Long Weekending

Part of our long weekend was spent at the creek property. Running free …


and riding bikes.

Yet, in Katie’s case, she rode until her pedal broke off.

bike riding

I just blogged about the twins learning to ride bikes, so this is timely. I told ya these girls were working hard! ;)




  1. Aww! there nothing worse than being pedalless :-)

    Have a biketastic week ;-)

  2. It looks so beautiful there! But wait, how did your daughter pedal back?

  3. Awwww that stinks that the pedal fell off–reminds me of when we were teaching my son how to learn to ride and they took them off on purpose of course. Hope it got fixed soon!!!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! No fun to be pedal-less, though!

  5. I think there is nothing more rewarding for kids than to get to run free and enjoy the outside. It looks like this was a time of problem solving as well. :)

  6. We love long weekends! My son just learned to ride without training wheels!

  7. Looks like they had a great time!! Love long weekends! Hope her pedal went back on again okay


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