{said with so much excitement I could burst}

We had a remarkable weekend and a wonderful start to summer 2014! 

Friday was the twins last day of Kindergarten {sniff}, so after some morning festivities at the school we went to ‘Food Truck Fridays’ downtown with some friends and ate lunch in the park. Some of the best food is served out the side of a truck. Just sayin’.

Katie has been asking for months to go on a picnic, she’s kinda obsessed with them, so she was especially thrilled that we went. While we ate, there was a live band down the block, so the kids danced in the grass and put on quite the show. Then Friday evening, we went to a birthday party and again the kids played until they were delirious from exhaustion.   

Saturday we left for camping, it’s the 6th weekend in a row that we went to our creek property. As usual, it was blissful to sit back and relax in beautiful surroundings. 


Sunday we came home and did the laundry/house thing to prep for my oldests last week in Grade 4. It was a simply gorgeous day, so after dinner I took the kids to the ice cream shop to toast the first weekend of summer. Like you need an excuse to drop everything and get ice cream, right?

summer 2014-2

In all, it was a weekend spent taking in local events, eating good food, playing in the warm sun and spending much time with friends and family.

We only have 9 weekends of summer … I just had to go there, right? UGH! It’ll go by way too quickly as usual, so make the most of it! OK, lecture over – putting away the Mother hat. 

How did you spend the first weekend of summer?




  1. says

    Love it – we spent the first weekend of Summer heading to chicago – no bright sunny days here – nothing but rain and fog, but we did enjoy some ice cream anyway :)

  2. says

    I can’t believe it’s just the first week of summer – my kids have been out of school for weeks. We celebrated by going on a bike ride by the river!

  3. says

    Sounds like you are enjoying it for sure. It does go pretty quick! We went and watched the Test and Tune before race day, looked at Flea Markets, had a date day and just enjoyed the nice weather!

  4. kathy downey says

    I will be so happy when the warm weather hits here,at least the rain has stopped…..

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