Los Angeles Love

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It may look like a concrete jungle from above {good comparison from someone who lives in Alberta}, yet within lies a whole lotta everything. 

I’m currently in Los Angeles for meetings and I just have to say – I big-puffy-cheesy love this city!


Palm trees, sun, something to see at every turn. And yes, I even love the movie and TV show billboards everywhere! It’s like my special sneak preview, since we don’t usually hear about this kind of stuff in Western Alberta for 3-6 months after LA knows. Truth.


I’ll check in later in the week, yet for now, I have to soak in the LA love. Ahhhh! 




  1. I was just there last weekend myself! Enjoy your stay ;) Can’t wait to hear about it!!!

  2. I was there last year. What a wonderful photo you got from the air.

  3. I also love that one from the air its so vast

    Have a puffycheesytastic week ;-)

  4. My Mom just visited LA and she loved the city. We have yet to travel to LA with the kids.

  5. Sounds exciting, but the first photo sure doesn’t look it. :)

  6. I have only been to Hollywood, but would love to get back to LA to explore the city a little bit more.

  7. I have never been to Los Angeles before, sounds really nice!

  8. Oh my goodness this is really exciting! Cant wait to read about your trip!!

  9. I’ve only been to LA a few times and I was there for work so I had zero time for any sight-seeing. I think I’d learn to love LA if I could make it to the beach just once!!

  10. LA can be overwhelming from the sky, once on the ground there is plenty to do and see.

  11. I fly in there every Sunday during the school year. It is very interesting. I think I know all the neighborhoods of the city.


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