Generations Riviera Maya


Karisma Hotels just opened their new resort, Generations Riviera Maya in the beautiful relaxing Mexican destination of the Mayan Riviera. This resort with 144 suites caters to families of all kinds and sizes, with all the modern luxuries to make your vacation experience, the best it can be. From the Cancun airport, the drive to Generations Riviera Maya is about 30 minutes with traffic. When you arrive at the … [Read more...]

Jalapeño Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich


When it comes to meals, I find that I usually make the same things over and over. Are you the same? Take grilled cheese sandwiches, for example. I always grab a cheese slice and only when I have extra on hand, slices of brick cheese. Though I'd never really thought of it - that is so boring, right? When some fellow foodie bloggers and I decided to highlight grilled cheese recipes this week, I was kinda at a loss. … [Read more...]

Random Signs of Spring

spring at dusk

This week truly felt like the first days of Spring, it's been a beautiful 15 °C! We haven't seen a nice day like this since late September, so it's been a long Winter to say the least. So, what does one do when it's finally nice enough to ditch that Winter coat? Enjoy it, of course! Yet, this nice weather also means a lot of melting. Water everywhere! So obviously, since I'm one of those last minute 'planners', … [Read more...]

The Barbie Project


One word: Barbie Barbie is one word that represents one brand yet encompasses so much in the form of history, opinion, ideals, expectations and yes: possibility. I urge you to think: What does Barbie mean to you? What does Barbie mean to your kids? For me, the two are intertwined. I am a Barbie girl, and what this entailed and how it formed my childhood, took me many years to realize. The Barbie Project When … [Read more...]

Paradise Found at Maroma Beach


During my stay at Generations Riviera Maya in Mexico last week, all the attending travel writers got to experience something beautiful. Breathtaking, in fact. We drove the short distance from our resort, to El Dorato Maroma {adults only resort} and the new Generations Maroma {family resort}, which is located on Maroma Beach. There we boarded a catemeran, did some snorkeling, and basked in the wonder that is … [Read more...]

Sofia The First: The Floating Palace


Do YOU believe in mermaids? My girls sure do! At age 5 they both have a strong fascination with mermaids, collecting all that they can that is 'mermaid'. Even though they has already seen this one {see? mermaid fans to the core}, the girls were still thrilled to receive a copy of Sofia The First: The Floating Palace for review.  This is especially true for my little Sophia {recall that she truly believes … [Read more...]

Win a Year of Spa Treatments thanks to MAM! #MAMBABY


Parenting can be hard, but your unbridled love for your children drowns out all fears and tears. This one is for my US friends: MAM wants you to share what makes your little ones so special, your hopes and dreams for their futures and the joys of parenthood by posting a video, photo or letter on   Eligible entries will be considered for a grand prize of a year’s worth … [Read more...]

Join the #TouchofPhillyCheese Twitter Party with @KraftCanada


Nothing beats the ooey gooey and comforting taste of cheese, don't you agree? Yet, do you know what's even better than the addition of cheese in your favourite meals? Cheese with that special touch that can only be Philly! I've been raving just a *little bit* about the new {and fantastic} Kraft Shredded Cheese with a Touch of Philadelphia, over on the Real Women of Philadelphia website. In my rants and raves, I … [Read more...]

Yoshi’s New Island for Nintendo 3DS


There are some things that bring me back to my own childhood and Yoshi is one of them. I still vividly recall renting a game as a child and running home, so eager to play. Nintendo of Canada sent my girls the new Yoshi's New Island for Nintendo 3DS and that feeling of nostalgia came flooding back. I smiled as they got so excited to dive into this new game featuring the beloved dino.   While the game … [Read more...]

Green Tea Yuzu Fragrance by Elizabeth Arden


Don't you just love how refreshing Spring is? I'm very much looking forward to lighter meals, less bulky clothing and footwear - and a new fragrance to suit! Just released is the new spring fragrance for women, Green Tea Yuzu Fragrance by Elizabeth Arden.  Green Tea Yuzu is the newest addition to the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea family of fragrances. Instead of the usual green tea blends with florals, it's … [Read more...]