Celebrating the Everyday Superhero #BeSuper

super power barbie besuper princess power dolls

Have you seen the new Barbie Princess Power masked dolls yet? It's the latest line in the vast and iconic Barbie doll collection, and it's all about how every one of us is a superhero. Termed Be Super, it's the recognition and celebration of the everyday superhero that lives within us all. As the mom of three girls, I applaud each initiative out there, that supports individuality and encourages the positive self-esteem ... read more

Bridge the Distance with Canon – #CanonL

canon telephotos lens review canada

You know the drill, parents. You have kids and you start capturing every moment, most likely before the baby is even born. Then, with camera in hand, you try desperately to snap each new milestone and every memory made from vacations to birthdays and most importantly - the simple everyday moments that shape our lives. Bridge the Distance with Canon This I know all to well. Stemming from the lack of photos of ... read more

Show your Pet some Love this Valentine’s Day

Reasons to take your Pet to the Vet for a Check-up

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re all thinking about what we can do to make our family and loved ones feel special and appreciated. One thing is certain, no matter whether you’re a dog person or a cat person: your furry friend is a part of the family. This year, add your pet to your list of Valentines and show them that you love them with a visit to the vet. According to experts, there are at least ... read more

Month In Photos: January 2015

2015_january_month in photos_myorganizedchaos

January 2015 is usually such a long and cold month. This time of year is when I typically take the least photos, uninspired by the drab landscape and bored of the white of the snow. Yet, this January, things were a little different. Someone new to photograph? Someone new to cuddle and love? We got a puppy!! I'd like you to meet Charlie - the new baby in the house. He was born on Nov 1, 2014 and came to live with us ... read more

Grab a tissue: Fisher-Price ‘Poem to Your Child’ Video

fisher-price disney little people ariel cinderella review

Close your eyes and recall the best memories of when you were young. I'm sure your recollections were of play, and times shared with loved ones. These moments which make a lasting impression even years later, is what drives my parenting today. My hope is that one day my girls will recall their happy play - and in those recollections, their Mom is right there playing with them as well. Playing with my kids is ... read more

Spring Car Cleaning Tips

Spring Car Cleaning Tips

Albertans simply can't complain about the weather right now. Despite the fact that it's January, and this month is notorious for freezing temps, we've had some unbelievably mild temperatures. Record breaking highs in fact - hooray! Yet, melting snow means that we drive and walk through slush and filthy sand-water which is leftover from the winter months. Each year when this happens, our cars are at their dirtiest. Not ... read more

The Dynamics of Twin Play

twins 6

If anything, being a parent of multiples has been an eye-opening experience. As I've said before, I don't feel entirely comfortable in comparing my kids to one another, yet when you have one child and then have multiples - you just can't help but to compare every facet of their growth. After all, parents take the learned experience from parenting the first time, and apply that to the next round, so to speak. In doing ... read more

Five Ways to Introduce Chores to your Child

Five Ways to Introduce Chores to your Child

Is your child ready to start helping you with chores around the house? You can tell if a child is ready by the way they want to help. They will start asking you to help more and they’ll become more interested in what you are spending your time doing. My kids each have chores that they need to do, to help out. In fact, my twins have been putting away their own laundry since they were 4 years old. At that time, they ... read more

23 Printables for Valentine’s Day

23 Printables for Valentine's Day

My kids are such creative kids, each and every day they are seen at their little table and chairs. Cutting, writing, colouring, glueing, sparkling, sticker{ing} etc etc etc. So, it only makes sense that they are all over making their own Valentine's Day. For their Valentine's, we usually find a great idea online for a printable, then they help with the printing and then the cutting and decorating, if needed. They are ... read more

Month In Photos: December 2014

December 2014 month in photos

December 2014 was a month of mild weather and much time spent outdoors. The highlight of the month was, of course, Christmas. Our holiday captures are of onesie pajamas, homemade knitted touques, visiting Santa, silliness, and sweet treats. Traditions done and memories made. In December 2014 we played in the snow, took a holiday train ride, and toured the ice sculptures. We actually did a lot of festive ... read more

12 Free Printable Bundles to Organize Your Home

12 Free Printable Bundles to Organize Your Home

With the new year comes a great time to purge, plan and organize. I have spent the better part of the last couple days cleaning out cupboards, drawers, closets, along with some re-arranging to make my space more aesthetically pleasing and also more functional. Included in my mission to organize the chaos, is tackling things like those piles of school papers and books, which were thrown into a basket and ... read more



One evening after dinner, one of my twins turned on the docking station in the kitchen and madly pushed buttons on my iPod. She landed on a song that made me stop in my tracks. "Isabelle! It's our song!" "I know Mom", not looking up from her book as she sat on the couch. "But, it's our song! Remember?" "Yes Mom, you've told me a million times", Isabelle mumbled, still fixated on the pages in front of ... read more