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Last month a friend of mine said she requested ‘a tablet’ for Christmas. To that I asked, “well, which one?” and got a blank stare. Truth is, this happens a lot, there are so many options when it comes to tablets! Unless someone digs deep into the tech world, they might just make their tablet decision based on looks.

Errr. Didn’t your mother tell you that what’s on the inside, really counts? 

I was recently asked to review the Dell Venue 8 Tablet. While we have a few tablets in this house {of varying brands}, my accepting of the review wasn’t from the ‘need’ standpoint, yet of a curiosity.


You see, I too have previously chosen tech from the aesthetics standpoint and unfortunately have been swayed by the iSide. Things is, the performance of such iItems has been disappointing. I never thought I’d ever be the person to say this, but I’m learning {and leaning} more toward androids now. 

One of the BIGGEST perks of the Dell Venue 8 Tablet  is that it’s an Intel-based android. Meaning, this tablet has the same inner beauty {fierce guts}, as some of the best computers/processors out there. This tablet has INTEL, guys! That’s a pretty big deal!


Having an Intel processor means that the Dell Venue 8’s battery will last longer and the apps will run smoother and much quicker. Remember I said I have a few tablets of varying brands? So,dDid I notice that the Dell Venue 8 Tablet has more ‘perk’ because of having Intel? Wow, YES!

Right out of the box I turned on the tablet, chose my country and I was asked for my Google account and password. In literally 4 minutes, everything was set up and ready, even with my preferred apps right where I wanted them on the screen. 4 minutes and it was done. 


Immediately I went onto Google play and downloaded the apps I wanted. My first choices were various social networks and some Netflix entertainment. Email setup, check. Done and done. Easiest set-up eva!

In no time I even had a couple games for the kids dowloaded. Within 30 minutes of even opening the box, I was handing the tablet over to my children to test as well. My 5 year old twins and my 9 year old needed no instruction at all, they dove right in and found their favourites. User-friendly indeed! 


Before, I mainly used tablets of a bigger size. Yet the Dell Venue 8 is just 9.5mm thin and featuring a stunning 8-inch screen. So, it’s smaller but more ideal for the hands to hold. I can type using both thumbs on the keyboard, which I can’t do on two of my other tablets. It’s may seen like a little thing, but something that is just more comfortable, like I’m typing on what I type on most – my phone! Plus, I can easily tuck this one into my purse. 

Yet, don’t let the smaller size fool you into thinking this 8″ screen won’t be ‘enough’. One of the very first things I noticed when the kids started playing a game, was just how brilliant the colours and resolution is. Images, video and well … everything, comes through crystal clear and so vividly.

Of course taking photos of screens never works the way you’d like, so it’s hard to really show you what I see. I wish all of you could peek your head through your own screen and take a look at the screen of the Dell Venue 8. It’s remarkable, and another point for this Intel based android.


I haven’t been using my Dell Venue 8 for very long, yet I can already say with confidence that it’s my favourite tablet right now. That alone speaks volumes.

Of course there’s a lot more to the Dell Venue 8 than I can get into, so here’s more information.

  • 8-inch HD display: Experience vibrant, brilliant images on the 8-inch screen with 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, and use convenient gestures to navigate your content with 10-point multi-touch capabilities.
  • Intel Atom processor with 2GB RAM: Multitask with ease thanks to the Intel Atom Z2580 processor and 2GB system memory.
  • 16GB built-in memory: Keep your important files close at hand and expand your memory options up to 32GB with a micro SD memory card (sold separately)
  • Dual cameras: Capture memories and chat with friends and family with the 5MP rear-facing camera and 2MP front-facing camera, both of which shoot 720p/30fps HD video.
  • Go wireless: Stay connected to wireless hotspots with built-in Wi-Fi and conveniently pair up to your wireless peripheral devices with Bluetooth technology.
  • All-day battery: Never slow down to recharge with up to 8 hours of active battery life.
  • Pre-installed with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean: This smooth, intuitive OS is easy to customize and provides access to tons of apps from Google Play.

** Wait, did I mention that this particular Dell Venue 8 Tablet is only $179.99?! Sweet! 

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. Amanda Neilson says

    I currently have a BlackBerry Playbook and I would to win an Android based tablet just for the fact that I would be able to Skype and use Netflix – which I can’t do on my Playbook.

  2. tammy harrison says

    I would love to use this rather than a desktop computer- then I can work all over the house :)

  3. Dawn Wiley-Rader says

    I would love to win this! This would be great to help me build my online business!

  4. Joanne says

    I never thought I’d want a tablet until we got my mom one for her birthday. I’m obsessed with it, they’re awesome little gadgets! Would love love love to win :)

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