Sponsored Post: Never Say Dieting Oath

Never Say Dieting Oath

  A few years ago I wrote about how my daughter, who was 6 at the time, thought a perfect body created a perfect life. My daughters' statement has crossed my mind countless times since then, that small conversation sent a huge ripple in my world of parenting and still effects me today. Knowing how much kids take in and imitate, I've always been conscious of my own words and actions. I know that my … [Read more...]

Dear Winter


  It's February and like all Februarys past, I've started to get very anxious.  Dear Winter, Honestly, I'm am so incredibly over you. You've been with us for the better part of 5 months now. Perhaps it's time that you leave. Love {not really}, Me I look out the window at the white abyss and try not to think of how many more days weeks months are still left. Instead, I close my eyes and … [Read more...]

P!nk The Truth About Love Tour


  When COVERGIRL asked me if I wanted tickets to see the P!NK The Truth About Love tour in Edmonton, you can bet I was game. I am all over P!INK and have for years. There was no hesitation in who my +1 for the concert would be either. A close friend of mine flew across Canada a few years ago, just to see P!NK - so of course this is the very same fangirl that had to come with. Recall when I planned an … [Read more...]

Rainbow Loom Chaos


  It started on Christmas Day after gift opening - Rainbow Loom Chaos! FYI, the included instructions are no help whatsoever. So, my tip is to take it to the internets folks. It'll save you some time and frustration. Once Isabelle learned the basic rainbow loom bracelet, she has been on a loom-making-mission. Hundreds - everywhere! All our friends and family are now wearing many bracelets and … [Read more...]

Channel your Inner Optimist


  This time of year comes with a lot of pressure and stress. Don't worry; I feel it too. Some days, the stress starts as soon as I wake, with the first realization of my to-do list for the day. We all know those days that don't go exactly as planned, when you slap on that 'bad day' sticker of warning. Thing is, your reaction and mood sets the tone for the day, which can snowball into bigger problems and more … [Read more...]

Looking Back: Our 2013

walt disney world fireworks halloween party myorganizedchaos

  While My Organized Chaos is many things at different times, my main focus is always 'for my girls'. I'm pleased that one day they will look back and read about our life as it happened and our many travels and experiences. Even my product review posts tell a story, share their interests at the moment - and as always, feature many personal photos along the way. Last year I posted our 2012 in Review, a post I … [Read more...]



  Before Cheerleading camp and practice/competitions start in a couple weeks, my daughter has been practicing on her own. I love her dedication and passion for this sport! . . . … [Read more...]

The Elements of Summer

cadiallac escalade fisherpricemoms myorgnaizedchaos

  I really could go on and on, almost lunatic-like, yet I really do love Summer. Wholeheartedly and completely, I embrace the season like a kid at Christmas.  With a glance at the calendar, I cringe at the thought of turning that page. How is it that July is almost over? I, like most Canadians, have been waiting too many months for this. So why does January linger like watching the water boil when this … [Read more...]

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

minnie mouse birthday cupcakes twin birthday

  Before the weekend we celebrated the twins 5th birthday. Wow, five! Their party was Minnie Mouse themed, and this year I decided to make cupcakes for the very first time ever. Well, not 'ever', but it was a first for not having a cake or two for my kids birthday. I'm usually a cake kind of gal like the Hello Kitty Birthday Cake from last year. Some of the Minnie Mouse Cupcakes were chocolate, … [Read more...]

Now or Later? The New Family Vehicle Debate

2013 ford explorer sport media drive

  Do we get a new family vehicle now or later? It's been a common debate in our household for about 2 years now. With my last media test drive of the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport, it's no wonder that the topic came up. Yet again. It all started when I test drove the 2011 Explorer Limited , a vehicle that impressed me to no end. In fact, poor hubby heard about this SUV more than he'd like to ever … [Read more...]