or opt for something quick and not-so nutritional. During these times, do we really have a choice though? Kraft says you do, and their latest competition is going to convince everyone. It's called Food Hacking - a growing movement aimed at helping time-starved millennials cook tasty … [Read more...]

Target Canada #TargetBacktoSchool Twitter Party

target back to school twitter party

This year the term 'Back-to-School' has a different meaning for me - all 3 of my girls are in school all day. Repeat: all day. If you're wondering if I've been somewhat excited for September 2014 to come, you are totally right! Don't get me wrong, I love and will miss my small people each day, yet I haven't had an entire day to myself in pretty much 10 years - so if I drive off smiling a little that first morning {and … [Read more...]

Pine Lake Leisure Club


In a previous post, I showed you our cabin accommodations, during our stay at the Pine Lake Leisure Club with thanks to Parkbridge. Yet, a #glamping experience isn't complete, without all the great amenities that this resort has to offer. Pine Lake Leisure Club has some great amenities for their guests, ones that really up the bar when it comes to lake-side living. Heated Outdoor Pool - Our stay was during one of the … [Read more...]

My Twins are Six!

twins 6

This past weekend we did some celebrating - my twins turned Six! Six is a pretty big number, it's like overnight they turn into school-age children. Taller, stronger, more independent and mature ... Hold me! I'll post more about their birthday soon, yet truth is, I haven't even had time to even go through their photos yet. *someone* {me} decided it would be a good week to do an impromptu bedroom renovation. … [Read more...]

Tim Hortons Duelling Donuts Contest

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 6.05.28 AM

Have you ever had a Tim Hortons donut and thought, I love this but it could really use ___ ? Well, here's your chance to design your lust-worthy donut AND WIN! The Tim Hortons Duelling Donuts contest is back, yet this year there's a sweet celebrity twist! Eight finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their donut to a panel of famous Canadians, in person!. The celebs include actor Jason Priestley, … [Read more...]

Crushing on Special Edition Peanut Butter Cheerios


Cereal and me are BFF's. Loved since I was young, craved-upon when I was pregnant and a go-to when I have the dinnertime 'I don't wannas'. Cereal! Cheerios are a big-time favourite in this house, not only do they taste so good {Apple Cinnamon & Nut & Honey - I'm looking at you} yet I also find them on sale often. Gotta love when your favourites and sales collide! Here's something I'm crunching on AND … [Read more...]