Twins Learning to Ice Skate


2014 brought a new milestone for my twin girls, they just recently learned to skate! 

At first they held onto me until they got used to standing on skates, yet that was only for about 5 minutes. Then, they let go and were off on their own. Very nervous at first and going at a snails pace, they quickly learned to shuffle a little faster, fall correctly and get back up on their own {all in that one first day}. Twins learning to ice skate

While I’m always proud of each of my 3 girls, I do have to recognize them as individuals, especially the twins. So, while I could write a book on each of them and how well they all do on skates, I instead choose to focus on Katelyn. 


It’s my little Katie that has really amazed me with her skating. Less athletic than her twin sister, Katie is also smaller, shorter, gentler and has low muscle tone. She was the last to talk, walk, run and jump – how well she’s doing on skates is truly remarkable. 


She says she doesn’t want to go in lessons or a class of any sort, but the girl adores being on skates. I never ever would have guessed that it was her that would love skating the most. On the ice she’s brave, outgoing and eager to get better and better. For that I’m so proud. Go Katie, Go! 



    • Tammi says

      Well, to be entirely honest here, I don’t skate. I haven’t been on skates in probably 20 years!! Next years plans maybe? Is it like riding a bike, you never forget?

  1. says

    How cool! I have three girls too. The youngest are only 14 months apart and similar in size and are always asked if they are twins. When they were little they use to pretend they were.

    • Tammi says

      As they get older, they are changing a lot more. One is much taller and athletic, so I’m asked less and less.

  2. says

    That’s pretty impressive. I still haven’t put my kiddies on the ice, I’m so scared of them falling but you’re inspiring me to just do it.

    • Tammi says

      Pad them up! I was nervous too and still hold my breath when they fall. Lots of bulk helps ease our minds!

  3. says

    So Cute! I want to teach my Kiddies as well…especially since i am not the most athletic of folks I want them to explore more activities than I did.


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