Fireworks {Kind of} Captured

We spent a few days at our creek property last week, and celebrated Canada Day there. It was an incredible camping trip, and for a very specific reasons {but, more on that later}. 

Of course, the highlight after the sun fully set, was the fireworks! Not long at all and it wasn’t an intense and dramatic show – but they were one of the best ever. 


A family chose them, invited neighbours and we all huddled to share in the celebration. Then, cheers followed the bangs, breaking the compete silence of the country night. 


This is it folks – these are the only photos I captured during this time. I was too busy smiling, taking in the moment and watching my kids eyes go wide.





  1. Soozle says

    Fireworks are so hard to photograph! I agree though, it’s such a wonderful thing to watch :) Glad you all have a great time!

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