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It’s been such an eye opening experience to be the mother of twins. While all my girls are complete individuals and I recognize and celebrate that, any parent of multiples will say that you really notice personalities when you have two of the same age. After all, they are always with you and most oftentimes, always together.

My Sophia, Twin A, is dominant in every way. Her boisterous and outgoing personality was evident right from the start, even consistently placing herself in front of her sister, in utero. In fact, so much that doctors didn’t even know there was another in there, until a 21 week ultrasound.

Then, she made her mark on the world by literally pushing her sister out during labour {causing quite the emergency situation}. Firecracker, right? Through the years, Sophia has always been heavier, taller, louder and one to always have the attention.

Meet Katelyn. The littlest Roy twin. Smaller, lighter and dainty. Katie is full of feelings and emotion, altruistic by nature and often withdrawn. When asked a question, she checks with her sisters first, follows in their every footstep and does her best to please anyone.

As a parent, and wanting the girls to be all they can be, I do intervene where I see fit. While I foster Sophia’s independent and strong side, I do urge her to think before acting and be more caring when it comes to others. After all, a girl can be strong minded but also know when it’s a time to soften up a little. Instead of lashing out and stomping her feet in rage each and every time, I encourage her to use her words and take deep breaths before acting.

When given the opportunity, I urge Katie to be more independent and make her own choices regardless of what others think and do. When she’s in tears and her heart is literally breaking over hurtful words, I acknowledge her feelings but suggest she relay those to her sister and stand up for herself.

While my twins are still very different to this day, I do see some gaps narrowing. While I have many examples of this, I’ll instead focus on just one …


Katie: Finding Her Voice

Quiet, timid and often shadowed, I first noticed Miss Katie coming out of her shell – with music.

Both girls love their Barbie movies, and oftentimes choose them over others in the pile. They both watch the stories unfold with great interest, yet it’s the songs within the movies that wins their hearts every time.

There’s one particular song that Katie took a massive liking to, from Barbie The Princess & The Popstar. She watched and learned, over and over again. First singing along with the movie quietly and then she became louder.

After a while, she would sing ‘Here I am‘ while playing with her The Princess & The Popstar Barbie dolls. Yet, she would immediately stop and look almost guilty when she realized anyone was listening.

Over time, her voice strengthened and she found the courage to sing loud and to anyone within earshot. She even requested me to take video of her performing, which was remarkable.

It took a couple of years, yet now she belts out tunes all day long, on planes and even among strangers in a foreign land.

Literally, Katie sings all.the.time. When playing with Barbies, she opts to sing words instead of speaking them. Katie sings while she walks, in the car and even as she’s falling asleep. I have to admit to giggling when Sophia is the one telling her to ‘settle down’.

Katie is finding her way. Her strength. Her ability to shine and be the star of the show after all these years.

Here I am
Being who I want
Giving what I got
Never a doubt now
Here I go
Burning like a spark
Light up the dark again

………….. Here I Am – Barbie Princess & The Popstar Soundtrack

I have enrolled both the girls in a summer theatre camp, in which they will be in a musical. Katie is showing some signs of intimidation, yet really wants to give it a try. I am so proud.


Sometimes I wonder what my girls ‘will be’ when they are older, and while I know them so well and can predict many things based on years of experience with them – truth is, you just never know.

I encourage it all and tell them often that they really can be anything they want to be.

You just need to find that voice.

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  1. says

    I don’t have twins, but I have 5 kids…and we’ve talked on more than one occasion about how amazing it is that not one pair of our kids ended up more alike. They are all so unique. I love watching it. Way to go on your daughter finding her voice. It reminded me so much of my 2nd daughter, who has found HER voice through music and acting as well. I love to see her grow and thrive in that setting! Just yesterday, we were able to celebrate her love of music and theater by having a special birthday date at West Side Story. :)

  2. Michelle says

    Great project, I can imagine how amazing and difficult it is to be a twin. You are doing an amazing fostering their personalities and guiding them to be their personal best.

  3. Candace says

    So incredibly touching, I’m so happy for her. I hope they both rock theatre camp this summer.


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