Calm the Chaos at Sandals Negril


I put down my book to hear the soft music of ‘What a Wonderful World‘ playing in the Cucina Romana beach restaurant, just a few steps away from my lounge chair.

A sudden tropical rain, which the Jamaicans call ‘Liquid Sunshine’, had just blown through the area. This is the reason why my attention was on my novel, dry under the cover of a well-built palapa at Sandals Negril


The rain had stopped and streaks of warm light came through parted clouds, once again bringing my surroundings to life. Everything dries up very fast after liquid sunshine, only a few lone drops come down from the dried palm leaves of my palapa. My book was still in hand yet my eyes gaze to the waters in front of me. I watch a sailboat with blue, green and yellow sails glide effortlessly across the water. 

Sandals Negril lies on the famed and beautiful 7 mile beach, in a bay which houses many boats at any given moment. Unlike other tropical destinations visited in the past, I can’t help but notice that this location is unlike any other destination visited before.

Water kisses the shore gently and calmly at all times, yet I note that only when liquid sunshine is coming, do actual waves hit the coastline. I’ve tested this through the week and smile when the waters get a little choppy. Thanks for the heads up, friend. 


Ideal for watersports and swimming, this resort really is in a prime location. My eyes search the waters for my husbands boat, yet it was still too far out to be spotted among the others. He had gone out snorkelling, something he made habit to do twice per day. Snorkelling at Sandals Negril is included at no extra few for guests, as is Aquatrikes, knee boarding, windsurfing, water-skiing, tubing, kayaking}.

Why wasn’t I out there as well? I opt for one trip out a day, and I bask in the sun on the beach, taking in the peaceful solitude and letting my mind wander, while he takes a second trip. 


I close my eyes and feel the warm Caribbean breeze dance on my face, the location in the bay must also be the reason why the ocean wind is always calm as well, another difference than other beach holidays. Usually it’s so windy by the beach, yet here the fierce wind subsides and only remnants sweep the area. I think about this difference and settle on preference for the calmer ocean breeze.  

The couple from Georgia returns from lunch, to their lounge chairs about 9 feet away from mine. I smile and wave at this pleasant couple, who are here for their 11th Sandals vacation {3 time visitors of Sandals Negril}. This story is the trend with many people we have met here, longtime returners.


I think back to the morning when I passed a couple arriving in the lobby, obviously they’d been here before with the many surprised and warm welcomes they received from various staff members.

Like they were coming home. 

I can certainly see the appeal for this particular adults-only resort. The 12 acre property stretches and hugs the beach, so that wherever you are, you can walk to the beach in less than a minute. Yet, this doesn’t mean it’s a long distance from one end to the other since it’s a pretty small resort.


Sandals Negril has less than 250 rooms, many of which have just received a massive renovation to a modern upgrade. While there are many ‘types’ of rooms offered at the resort, there isn’t a bad one in the batch or any with a lacking location. FYI, this curious mind just had to see each type and was able to study them all.


The sun is out in full force now and the darker clouds which were dropping liquid sunshine, were far down the coast, making friends with people in other parts of Jamaica I’m sure.

It is then that I spot my husbands boat coming to shore, him standing with arms stretched in a ‘It was THIS BIG’ gesture. I smile, knowing that I’ll get a very descriptive account of the water-life he seen while out in the Caribbean sea. Perhaps I’ll get the story over lunch, the delicious Jerk Chicken at the beach bar was calling my name. 


I took in another relaxing breath of sweet tropical air, just as the song was ending. I put down my book and felt that lump in my throat and my eyes swell for a moment. The time, the setting, the mood and the opportunity to be in this beautiful paradise which I had grown so very fond of.

It was perfect.

Yes I think to myself, what a wonderful world … 









    • Tammi says

      You and me both! I’m back to the reality of snow {actually, we’re in a blizzard and are house-bound}, so I’m looking at the photos and longing for more time there!! Heaven!!

  1. Jenness M says

    Jamaica is one destination I haven’t been to in the Caribbean. Plan to go very soon so I will keep this resort on the list.


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