Beautiful Photobombers

As I go through my photos from our family trip to Beaches Turks & Caicos, I notice something. 

Flowers. Everywhere flowers! 

Let me clarify – I knew while there, that there was flowers everywhere. Of course – and they are beautiful!


Yet these beautiful flowers made their way into many of my photos. Beautiful Photobombers – via my children!

While there, they would ALWAYS stop and pick up flowers from the sidewalk and paths {never from the bushes and trees, that’s a no-no with me}. In fact, we spent a great deal of time stopping while going places – so that the kids could pick up flowers and arrange bouquets.


 I recall standing still more than once, watching the girls study and admire flowers – thinking about how perfect that moment is. There’s always time to stop and smell {pick up, arrange, dissect} flowers, right?  


And then bring them everywhere you go for a couple of weeks.


This trip will be known for many things, including making 3 little girls extremely happy with the abundance of flowers.

I might want to check the pockets of my luggage …



  1. Wow these shots are incredible! Such lovely flowers and the photos of your girls are stunning.

  2. What beautiful photos, your girls are darling!! Love the blue dress!

  3. The flowers are gorgeous and your girls are beautiful! Sounds like a great trip!

  4. Beautiful photos! The girls are as sweet as the flowers.

  5. Wow, these are beautiful photo-bombers. I love flowers, so pretty and a good reminder of how good life can be. Your daughters are so pretty ;)

  6. Lovely shots… Your girls are such beauties!
    Happy WW! :)

  7. The flowers are beautiful (and the girls are too!). I had to laugh because our last beach photos were photo bombed by persistent pelicans….I think I had more pictures of pelicans than anything! I wish they had been flowers! :)

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