Beautiful Photobombers

As I go through my photos from our family trip to Beaches Turks & Caicos, I notice something. 

Flowers. Everywhere flowers! 

Let me clarify – I knew while there, that there was flowers everywhere. Of course – and they are beautiful!


Yet these beautiful flowers made their way into many of my photos. Beautiful Photobombers – via my children!

While there, they would ALWAYS stop and pick up flowers from the sidewalk and paths {never from the bushes and trees, that’s a no-no with me}. In fact, we spent a great deal of time stopping while going places – so that the kids could pick up flowers and arrange bouquets.


 I recall standing still more than once, watching the girls study and admire flowers – thinking about how perfect that moment is. There’s always time to stop and smell {pick up, arrange, dissect} flowers, right?  


And then bring them everywhere you go for a couple of weeks.


This trip will be known for many things, including making 3 little girls extremely happy with the abundance of flowers.

I might want to check the pockets of my luggage …



  1. says

    Wow, these are beautiful photo-bombers. I love flowers, so pretty and a good reminder of how good life can be. Your daughters are so pretty 😉

  2. says

    The flowers are beautiful (and the girls are too!). I had to laugh because our last beach photos were photo bombed by persistent pelicans….I think I had more pictures of pelicans than anything! I wish they had been flowers! :)

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