Photos of Happiness


Winter made an appearance this week in Alberta. Snow. Cold – lots of both. Dinners are more comforting, blinds are closed and the furnace is chugging along. Boo!

Something I also find helpful in warming up, and bringing a huge smile to the face?

These photos.

They are from our recent stay at Walt Disney World for the #DisneyHaunt event. Sometimes you need an extra dose of happiness on a dreary day.


One of my favourites from the trip, I love capturing the girls reactions. This one of them watching the parade is just one of the photos I got when I focused on them and not just what was around them. 


 This isn’t my family, yet I love the combination of the ears and the castle in the background at The Magic Kingdom. So adorable!


My oldest daughter became instant friends with the daughter of fellow Canadian blogger and #DisneyHaunt attendee, Julie. These two connected instantly and were usually found together, and most likely holding hands like they did here at Animal Kingdom. Bonded by Disney!


 Exactly how many children can you stuff into a phone booth in the UK at Epcot?


And then there’s the California feel of Hollywood Studios – palm trees, sun, blue skies. Ahhh!

Do you have photos that change your mood instantly?




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