Twin Jealousy is Causing Her Teeth to Fall Out. Maybe.

It was our last day in Turks and Caicos when my little twinlin Sophia came running up to me, “Mom! My tooth is loose, my tooth is loose!

Ahhh, what a milestone!

A first twin tooth, loose, in Turks and Caicos. There’s one for the baby book … er, if I ever work on them, that is. I’m a total failure in that department, but that’s another story.

Of course with the wiggling of Sophias tooth, twin competition had to show up.

Then, ALL of Katie’s teeth were loose {no they aren’t}.

There’s been many eye-rolls from Katie at the mention of Sophias loose tooth so I can’t imagine what she’ll say and do when Sophia gets money and she doesn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t start pulling and tugging on her own teeth to jumpstart the process.


Katie does need to accept it, but still, it’s both funny and heartbreaking to actually watch twin jealousy. Don’t even think of complimenting one without the other or you many be uninvited to a birthday this year, they even do that with each other. So many theatrics, I tell ya!


In any case, it took 2 weeks to actually fall out {truth, her teacher finally pulled it}.

And, tada! I have a toothless twinlin!!

So, what’s the going rate for teeth these days? Do you give more for the first?



  1. We give $5 for the first tooth and $1 for each additional tooth after that.

  2. My goodness, been a long time since we had a first lost tooth, but at that time it was only a $1.00. Guess she would like what Robin mentioned. Thanks for stopping by to link, have a great week!!

  3. Lynda Cook says:

    I would give five, that seems reasonable especially for the first tooth

  4. I think my kids got $1 per tooth. I remember scrambling to find some cash when I was caught off guard with lost teeth too. lol

  5. Claude Campeau says:

    My son was 4 when he lost his first tooth, and I thought money wouldn’t mean much to him at that age. So we gave him a small toy for his first 2 teeth. Of course, we were stuck doing that for our two other kids since my son told them the Tooth Fairy brings toys at first, lol! All other teeth landed them 2$ because we have 2$ coins here in Canada, so that was easiest. Sometimes it would just be a dollar if that’s all the TF had in her pocket ;)

  6. Aww! cute

    Reading the comments sounds like an auction lmao ;-)

  7. That’s funny and sounds like a lot of drama too. Hopefully they will grow out of being jealous of each other. Even if they are twins, they are two different individuals and I hope they are happy with that fact. Enjoy them while you can! My son goes off to college next year. :)

    • Oh yes, very happy, they are two completely different girls. Yet, with previous experience with only 1, there was no competition. With twins, or after more than one child, I think you really notice the competing for attention.

  8. I remember when a toonie was a big deal and people would brag about it (that was also when the toonie first came out).

  9. kathy downey says:

    Grand-daughter lost a tooth a couple of weekend ago while visiting,i believe she had collected $7.25 from under her pillow and the tooth !!! Seems grandpa forgot to take the tooth.Next night she just got just .50 but he took the tooth this time !!!

    • Awe, that is adorable!! i remember being little and my Dad emptying his change in his pocket for me, I was so happy and remember that so well. The little things like a handful of change … :)

  10. Aw, too cute! We haven’t reached that stage with my kids yet, but they’re only 2 years apart so I imagine there will be some jealousy there, too! My son will be so proud to be the WINNER of losing the first tooth, haha. I’ve heard people give more for the 1st, but I have no idea what the rate is these days! A different amount every time… because when a tooth falls out, you never know what change/cash you’ll happen to have on hand!

    • Ha, exactly! And you hope you have some one hand! You said that right though, Sophia thinks she won something. Which is why that just pisses Katie off! lol Ahhh, kids!

  11. My sisters are identical twins and they had natural competition but also an almost supernatural unity. Twinship is an amazing thing.

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