Westerner Days 2014

fair 3 2014

This past week was Westerner Days in our city. The first day of the week-long celebration included a parade. My oldest was in it with cheer, so that means we were out the door pretty much when the sun rose. Then, we took in the Westerner Days Fair right after. I was surprised at my oldest, taking on the biggest rides for the first time. She literally could not get enough {of everything that made me dizzy just to … [Read more...]

Fireworks {Kind of} Captured


We spent a few days at our creek property last week, and celebrated Canada Day there. It was an incredible camping trip, and for a very specific reasons {but, more on that later}.  Of course, the highlight after the sun fully set, was the fireworks! Not long at all and it wasn't an intense and dramatic show - but they were one of the best ever.  A family chose them, invited neighbours and we … [Read more...]

Open for Business: Shirts, Skirts and More!


While at Barbie Headquarters in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to bring home the new Entrepreneur Barbie for my girls. Entrepreneur Barbie marks her 150th Career. 150th - amazing, right? So, exactly what business is Barbie is starting? Well, that's all up to the imaginations of kids. Barbie says on her Linkedin page, “My new business is ‘Dream Incubator’ where I act as a consultant, helping girls around the … [Read more...]

Summer Fever


The twins finished Kindergarten last week, and I got the first sweet taste of summer holidays. That first twinge of summer fever struck, with the windows open and the scent of cut grass wafting into the house. Energy hit - hard! I started cleaning house, throwing away/packing up end of school paperwork that came home and going through closets and cupboards. You might not notice the organized chaos at a … [Read more...]



HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!  {said with so much excitement I could burst} We had a remarkable weekend and a wonderful start to summer 2014!  Friday was the twins last day of Kindergarten {sniff}, so after some morning festivities at the school we went to 'Food Truck Fridays' downtown with some friends and ate lunch in the park. Some of the best food is served out the side of a truck. Just … [Read more...]

Tips for Impromptu Entertaining


My mission these last couple of weeks, has just been to survive. Honestly, my fridge calendar looks like one big glob of pen, highlighter, sticky notes and asterisks. School events, appointments, some travel, to-do lists ... it's a good thing I'm somewhat organized or I'm sure I'd be consumed by June. Promise is getting me through. Promise of not-so busy days, promise of no school and of summer. You guys, it's almost … [Read more...]

From Palm Trees to Pine Trees


The weekend before I spent some luxury time amidst the palm tress at the incredible Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos. With a shortened week of much laundry and playing catch up, I was whisked away again this past weekend - this time among pine trees.  Bug bites, fire pit, sleeping bags - camping! For Summer 2014 we purchased a permanent lot at a campground about 30 minutes from home. With the short drive from … [Read more...]

Sponsored Post: Never Say Dieting Oath

Never Say Dieting Oath

  A few years ago I wrote about how my daughter, who was 6 at the time, thought a perfect body created a perfect life. My daughters' statement has crossed my mind countless times since then, that small conversation sent a huge ripple in my world of parenting and still effects me today. Knowing how much kids take in and imitate, I've always been conscious of my own words and actions. I know that my … [Read more...]

Dear Winter


  It's February and like all Februarys past, I've started to get very anxious.  Dear Winter, Honestly, I'm am so incredibly over you. You've been with us for the better part of 5 months now. Perhaps it's time that you leave. Love {not really}, Me I look out the window at the white abyss and try not to think of how many more days weeks months are still left. Instead, I close my eyes and … [Read more...]

P!nk The Truth About Love Tour


  When COVERGIRL asked me if I wanted tickets to see the P!NK The Truth About Love tour in Edmonton, you can bet I was game. I am all over P!INK and have for years. There was no hesitation in who my +1 for the concert would be either. A close friend of mine flew across Canada a few years ago, just to see P!NK - so of course this is the very same fangirl that had to come with. Recall when I planned an … [Read more...]