Looking Back: Our 2013

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  While My Organized Chaos is many things at different times, my main focus is always 'for my girls'. I'm pleased that one day they will look back and read about our life as it happened and our many travels and experiences. Even my product review posts tell a story, share their interests at the moment - and as always, feature many personal photos along the way. Last year I posted our 2012 in Review, a post I … [Read more...]

Family Fun ~ Strawberry Shortcake: Follow Your Berry Own Beat!

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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received family tickets for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience.   On Friday night, the girls and I had a very special time together. We went to Strawberry Shortcake: Follow Your Berry Own Beat! Excitement was high that entire day, my kids were literally jumping for joy and eager for showtime. They didn't … [Read more...]

Fresh Start for Spring


  Wouldn't it be nice to have a fresh start for Spring? A new house, new car, maybe a new baby? Easier said than done for most, since one of the biggest hurdles to having all those fresh starts this year, is money. New cars aren't cheap and houses certainly aren't. For some, even the possibility of having a little one join the family, is all about the lack of funds. 1 in 6 Albertans deal with … [Read more...]

Family Day for all Albertans, a Video #abhc4ivf #abpoli

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  I stated why I personally support publicly funded fertility treatments, along with facts and statistics. But it's more than numbers, it's a lot more personal. With Family Day coming up, it's time to start thinking about those struggling with infertility in Alberta. And how it affects their family, their entire life. .Not included in the video is stories from those that couldn't afford the associated costs … [Read more...]

Family Day without Families?

Generations of Hope ABHC4IVF Campaign for Albertans

  Family Day is February 18th for those in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Since I 'm an Albertan girl, this pertains to us! School is closed this day and many businesses are as well. It's a Statutory Holiday which 'celebrates the importance of families and family life for people and their communities'. So in essence it's all about My Chaos, aka, my children. Weather permitting, … [Read more...]

Holiday Baking Could Not be Easier! #DessertMoments

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  As years pass, the kids get older and my schedule fills and fills until it could burst, it's no wonder that I rely on shortcuts in the kitchen. All year long I cherish those meals and recipes with only a few ingredients, and love baking when it can be done in no time flat. This is especially true during the holidays, since added to my schedule is concerts, carolling, shopping, wrapping, entertaining and so … [Read more...]

Family Christmas Traditions


  This entire month has been a busy yet exciting one, I can't believe Christmas is only a week away. Wasn't it just yesterday that the kids went back to school? There is lots of talk right now about Christmas family traditions, either new ones made or sometimes passed down for generations. Not that you really need an excuse to carry on a tradition, it could be just a preference for how to do things. How to … [Read more...]

Holiday Hope

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  Have you thought about Holiday Hope? The holidays are always a time when I am especially grateful and thankful for family. As a Mom, each and every aspect of Christmas involves and centers around my kids. I relish in their reactions, wonder and excitement; from little things like baking, to wrapping, a lights tour and reading that classic Christmas book. The holidays took on a whole new meaning and … [Read more...]

Family Travel Tips

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My family and I are no strangers to travel, yet I do need some Family Travel Tips as you will see by reading on. The first time all 3 of my kids flew, it was across Canada, and I took it on solo! While the thought of family travel can cause heart palpitations, for me the stress is more about what to pack for the trip and not abut kids' behavior. After all, I know the powers of distraction {and being loaded with those … [Read more...]

Our Summer 2012 Video; We Made the Most!

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  Just seeing 'September' kind of makes me cringe a little. If you know one thing About Me, you'd know I despise Winter. I really do. As soon as the calendar was flipped to September, a chill was in the air. Odd and sad. I can't help but to get a little depressed at the 8 months of Winter that is looming in the near future. Bah-humbug. Yet I can {with no uncertainty} say, we did make the most of Summer 2012. … [Read more...]