Dear Winter


It’s February and like all Februarys past, I’ve started to get very anxious. 

Dear Winter,

Honestly, I’m am so incredibly over you. You’ve been with us for the better part of 5 months now. Perhaps it’s time that you leave.

Love {not really}, Me

I look out the window at the white abyss and try not to think of how many more days weeks months are still left. Instead, I close my eyes and think of warmer destinations. More blissful times spent under the heat of the sun, with sand between the toes.

azul sensatori beach family travel blogger photo
Anyone else spending a lot of time looking up vacations?



  1. says

    I’m originally from the Pacific Northwest transplanted into the Florida Panhandle. I usually have a certain amount of pride that I can handle the “cold” days that have Floridians rushing for coats, but this year, we had several days where it dropped below freezing and I had to swallow my pride and admit I WAS COLD IN FLORIDA! This winter has been crazy.

  2. Lynda Cook says

    Oh I hear you, this winter just seems to be dragging on and on, and now there is another snow storm coming tonight through Wed. uuuuggggg. I want to cry I’m sick of it!

  3. says

    I am in Winter denial…..I starting planning Spring break and a few April/May weekend trips during the last snow storm…if I keep my shades down, I can focus on the beach and warm mountain cabins! Have a great week!

  4. Erika B says

    UGH I hear you!!! We just went on a vacation, not somewhere hot though. We went to Ontario to visit family (We live in Alberta), and it was so cold there and snowed every single day. Meanwhile, in Alberta, WE MISSED AN AWESOME CHINOOK!!! So yes, it feels like winter has stuck around for too long now.

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