Cake Rush Brush Dry Shampoo


In the last couple of years, I have grown very fond of dry shampoo. Yet, my biggest complaint is that dry shampoos come in such huge cans. I've always debated on whether I actually need to bring it along {I do but it's so big!}. Introducing Cake Rush Brush Dry Shampoo, it's a new do-it-everywhere dry shampoo! This new volumizing dry powder {in 3 shades: Light, Dark and Darkest} comes with a handy on-the-go brush ... read more

Dyson Cinetic DC78 Vacuum #giveaway


I know, I know - I've been teasing you with my Dyson Cinetic DC78 Vacuum posts.  It was bad enough that I kept the secret of its release for so long, and then I entertained you with a surprise video unveiling with a little glimpse into my chaotic life with twins plus one. Since then, I've posted on the DC78 Cinetic benefits and reasons why you need the Dyson Cinetic DC78. Really, there was so much to ... read more

LeapPad Ultra


  Whether at home or on road trips, my kids reach for a LeapFrog product often. In fact, when traveling by car or plane, their LeapPad 2 and Leapster Systems are usually packed even before clothing. So, my twins were very excited to review the latest product from LeapFrog, the LeapPad Ultra. For children 4-9 years old, the LeapPad Ultra is a kid-proof tablet {so important!} with Wi-fi capabilities. ... read more

Fisher-Price Classics, Back Again!

Chatter Phone Talking Game fisher-price classics

  I've noticed a trend in being a #FisherPriceMom over the past few years. No matter which toy I feature, comments always bring about the talk of the Fisher-Price Classics. At mere mention of the brand or any Fisher-Price toy, conversations on my posts bring about fondness and memories of the childhood. Hey, I've reminisced and gave an inside glimpse into the history of Fisher-Price after my ... read more

12 Ways to Save Money this Holiday Season


  Holiday Shopping doesn't have to break the bank and leave you crying on Boxing Day! There are plenty of ways that you can save money during the holidays, without feeling like scrooge.   12 Ways to Save Money this Holiday Season:   Make a list and stick to it ~ Not only will you have an idea how how much it could cost, but then you can be on the lookout for those items on sale, at all ... read more

Sweetest Littlest Pet Shop Collection Pack

Sweetest Littlest Pet Shop Collection Pack review

  Have a Littlest Pet Shop fan in your house? My 5 year old twins have a new-found love for Littlest Pet Shop after playing with them at a friends house. Then, they got a couple sets for their birthday this Summer, which have proved to be lasting toys for play - even taking them into the bath. Hasbro was generous enough to send my girls the Sweetest Littlest Pet Shop Collection Pack, which includes 6 ... read more

Disney Sofia the First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends

Disney Sofia the First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends

  I've mentioned before just how much my twins LOVE Disney's Sofia the First. My little Sophia is 100% convinced that she IS Princess Sofia. Who am I to argue, especially since her twin {being a little jealous} argues with her all.the.time. As a side note, in case you're questioned, there's a Katelyn the First, ok?!  Mattel was so nice in sending them the Disney Mattel Sofia The First: Talking sofia ... read more

Furreal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey

Furreal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey-holiday

  Holy cuteness alert! Have you seen Furreal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey? Look at this adorable face!! So, we got one for review recently and of course there's a Holiday Gift Guide giveaway as well. Yet, I debated over showing this to the girls for a long time. It's adorable and would be oh-so perfect under the tree for them this year. After all, they are huge fans of Furreal Friends pets, have many ... read more

For the Music Fan – Give urBeats by Dr Dre


  I've said many times before, you can get a lot of suggestions for Christmas gifts by looking at ones interests. Oftentimes we think of the big ticket items and tend to forget the smaller accessories that go along with them. This is especially true when you know that the person is getting the latest tech item ot gaming device - perhaps the more cost effective route to then go - is the smaller additions to really ... read more

May the Force be with you


    My house is filled with STAR WARS fans, most likely stemming from my hubby's still pristine collection of toys from when he was young. Guys, he has the original Millennium Falcon and a encased pack of original figurines. It's not entirely shocking that he still has all these toys, I still have my own Cabbage Patch Dolls and other beloved toys from my childhood. I think it's pretty cool, and guests ... read more

M&M Meat Shops for the Holidays

holiday appetizers M&M meat shops review giveaway

  Christmas is just a couple weeks away, which means my to-do list is jam-packed. Wrap presents, do some baking, attend seasonal activities and gatherings ... that's just a few, not mentioning the 'usual' suspects on my to-do list. One thing I'm looking forward to getting done, is to shop for our annual appetizer night which happens on Christmas Eve. It's become a tradition for us to host a casual and relaxing ... read more

Deck the Halls with Photo Art from


  You gotta know by know that I take a lot of photos - many treasured memories of life, my twins plus one and our travels. Yet these days instead of printing or framing those beloved photos, they tend to stay on my hard drive, with some shared on my blog and Facebook.  It's been a goal of mine to get back to displaying my photos. The reason why I started Month In Photos is to collect my favourites for a ... read more

Fisher-Price Toys – Top Holiday Picks for Babies, Preschoolers and School Aged Kids


  As a Mom of 3, I know all too well how hard it is to choose gifts for kids {my own and others}. So many things to take into consideration like entertainment value, educational value and price point. With so many options, where do you start? Fisher-Price has put together some fantastic recommendations with their Hot Holiday Toys of 2013 guide. It's a great go-to gifting list for the Christmas season when it ... read more

Hot for the Holidays – Monster High 13 Wishes Doll

monster high 13 wishes doll review

  It was just over a year ago that my daughter become obsessed with Monster High. Like most of her friends, she wants to collect anything and everything that she can in the brand. Water bottles, blankets, posters ... here are a few examples: She eats Monster High {more photos of her Monster High Birthday Party}   She wears Monster High   She colours Monster High   Yet, ... read more