P!nk The Truth About Love Tour


When COVERGIRL asked me if I wanted tickets to see the P!NK The Truth About Love tour in Edmonton, you can bet I was game. I am all over P!INK and have for years.

There was no hesitation in who my +1 for the concert would be either. A close friend of mine flew across Canada a few years ago, just to see P!NK – so of course this is the very same fangirl that had to come with. Recall when I planned an out-of-country trip last year just to see a concert? Kindred spirits! P!nk The Truth About Love Tour

After realizing that there was many women {mostly Moms} that were making the road trip to Edmonton as well, we made it a group venture. As in, we hired a 13 person limo for the night. So off we went, this team of excited women, P!NK blasting on the speakers. This was gonna be one epic night, especially since we had very close floor seats to the show!

Many times since this night I sat down at my computer, trying to find words to describe P!NK in concert. All my fingers would allow was a string of ‘OMGs’ and …. that. I’m almost speechless. P!INK puts on one heck of a show, a mind blown ‘did that just happen?’ series of events. 


The Truth About Love tour is very acrobatic, ‘Circue du Soleil’ like right from the start when she bungees down to the stage. This theme continues through the show, which ends with her flying through the audience making thousands scream.


Who knew P!NK could rock her music, the stage and the air {flying and twirling} while ALSO chewing gum most of the time! YES, she was!

P!NK is a fighter – strong, empowering, inspiring, brazen, entertaining and so beautiful. P!INK’s high energy flowed to every person in that packed stadium, through every song.




Of all the traits that she encompasses, P!NK is a Mother as well. I can’t help but to tear up when I hear Perfect, it always makes me think of my daughters. Needless to say, when she performed this particular song, so many became very emotional and not just myself.  




My close friend {my date for the night} and I have known each other for years. Since way before the kids came, we were actually pregnant together, both times! Now we take on Motherhood together, which encompasses a lot. Both sleepy-eyed as we drop off our kids in AM – there’s been countless conversations of joy, frustration and celebration. 9 PM yawns while on the phone, days at the lake and our lunch dates {most likely with kids in tow}. 


This show, seeing P!NK and all that she is and does – what a strong motivator for girls to be all they want to be. For my own girls, for myself and my friend. In our own ways, we all truly rock don’t we? Absolutely!

Through everything these past 14 years has thrown at my friend and I – We totally got this. In motherhood, life and everything in between – we’re rockstars on nights out with P!INK, and everyday. … OK, despite the huge jealousy we both have for P!NKs solid abs.

Here’s some video from her concert in Edmonton, I’m sure if you listen close enough, you can hear my friend and I singing and shouting. It’s ok, we were only 2 of about 13,000.

So, we danced in the aisles {literally}, arms around shoulders and swaying as we sang with all our hearts. Older P!NK songs to the new, there was screaming, laughing, jumping and so many smiles {and that was just from us}. P!NK’s awesome personality shines through her concert, she really nailed it with this tour and for that I am so grateful.


Full on entertainment, it’s just what these 2 fierce Moms and beautiful gals needed. Thanks COVERGIRL and of course the ever talented P!NK. For the show and for being you. It was perfect.


I am apart of the #PGmom program, and receive products and special access to P&Gevents and opportunities
as part of my affiliation with the P&G company {in this case, COVERGIRL}





  1. Marcy L says

    I wanted to go so much and it looks like I missed one great show. That video is incredible. and now I’m sad. singing along, but still sad.

  2. Sara says

    yes, seen her in Toronto, she was amazing. Thanks for the video, I’m re-living the night again. weeeeee.

    • Tammi says

      So true Amber, I’d love to sit down with her for the afternoon and just talk – she seems so down to earth!

  3. says

    Amazing! Funny enough as she was performing on the Grammy’s last night I told my husband, oh my god I would love to see her live. I love P!nk, what an amazing night for you girls!

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