Month In Photos: June 2014


JUNE 2014 was truly one beautiful month, we had so many sunny days. So obviously much time was spent outdoors. We camped for 3 weekends at our creek property, taking off the last one due to rain and just to have a quiet weekend at home. Month In Photos: June 2014

In June, I was on absolute survival mode. With all the school activities and endless year end events – my calendar was a mess of pen, notes and reminders. I actually don’t think there was one day that we didn’t have to be somewhere. Yet, I managed to squeeze in a trip to Los Angeles in June!

Now, school is officially done! Yahoo! The twins finished Kindergarten and Isabelle is going off to Grade 5 next year. So cliche, yet time really does fly.

It’s now July 1st {Happy Canada Day!}, and summer is in full swing. Ahh, summer. So very happy to see you dear friend!

How was your June 2014? 

If you have a Month in Photos post for June 2014, leave the link in the comments.

If you haven’t done one before, you need to give it a try! Gather your best of the month for a collage and then print each month off.

By years end you’ll have a year in photos for an album – without much effort required. Voila!




  1. What adorable photos! Happy Canada Day! I can’t believe that it is July 1st already.

  2. Happy Canada Day! Ouir June was super busy, and July is looking like more of the same! I hope we get the opportunity to settle down in August and celebrate our 5th anniverssary before baby 2 comes!

  3. You and your family always have the best adventures. I like your month in photos. Have a great summer!!!

  4. What a great month, getting summer started around here. It was a great month!

  5. Amy Desrosiers says:

    My June was beautiful! We went on our first official vacation and had a blast!

  6. you have some wonderful photos, they are precious!

  7. I love your photos. June was hectic but now that school is out, it will be easier.

  8. June was definitely memorable for us but, I’m glad it’s over! Now the real fun can begin. You have the most gorgeous daughters!

  9. What beautiful pictures. Your girls are just adorable. Happy Canada Day!

  10. Looks like a busy and fun June! Our June was hectic as well, I’m glad that I don’t have too much planned in July.

  11. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    Happy Canada Day to you! Yes, time does fly by. My son just graduated from high school and my daughter starts grade 12 in September. It feels like yesterday that they started school.

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