Month In Photos: March 2014


March 2014 was a month jam-packed with birthday parties and small ways to make memories. The girls had quite a bit of time off with conferences and Spring Break, so it was a nice blend of relax time at home and activity when boredom struck. Month In Photos: March 2014

We attended our city’s children’s expo where the twins got to meet, hug and follow Rainbow Dash around like little fan girls. Instead of an autograph book {ponies can’t sign, obviously} the girls instead brought their own much-loved stuffies to represent their huge interest. ‘I love you, look, I have you!!’ – it was so sweet to watch. 

Yet my lack of patience this day declared that the lines were far too long, for some of the events at the expo. So I did what any reasoning Mother would do – I bribed. Yep, these sparkly new hats you see in a couple photos are the result of a trade I made with the girls. We don’t wait in bounce house lines and you get a hat! Fair trade, I’d say!

In March, the twins took another month of swimming lessons. I could probably stuff another one in there before summer starts, yet the next few months schedule is already insane. So that’s not going to happen and instead I’ll celebrate that we got through 2 levels in the last couple of months. 

Each year the month of March always bring cookie craze, for girl guides. This year is the first time the twins are sparks {the youngest level in guides}, so they too are selling cookies for their troop. Oh hey – I have a trunkful guys, let me know if you want cookies!

As much as I’d like to say that the official mark of Spring brought glorious seasonal-like weather, that would be a lie. While the temps haven’t been too bad {meaning, still too cold for my liking}, more snow has fallen. Actually, we’ve been totally dumped on again. While this has caused a few snarls and growls, you gotta know it has to end soon. I’m holding onto that, and this fact is  what’s getting me through the days. Alright, that and making copious amounts of cookies. I win, March. 

So, how was your March 2014? 

If you have a Month in Photos post for March 2014, leave the link in the comments. Don’t forget to print each month off and by years end you’ll have a year in photos for an album, without much effort required.



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    Keeping track of your life by digital media is amazing. I wish we would had more digital options for capturing memories when our kids were growing up. Soon we’ll have grandkids and I won’t miss a moment!

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    It sounds like you had the perfect month, a great mixture of relaxation and fun! That expo sounds fun, and don’t worry, you’re not the only mom who bribes their kids to avoid long lines! LOL!!

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    What a great idea to do a once a month post. This would really help me keep on track of getting my photos into a book at the end of the year.

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    What adorable photos and great memories to treasure! Sounds like a great month šŸ˜‰ This is such a fun way to preserve memories, I love it!

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