Adding to the Chaos – Our Family of 5 + Puppy

new puppy charlie cavalier king charles

It's now been 4 weeks since we welcomed our little Charlie into our home and our hearts. He's a Cavalier King Charles, and is adorable in every way possible. From the first second we saw him, it was love. Total love. Yet, it isn't all snuggles and petting his ridiculously soft silky fur. Don't get me wrong, I knew that puppies meant work. Yet, having never gotten a puppy before - I'm shocked at just ... read more

Post-Christmas Recovery and a Wish for You

happy new year 2015

This past week I spent the holiday season with my family. Holiday train rides, ice sculptures, light tours, entertaining, Santa stuff ... you know the drill. In the midst of getting prepped for 'everything holidays', I didn't have a chance to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I do hope it was amazing for you all! For the first time ever, we not only hosted Christmas Eve appetizer night but we ALSO hosted ... read more

Funny Dog Photos

Hilarious dog picture

For years my family has been begging for a dog, and I've been holding strong because - it's work. Plus, we've had to give up a dog in the past and the heartbreak is just too unbearable. It still hurts thinking about it. Yet, I have to admit, my stance is cracking. I'm officially contemplating now, folks! So, in the search to *possibly* find a furry pet to welcome into our home - I've been searching super-adorable and ... read more

Upcoming: Barbie #bornwithBarbie Twitter Chat

bornwithBarbie Twitter Chat

You can read through my past #BarbieProject posts and literally be taken back to my own childhood and my days of playing with Barbie. In fact, these times and moments of play are my most vivid memories growing up. It's true that Barbie's strong presence growing up, formed who I am today. Now, as a Mother of 3 girls, I get to watch and play Barbies with them. It's so nostalgic and heartwarming to watch two generations ... read more

A Day in the Life with Barbie #BarbieProject


On a day last weekend I shared a series of photos on my Instagram Page, chronicling our usual chaotic life. I'd love to say that a typical Saturday for us is laying around in PJs and watching cartoons, yet I don't even remember the last weekend when we didn't have something on the schedule. The photos were A Day in the Life with Barbie, capturing events and play throughout the day, tagged with ... read more

Shaking Hands with the Season


I've been known to make 'that snarly face' when people say they love the Autumn season. I can't help it if everything around us right now just reminds me that dreaded winter and ungodly temperatures are coming. To me, the season is accompanied by one long loop of creepy ambient horror film music. Yet, I am making an honest effort this year to try and see the beauty and not the illness that is Fall ... no really, ... read more



This past weekend was Thanksgiving, I have so much to be thankful for. We surrounded absolutely delicious food, my twins in dress-up {Bo Peep and Elsa} because well, they're them. My oldest set the table and made name places from post-its. So obviously these needed to put on the forehead, for most of the dinner and by everyone, adults included. I'm thankful for many reasons, yet also for incredible fun, silliness, ... read more

Share a Smile


My husband plays this 'game' on a daily basis, one that he calls 'random smiles'. What he does, is just gives his biggest and best smile to strangers as he passes by them. At first I told him that he was freaking people out, but then I noticed that doing this was having startling results. More often than not, the person's neutral or sometimes sad demeanour immediately turns into a massive smile right back at him. You ... read more

Announcing a Tim Hortons Twitter Party and a Contest! #DoubleDoubleCard


When choosing the best rewards credit card for you, take a look at your lifestyle and your current purchases. Which card can make those items you buy most often, cheaper if not free? Well, is anyone else found in line at Tim Hortons pretty much daily? I'll cheers to that! The CIBC Tim Hortons® Double Double™ Visa* card is really 2 cards in one – a Tim Card® AND a CIBC Visa credit ... read more

The Last Hurrah


If there's one thing I can say about Summer 2014, is that we truly made the most. Our season was filled with fun activities, events and travel - which is why I can't help but to be blessed yet sad at the same time. Summer was fantastic. These are some of the last shots of our Summer. Sun, grass, smiles and friends. Park, play, ride & camping.        We were right in ... read more

Back to School for the Twins Plus One

2014 back to school twins plus one

Today is Back to School! My oldest is now in Grade 5 and the twins just started Grade 1. Myself? I have my days free, a first in 10 years. Yes, there were a few teary moments and it was hectic to get 3 kids settled into 3 different classes in only a matter of minutes. Yet, they are there and I am here. The house is quiet. It's just me and my coffee, and the sounds of the keys as I type. I miss you summer ... read more