Month In Photos: November 2013

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November brought Winter and more Winter. Hitting with a vengence this year, our city saw more snowfall and blizzards than usual. Bah humbug. Yet, what a perfect time for hubby and I to escape to Sandals Negril in tropical Jamaica! We had the most incredible week away, more to come on our trip soon!

My girls also had their Fall Showcase with their Cheer Academy. The twins are in a pre-comp group, while my oldest is in competitive cheerleading. The Fall Showcase is when each team shows off their routines and is the official kickoff to comp season. The first of many competitions starts in just a couple of weeks. Here we go!month in photos

Sending a special shout-out to April for the beautiful photos for our 2013 Christmas cards – which have been mailed already. I’m such a keener this year, but it feels great crossing it off the list!

Hope you all had a fantastic November. Let’s make December 2013 a great one, friends!


If you have a Month in Photos post, leave the link in the comments. I’d love to take a peek at your November 2013 and your months worth of memories. Don’t forget to print each month off and soon you’ll have a year in photos for an album, without much effort required.



  1. trish says:

    Beautiful photos!

  2. Kelly Sherman says:

    Your girls are gorgeous. My oldest daughter is 7.5 and my twin girls are 5. Love your photos.

  3. Pat Drouillard says:


  4. Angie Andrews says:

    great photos!

  5. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    Looks like another great month for your family. Your girls are so pretty! Great photos!

  6. Suzanne G says:

    Love the pictures and it looks like it was a good month for you and family.

  7. Lovely!!

  8. Barb Palmer-Leon says:

    My daughter would be so happy to have gotten the chance to do cheer leading… health and clumsiness from me made that dream end quickly…. Beautiful family, happy Holidays!

  9. Jessica Schaub says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

  10. You have a beautiful family. Looking forward to hearing about your time in Jamaica

  11. Laurie B says:

    Your kids are so photogenic :) Great pics

    • Tammi says:

      Thank you Laurie, It’s sometimes difficult getting a good one of them all. Makes the good ones even better!

  12. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    absolutely beautiful picture of your three girls. one of your twins has really sprouted in height!

    • Tammi says:

      Definitely! Sophia was always just over an inch taller than Katie yet she’s growing fast this year! Catch up Katie, catch up!! ;)

  13. Athena says:

    Beautiful photos! It’s hard to believe it’s already December, the year has flown by!

  14. cindy says:

    what a beautiful family….you are truly blessed

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