Open for Business: Shirts, Skirts and More!

While at Barbie Headquarters in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to bring home the new Entrepreneur Barbie for my girls. Entrepreneur Barbie marks her 150th Career. 150th – amazing, right?

So, exactly what business is Barbie is starting? Well, that’s all up to the imaginations of kids.

Barbie says on her Linkedin page, “My new business is ‘Dream Incubator’ where I act as a consultant, helping girls around the world play out their imagination, try on different careers, and explore the world around them. Our company tagline is ‘If You Can Dream It, You Can Be It!

When I introduced my girls to this newest Barbie, they needed some explanation. After all, they know what ‘Nurse Barbie’ or ‘Rockstar Barbie’ was, yet we hadn’t ever discussed what being an entrepreneur was. I didn’t realize that until they looked so confused over the word ‘entrepreneur’. So, the first lesson was to tell them what being one meant.

After this discussion, the girls were immediately buzzing with chatter. Together, they decided that this Barbie needed to start her own business, right now. My girls had a clear vision in mind too – a fashion boutique business.

So, gathering all their doll clothes and accessories, they worked together to set up shop.


My oldest, Isabelle, decided that the first order of business was to decide which clothing to showcase. Then, there was the task of showcasing the fashions. That part had to be built.

Isabelle scoured the craft cupboards and found some popsicle sticks which she decided would make the perfect clothing racks. Using a glue gun, she made the racks and added extra glue for good measure. I’m amazed at how well she designed her racks, to offer full support with the weight of the clothing.


Isabelle tried to make little clothing hangers from pipe cleaners, yet thanks to a major crafting session last week, we were left a little short. We searched high and low for the adorable hangers that came with Barbies Dreamhouse, yey we cannot find them. I promised to try and buy a bulk pack of hangers for the girls boutique – you can buy those right? Yikes!


Anyway, the next order of business was for the twins to set up Barbie’s desk and chair. They also decided on the arrangement of the store while Isabelle finalized the inventory.


They knew from having lemon-aid stands in the summer, that they needed change for their customers. So, off the twins went in search of money – a perfect opportunity to use the coins from our travels.


Once the clothing racks and supply for the store were settled on, my oldest realized they didn’t even have a name for their shop. Once again studying the stock they had for their boutique, she decided on ‘Shirts, Skirts and More’. Again, this required the making of a huge sign, for advertising purposes.


I sat back and watched the girls, admiring their corporation skills and how well they developed a business plan. They were able to delegate and work together to get a lot of the key aspects of starting a business, well underway. Plus, they had a blast doing it – full-on creativity.


Thanks to Entrepreneur Barbie, they were able to learn so much. I’m always amazed with the ideas they come up with, and how they stop at nothing when taking on play.




My living room is now a full-time boutique and guests are hounded to browse and buy the already Fall 2014 collection. In fact, I myself was talked into buying a fabulous denim skirt, and am still laughing at how they walked off with my money and I’m left with foreign coins for change.


The great sales is due to their decision of not to ask ‘Would you like to buy …” but rather a direct and strong ‘“would you like one or two?”.

I have a feeling these girls of mine will possibly be quite the business women some day!

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  1. diane says

    That is adorable! They worked so well together on that project…and it looks like they had a great time doing it!

    • says

      They had a great time! I watched and helped where they needed it but was amazed that the bulk was all on their own. Great way to spend the day!

  2. Robin says

    What a great project. I always like accessories for my Barbies when I was a little girl, too!

  3. susan says

    this is such a cool idea, I know my daughter would have a great time with her barbies with this!

  4. Amy Desrosiers says

    My girls love Barbie so much! They would love to participate in this awesome Barbie Project!

  5. Dawn says

    I’m going to have to get this Barbie for my niece, I really like that it stimulates free play and encourages this discussion. Girl power!

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