Moments Like This


It’s moments like this, while out camping, that make all the bug bites totally worth it.

Solitude, peace, reflection and all the time in the world to watch my babies grow.



  1. Wonderful moment to capture. BTW – I am covered in bug bites tool

  2. Hari OM
    Oh this shot has everything going for it – not least your own precious memories! YAM xx

  3. Such a gorgeous scenery!

  4. What a beautiful photo! It takes my breath away.

  5. What a lovely photo to treasure ;-)

    Have a camptastic week ;-)

  6. lisalisa says:

    Beautiful, love it! Priceless Photo and the scenery is awesome!

  7. Angela S says:

    That is such a beautiful pic of your babies hand in hand. I would totally get that enlarged and framed.

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