I Promise to Share and Be a Friend


I promise to share and be a friend. By showing we care it's love we send. Tho' the world is so wide, with love deep inside, it's easy to be a friend, a friend! - by Jaën Wanamaker . . . … [Read more...]

The Messes Twins Make


  There's two to wash, There's two to dry; There's two who argue, There's two who cry. One's in the mud, Having a ball; The other holds a crayon... Another marked wall. Some days seem endless, My patience grows thin. Why did God choose me To be a mother of twins? The answer comes clear- At the end of the day, As I tuck them in bed And to myself I say... There's two to kiss, There's two to … [Read more...]

Get Outside and Play!


  Finally! Finally we have a break from the freezing weather and I can say those words I love to speak ... "Get outside and play!".     In no way do I believe that Spring it on it's way, yet this break in weather sure makes a person think it is. Back and forth, back and forth - like taking off a bandaid slowly. Just get on with it already, rip it off and bring on the next season! … [Read more...]



  The other day I took the twins to a brief doctors appt and snapped a photo with my phone. I then realized that I took a similar photo in 2011, only they were wearing gowns. Flashback!     Let's take a minute to celebrate the technological advancements in phone cameras, the general look of our doctors offices and the improvement in my own shutter skills {what up 2011?!}. The twins? … [Read more...]

Snow Day


  Winter is officially here {photos from last week}. This snow day could be any ordinary day for the next 7 months ... *sigh*. ... just thought I'd explain that in case you thought the title of 'snow day' meant that the schools were closed. HA! I don't think they've done that since I was a kid. Now it's like: "Oh, it's -40 degrees? Come to school!!". <~ said in my stern voice, … [Read more...]

My Twins Started Kindergarten!


  My kids didn't start school at the same time this year, my oldest began Grade 4 three days before her sisters. It was really odd having this staggered 'back to school' routine, I really can't say I liked it at all. The worst part was that it really confused the twins, they kept asking why their sister was at school and they weren't. We all know how repetitive this gets {worse than 'are we there yet'}, so when … [Read more...]

Mom vs the Chaos


  Utilizing an explosion of energy this morning {and knowing that I would likely be low on the stuff tonight},  I started a slow cooker meal bright and early. Wanting to use up some fresh veggies on this dull and rainy day, I had decided to make Crockpot Chili. Later on while talking to a blogging friend on the phone today, conversation shifted from how much the twins were fighting today to 'what's for … [Read more...]

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

minnie mouse birthday cupcakes twin birthday

  Before the weekend we celebrated the twins 5th birthday. Wow, five! Their party was Minnie Mouse themed, and this year I decided to make cupcakes for the very first time ever. Well, not 'ever', but it was a first for not having a cake or two for my kids birthday. I'm usually a cake kind of gal like the Hello Kitty Birthday Cake from last year. Some of the Minnie Mouse Cupcakes were chocolate, … [Read more...]

In a Blink of an Eye

Kindergarten Orientation Twins

  It seems like I blinked, and now I am here. Honestly, WHERE does the time go?! We went to Kindergarten Orientation this past week, the twins are SO excited for Fall. myself, I have the Summer to get over the shock and some time cherish my babies just a little longer. Do you ever pause the life around you and ask yourself, 'How did I get here?'. I blame the chaos. . . . … [Read more...]

Best Little Laugh, Captured!


  Call me entirely forgetful, yet I don't recall a lot from when my kids were babies. I remember little tidbits, or feelings as a whole, but mainly it's all a blur. Maybe I went into survival mode? For example, I don't remember the exact moment when my girls laughed for the first time. Correction. I don't recall when 2 of my 3 girls laughed for the first time. Only because I managed to get one of them on … [Read more...]