Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge

Even though I have girly girls, my daughters are often seen in dress and tiara while digging in the mud. Glitter on the face and playing Star Wars with lightsabers. Wearing high heels while zooming a toy car on the banister. Kids minds have endless imaginations, pop a toy in their hands and let them create a scenario that revels any bestselling novel. 

My girls are excited to be apart of the Hot Wheelsยฎ Connector Club with @HotWheelsCanada, a chance to get exclusive insight into innovative new products, share them with our audience and help give back by offering fun giveaways throughout the year.

In fact, Hot Wheels aren’t unknown in this house, their collection mainly stems from their parents collection. Yes, they play with my old Hot Wheels, yet the majority are my husbands since I gave a lot of my own to my nephews when they were younger!

Plus, my girls often have their ‘boy friends’ {friends that are boys, ha!} over to play and we like to have a wide assortment of all toys readily available. Not that I fully believe that most are gender-specific, yet it’s mostly about preference. And, some kids {regardless of gender}, like to play cars!

To start the program, my kids were sent some products to take part in a Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge! We invited some dear friends over to help build what I like to call, ‘the ultimate track of fun’. OMG, the kids went wild. Nuts in fact! So put any doubts aside that the Hot Wheels Track won’t impress at first glance of a box. The excitement only gets bigger, folks.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge

Putting the sets together was a group effort. Not that it’s hard, yet rather, it was fun. Us adults loved the easy-to-follow instructions and seeing the kids faces trying to help at every chance – just to get it done faster. In their minds, 10 minutes is too long. ‘Are we there yet?’ 




The resulting track was impressive, where the heck was this when I was a kid? With one push of a button, cars flying and twisting in all sorts of directions.


Airplanes shooting in the air from a car cruising down a track. Lightening speed, too much to accurately capture in photo. Darn! But so cool at the same time!! 


For all ages, and for ENDLESS hours of fun, these sets are incredible. That button was pushed and cars were flying over and over. And over.


I love that you can buy additional sets to increase tracks and tricks, though it does take up a lot of room. That’s ok, since it’s played with so much, it’s worth being the highlight of the playroom.

Have some Hot Wheels Tracks at home? Enter your track before August 31st 2014 and you could Win a party hosted by Hot Wheels! On the contest page you can also see tracks made by the experts, they are incredible! Don’t have Hot Wheels tracks yet? Here’s your chance …

Ready, Set … GO!!!!

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review post. Opinions are, as always, my own.




  1. Amy says

    I have two little boys who LOVE Hot Wheels! They love playing with cars or with their wall tracks. They would definitely be super excited to win this prize!

  2. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says

    Would love to win so I have some new Hot Wheels toys for my nephew to play with when he visits


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