Snow Day


Winter is officially here {photos from last week}.

This snow day could be any ordinary day for the next 7 months … *sigh*.

… just thought I’d explain that in case you thought the title of ‘snow day’ meant that the schools were closed. HA! I don’t think they’ve done that since I was a kid.

Now it’s like: “Oh, it’s -40 degrees? Come to school!!“. <~ said in my stern voice, obviously.



Recall my new deck from my fantastic backyard renovation? Yeah, it’s now almost buried in the white stuff and not so fun for me lately {Summer BBQ’s, I miss you!}.

So, for the Winter months, the deck is now the kids play area.







These photos were taken with the Canon EOS Rebel SL1, what a fire-cracker! I take it everywhere since it’s so lightweight and I’m still am so amazed by all the features.

Good time for a reminder: If you are Canadian, make sure to stop by and enter to WIN a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Prize Pack for yourself. It has a MSRP of $1009! 😉





  1. says

    Aww! nice photos, the snow hasn’t come to London yet always looks nice for the first couple of days then you just want rid of it LOL

    Have a snowtastic week 😉

  2. says

    Oh my, that is so true! Can’t say I look fwd to that sight, but the gorgeous children are a delight!! Hang in there, in another..???? months your new deck will be back!!

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