YP App is a Must-Have for Canadians

The {Yellow Pages} YP App is a must-have for Canadians!

I can say this loud and with no hesitation, yet only after this true story which happened about 4 months ago. One day while out running errands, my husband asked what time a store was open and the following conversation went like this:

Me: ‘I dunno … Google it“.

Him: “Pfft” He grabs my phone and swipes his finger through my apps. “Where is the YP app?

Me: “I don’t have the YP app. Google it

Him “WHAT do you mean you don’t have the YP app? It’s my favourite app! You Google things like this? Really?

Me: “Yeah .. that’s what it’s for

Him: “That takes forever! Where’s my phone? This is insane! … Great, I forgot it at home. This sucks

Me: “Just Google it!!

Him: “no way. I’m downloading the app for you

Me: sigh

Him: “See? I downloaded the app AND found the store information before you’d ever have a chance to Google it

Me: “Whatever

Him: “You probably still break out the 20lb phone book, don’t you?

Me: silence

Thing is, after this initial conversation, I’ve been using the YP app all.the.time. This is the only time I’m going say this in a very public setting but – my husband was right. This app is amazing!


The YP App was recently launched by Yellow Pages, and it helps you to discover local businesses that offer deals and services in your neighbourhood, or any location in Canada.


My Favourite YP app features:


Find the cheapest gas prices around!


Save big every week with the map-integrated feature that shows you where to find the cheapest gas close to you! This feature has been made even easier to use with improvements particularly in the search from the map. Save money every week when you refuel!

You can easily see the closest gas station to you …

 local gas stations

… and then see gas stations with prices, and the cheapest is highlighted in blue. I don’t go out of my way to hit the cheapest, yet I plan my errand day accordingly so that I end up close to the cheapest gas at some point in my day.




Find Businesses & Reviews!


I know where most businesses and restaurants are in my city, yet sometimes we want to try a new one yet all that comes to mind are our tried and trues. Using this app, we are able to discover hidden gems otherwise not tried. 

This is especially helpful when we are traveling to other cites {which is often thanks to my daughters cheer competitions}. Navigating our way to hotels, businesses and restaurants is so easy thanks to the YP app.

Plus, there’s reviews as well, so we are able to do some research using this app. We have found this helpful before trying new places and staying in new hotels. Recently there was a new restaurant in the city and we were debating on whether to try it. A few review on the YP app spoke highly of the menu, service and staff – so we gave it a try and aren’t sorry we did. Plus, we can leave our own reviews for others to read. 




Find the Deals! 


You know I love to shop and save, yet rarely do I hunt for deals when not at home, since I like the ease of doing so with my laptop and not on a device. Not anymore!


The YP app tells me all the greatest sales in my neighbourhood! For example, the YP app tells me that buying a certain brand of cereal right now gets me a Free Summer Movie Ticket on the inside of the box. Score! Right now Future Shop has a massive sale on their sports bags {47% off}, which I really need for all the cheer gear. At this great price, perhaps another to hold all the girls skate equipment. The YP app will show the regular price, savings % and sale price – even easy directions to the store. 

Best of all, the deals are shown in categories like leisure and shopping, so you don’t need to riffle through a lot of deals to find a certain one. 

Business Details!


I can’t leave out what brought me to this app in the first place – business details! I like being able to find information like hours of operation, payments they accept, directions and more – all in one place. Sometimes I’m out getting errands done right at school drop-off and then in the evenings while my daughter is at cheer – these are times when it’s a guess as to which businesses are open. The YP has saved my time and sanity for this reason, one simple check and I know!


Reverse Phone Look-Up


Hunting down phone numbers – It is the Yellow Pages app after all! Yet, this app goes one step farther with the Reverse Phone Look-Up feature. I have started getting a lot of telemarketers calling my cell phone and if an unfamiliar number displays on my phone – I don’t answer! Yet, you always wonder if perhaps you should have. Using this app, just type in the number and up pops the name address and phone number of the caller. Peace of mind. 

YP App is a must-have for Canadians, I’m just sorry I wasn’t using it sooner! If you aren’t using this app for yourself yet, let me pass on wise words from my husband – WHAT do you mean you don’t have the YP app?

Download it for FREE on iTunes or “Android. It’ll save you money {literally} and time otherwise spent searching online elsewhere or physically hunting down locations. Who’s got time for that?!  The YP app is a valuable resource that I’m sure you’ll use as often as I do now. Make the most out of your neighbourhood and make some new discoveries too. 

The new app Yellow Pages developed a Facebook app offering prepaid credit cards ($1000, $500, $250, $25). You automatically win a $25 gift card by referring the app to 10 of your Facebook friends and also have the chance to win $1000. So make sure to spread the word and pass on a great app, plus have the chance to win!

Connect with Yellow Pages on Facebook and Twitter and get more info at YP.ca 




  1. Robin says

    That definitely sounds like a very useful app! I will have to see if they have a version here in Boston!

  2. kristin says

    That’s such an awesome way to find things that you need right near you! I like to use apps like this even when I travel.

  3. AImee Smith says

    I love that there is an app for everything! This one looks like one I would use all the time!

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