Summer Infant Baby Zoom WiFi Video Monitor

I know what you are thinking, my ‘babies’ are too old and my monitor days are behind me!

You guys! That’s what I thought! A few years ago I donated our baby monitor, like all other baby gear that took over my house {x2!}. At the time I thought I’d never need one again, the girls were old enough that I felt confident in not having that close eye on them while they slept.

Confession: I was so wrong.

It started months ago when my oldest was sick. When she wasn’t hugging the porcelain throne, she just wanted to be left alone in her room. Momma bear tried everything to keep her comfortable and hydrated but she wanted alone time, she wanted to rest not be in anyones eyesight. Did I mention that her bedroom is in the basement now, away from everything and everyone? Ugh!

That night when I tucked her into bed, I was torn. I was so dead tired after taking care of the sick while keeping the healthy far away – I just wanted to sleep myself. Yet, my daughter was still waking up and getting sick every 30 minutes.

So, I made myself a little cot on the downstairs couch in the next room, to ease my mind and be within easy listening distance. Yet, after 2 hours of tossing and turning, already with a sore neck, I just wanted my own bed. I wanted and needed my bed but I wanted and needed to be able to see and hear that everything was ok with her downstairs.

Yep – this Mom of a 9, 5 & 5 year old still needed that monitor! Gah!

Summer Infant, the leading brand in baby gear items, sent me the Baby Zoom WiFi Video Monitor. WOW, how monitors have changed in just a short few years. This is cadillac, my friends!

{this is the time for expecting parents and baby gifters to pay close attention}

I received the Summer Infant Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor and Internet Viewing System for review – which is a fancy-schmancy word for ‘hello there, I am your new best friend‘.


At first glance I thought, do I really need this? Too much? But then I studied the features and dived into setting up the monitor and then immediately asked myself – where were you when my twinadoes were born?!

Also, this is one of those moments when I wish I had a rewind button so I could go back and use this with newborn twins. Yes, I just said that. Little sleep and all. Seriously. 

The first step in using the Summer Infant Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor and Internet Viewing System is charging the monitor and downloading the free app using WiFi {it’s both iOs and Android compatible}. Then, once the app and the camera connect with each other, you can set up the hand-held viewing monitor. 


Once everything was set up, I was in awe with the clarity and visibility. Not to mention that the monitor is touchscreen, so up to date in technology! I also love the option of viewing through your own device. Part of the problem is trying to remember to take the handheld monitor with you – but I always have my phone, right?! 

With internet viewing, I could look in when not at home – from anywhere! When my husband is away at work and missing the kids, he could peek in on them and feel better knowing they are alright. It’s those little things!


For those that have multiple children in the same room {fellow twin moms!}, the pan feature will be a saviour. I had the hardest time positioning a monitor when the twins went into separate cribs, and I didn’t want to buy 2 monitors! Being able to pan, allows you to see it all! Now, I can easily can an entire area and even press the talk button and speak to the kids. Plus, I can turn the video portion of the viewing on or off as I need it. 


The Summer Link APP features include snapshots to store pictures on your mobile device, live video recording and split-screen views to monitor multiple rooms simultaneously when additional cameras are added (additional cameras sold separately). The included 3.5” LCD video handheld provides a convenient alternative for in-home monitoring when not using mobile devices and comes with many features including sound activated LED lights, adjustable volume and brightness controls with range up to 400 ft.


Since the Summer Infant Baby Zoom WiFi Video Monitor has SO MANY features, here is the breakdown:


  • In-home monitoring on handheld color video monitor
  • View on smartphones, tablets and laptops in-home or away via free Summer Link WiFi APP for Apple and Android
  • Secure login to bank level secure encrypted video
  • Expandable system – add one camera and monitor two children or two rooms, (additional camera sold separately) with auto-scan between rooms on handheld monitor, and split screen or auto-scan available on digital devices.
  • Share viewing access with friends and family



  • Pan, scan, zoom camera allows parents to keep a mobile baby in view
  • Monitor room temperature, with option for Fahrenheit or Celsius reading
  • Motion tracking – automatically follows baby’s movements
  • Two-way communication


  • Automatically connects to home wireless network for secure in-home and remote viewing
  • Internet status lights indicate connectivity states
  • Infrared LEDs enable monitoring in darkened rooms and overnight
  • Click here for a 360° view of the camera


  • Snapshot – pictures stored on mobile device
  • Record a Video – video stored on mobile device
  • Privacy mode- control/restrict access for out of home viewing
  • Split screen – view 2 rooms on same screen when camera added to system
  • Activity Alerts – upgrade for premium service and receive text, email or push notifications and a daily log of audio alerts and shared viewing activity

 All in all, I’m very impressed by this monitor. I’d be hard-pressed to find a feature that it lacks, in fact, there’s aspects that you might not even use at all or very little – but it is there in case the day comes when you need it. I am the walking example of that ‘someday’ that does come.


The Summer Infant Baby Zoom WiFi Video Monitor is a reliable, high-end video monitoring system that does the job and then some. When buying a monitor for yourself or someone else – you need to remember that this might be used even 10 year later, so you want that reliability, quality and one loaded with features. Proof? My oldest is almost 10 and I still see the need to use it .. and there it is. 

You can get a Summer Infant Baby Zoom WiFi Video Monitor at Canadian retailers that sell Summer Innact products, like Toys R Us and Sears.

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review post. Opinions are, as always, my own.




  1. Jim says

    The remote control pan, scan, zoom is a pretty neat feature. Especially for something like your sick kid. The baby doesn’t just stay in the crib anymore.

  2. Darwin says

    I would love to win because we would love to see what’s going on in the baby’s room without actually going in there and disturbing the baby. I really like scan feature.

  3. Adrienne says

    “Someone” threw a bad tantrum in my house along with our baby monitor and it’s broken :(

  4. stephen gordon says

    I love the scan feature. I would love this for the garden outside. Thanks for the chance. Cheers Awesome


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