Kids Guide: Beaches Negril

 When staying at all-inclusive resorts, your time is what you make it.

Love relaxing on a gorgeous beach with a book? You’ll want to ensure that you choose a resort with a beautiful and spacious beach. Maybe you love the pool-life during your vacation Ensure your destination has pools that are large enough to offer space even when occupancy is maxed. Traveling with kids yet you still wants that pool, beach and more? Perhaps you just want it ALL – such a diverse selection that no matter how you fill your days, there’s something for everyone.

My daughter and I recently spent some time at Beaches Negril, a wonderful Mother/Daughter getaway that will always be cherished. One strong take away from our stay at Beaches Negril, is that there truly is something for everyone.

Not only did I take note of activities and amenities for myself and my 9 year old, I took notice of other ages and traveling groups – so that I could be prepared with questions from my readers when I got home.

And wow are you guys asking! I always love the questions that come in from my travelling adventures, learning of and helping others plan their vacation is second best to planning my own!

So while this post is titled ‘Kids Guide: Beaches Negril‘ since it’s THE ultimate kids paradise, this also explains why adults will love it too. After all, happy kids make happy parents {especially true when traveling}.




Oh dear, the beach! Beaches Negril is located on the famed 7 mile beach. Perhaps you already caught my previous post with photos of the beach and sunset?

This property in itself is such a generous size, both in length and depth. I do believe Beaches Negril claimed the best piece of the 7 mile! 


There is plenty of space to relax, play and walk. Always clean, tended to many times a day – it’s one for families, for sure. 





One thing I love about Beaches Negril, is that the main pool is large and spacious. There’s plenty of room to roam, float, play and relax.


There are floaties to use, a space for pool volleyball and a great-sized swim up bar. This is where many families spent time, including my daughter and I. There she is, relaxing in an oasis almost all her own!


I met some nice grandparents at the pool bar that were visiting one another while their kids and grandkids were elsewhere on the property. Destination for a multi-generational vacation, in which everyone will enjoy? You bet, they were having a blast!


Pirates Island Waterpark


This 18,000 square foot waterpark is amazing! It features water-slides, which my 9 year old loved {adults too!}.


There is also another pool in this area that has parts with shallower water, and a swim up bar too.


At night, this is the location where you can catch a Dive In Movie!


A few steps away is the spray park, where there is misting water, water cannons, a kiddie slide {perfect for toddlers} – all in a fun and colourful making it very kid-approved!


Yet that’s not all – going around the spray park is a lazy river! Grab a tube and float down the river with twists and turns, surrounded by lush tropical plants. My daughter adored this river, it was a hit with so many kids.







Beaches Negril also has more of a traditional playground. Located away from the main kids area, this playground has plenty of shade to offer a quiet place for kids to play with spaces for all ages to enjoy including mini climbing walls.


 Also, it’s in a secluded little area, perfect for some downtime away from the most boisterous areas. For non-water based play, this is a great area to enjoy in the evenings, even before or after dinner. 


Supervised Kids Camp


The kids camp area of Beaches Negril is actually many buildings in one area, separated according to age and interest. Like a little community within a community.


I could go ON AND ON about the kids club, as it’s really diverse. I was most impressed with not only the cleanliness and services/toys offered with each age group as well as the fact that all nannies and Kids Camp staffers at Beaches Resorts are members of the International Nanny Association. Trained and certified to care for your children in safety, nutrition and child development.

  • Infants Program ~ From the smallest newborn to those that have attained the grand old age of 24 months, there is the luxurious, climate-controlled nurseries-filled with cribs, strollers, high chairs, rocking chairs and simply everything your little one could ever need or desire-await to cradle your babies in the very lap of luxury, from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Certified Nannies are child development specialists that have been trained and certified in accordance with an accredited U.S. university.


  • Toddlers Program ~ 3-5 year-olds have their very own set of activities, supervised by Certified Nannies. Activities include Toddler pools, shell collecting, face painting, treasure hunts, puppets, costume time, magic shows, sand castle building and so much more.


  • Pre-teens Program ~ I know that this in-between age is hard to please sometimes, that’s why I love the activities offered in this age group. Beaches Negril offers the pre-teen group Sailing, snorkeling (ages 8-10), swimming, beach volleyball, beach soccer, scavenger hunts, glass bottom boat rides, pizza making and reggae jam!


  • Teens Program ~ Beaches Negril has their own teen “nightclub” with karaoke! They also schedule Group water sports, Boat cruises, Pool olympics, Tennis clinincs, Dance parties and Talent shows. There’s also ‘Trench Town’, a place with air hockey, music, plasma TVs and fun while surrounded by cool island graffiti. 

The Kids Club area also has a baby/toddler pool area, that is completely fenced for safety. Kids should not be left unattended in this unsupervised area, yet if you have a wee one, this might just be the spot for you to hang out. I never actually saw anyone using this pool, so I consider it a little gem which most likely, a family can use on their own.


In this area there is a little wading pool, ball pit area, tiny lounge chairs and beach chairs. It is so cute and darling, it might make your teeth hurt. What a precious little spot on the resort to play, splash and enjoy time with the littles, away from the other larger pool areas.


Xbox Play Lounge


Guys, this is another great gem right here, since my 9 year old fell in LOVE with this lounge and she’s not really that ‘into’ gaming as compared to some of her friends.  


Beaches is the the world’s only resort to bring you a partnership with Xbox. Not only do you have one in your room {previous post on our Beaches Negril accommodations}, yet there is a whole building devoted to gaming action!


There are Xbox stations to play any game imaginable plus dedicated stations for Kinect for Xbox. Exercise, fun and a great place to meet and make friends, my daughter asked to go to the Xbox Play Lounge often. 


We visited and played before meals, to get a break from the sun, or to wait out some tropical liquid sunshine. You’ll find kids playing here solo, with friends, with families and even on nights when there is a competition. Young kids, pre-teens, teens and adults all enjoy this space. It’s a winner!


Scratch DJ Academy


Preteens, teens and adults will love getting a DJ lesson from Scratch DJ Academy. The academy started in 2002 byScratch Music Group’s CEO, Rob Principe and Jam Master Jay of Run DMC.  There are academy locations in hotspots like Los Angeles and Miami AND at Beaches resorts!


At Scratch DJ Academy, you learn how to DJ and produce music, fun to partake in or watch in action. It’s a music lover’s dream and most likely a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn how to cut and scratch, old school style! 



Pop-Up Playground


Coming to Beaches Resorts in Jan 2014, is a simple yet incredibly genius idea. You know how kids can have countless toys and still just play with a cardboard box for hours? Beaches took this fact and exploded it ten-fold to provide a creative and engaging activity for kids.


Simply put: ordinary items from old phones to paper, fabric to tape are piled into an area and it’s a giant free for all. Kids can take whatever items they wish, and creative whatever their imaginations dream up. It’s brilliant to watch kids take the most ordinary of items {one that might seem like ‘junk’}, and have the most absolute time creating. 


Young kids to older kids build and create solo or with others, and just simply – play. My daughter made herself a placemat out of cardboard and different colours of duct tape. There were no instructions, it was all her idea. I adore this idea and think their Pop-Up Playground will be a massive hit. 





Can I also include the fact that there are characters {more on that later}, themed beach party nights, daily activities, parades, water sports and so much more!? Honestly, I don’t even think I could include all of the kid-friendly activities in one post.

It’s AMAZING what Beaches Negril offers for kids, I really don’t think they left anything out.

Recall my ‘happy kids, happy parents’ comment? Well, whether you are playing with the kids on the beach, taking in mother/daughter massages the Red Lane Spa, splashing around in the kids pool, having a Kinect match, getting ice cream or at kids club – there’s always something to do at Beaches Negril. 


Your vacation is what you make it and at Beaches Negril there are endless options, so that every family and every person enjoys their days with no worry. Beaches presents you with multiple options and then lets you pick so that you can do as little or as much as you want. 

Updated ~ For more on Beaches Negril, check out:



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      We get that way too, a family that longs for the beach! Let me know if you have any other questions about Beaches Negril!

  1. Lauren McKay says

    I had no idea this resort offered so much, we could definitely use a couple weeks there after this horrible Winter we’ve had!


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