Staying Healthy While Traveling

March Break is a day away for us Albertans, and I couldn’t be more excited! Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that near weeks end I’ll be counting the hours until school is back in, but the possibilities right now leave me very excited.

We don’t have huge plans for our official March break, we always stay closer to home and travel on alternate less busier times of the Spring.

For instance, last weekend we went on a little getaway to Calgary, Alberta. My daughter had a cheer competition in the city so we extended our visit and made it a little family staycation. We had a great time and the weather was beautiful!

Yet, with Spring fever in the air, we cannot lose sight that Mother Nature isn’t done with us yet. I continually have to remind myself that we could still have bad weather and cold temps right up until May {and pray it’s not later}. This means we’re still bundled up, drinking plenty of water and taking those vitamins. Staying Healthy While Traveling

While packing to go on our weekend getaway, I made we brought along the essentials for our trip. Toothbrushes, check. Clothes, check. Toiletries, check. ND Shakes, check! 


Orange Naturals ND Shakes are packed full of nutrient goodness, to fill-in where diets lack and ensure optimal nutrition. Doesn’t this go so well with family trips away from home? Usually we don’t eat the best while on the road, so the added minerals and vitamins from ND shakes are the perfect topper to ensure optimal health. They contain vegan protein, greens, superfruits and a multivitamin.

The girls love their ND Shakes and I don’t foresee us traveling without them. Compact, a great delicious snack for the kids and the ideal way to pack some healthy into the suitcase. Especially since our stay was for my daughters competition, a time when she needs to ensure her health is at her best! 


We also took along our Probiotics for toddlers thru teens. Probiotics are well known to aid in boosting immune systems since they inhibit the growth and activity of harmful organisms. They help to cut down the lifespan of cold and flu symptoms and restore a healthy gut flora.

So, with some travel and excitement behind us and our health intact {yay!}, our official March break will be a time to relax and take each day as it comes. That hopefully means many days of sleeping in, visits with friends and if the weather is on our side, enjoying the outdoors.

Have any travel plans for March Break or perhaps at alternate times this Spring?  



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    • Tammi says

      For sure, and well, junk food seems to flow more heavily while on vacay. I know I’m more lax with it at this time. It’s a good way to ensure you are getting those vitamins and minerals!

  1. says

    We just came back from a week in Houston so we won’t be traveling anywhere any time soon. Luckily we did OK (germ wise). Only one of my two kiddos got sick on our way back home. That, for me, is amazing!

  2. says

    that’s a great idea to travel with!! I need to keep that in mind. we have some road trips planned this spring/summer

    • Tammi says

      They will be packed from now on, that’s for sure! Have a happy & healthy Spring & Summer Brett!

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