a Dose of the Magic


Our family just returned from a magical time in Walt Disney World, for the #DisneyHaunt event.

I just started going through all the photos {posts to come!}, yet right now there’s laundry to be done and the almighty adjustment to the home schedule again. Boo!

magic kingdom walt disney world Disneyhaunt myorganizedchaos

Yet I can’t pass up the opportunity to share a dose of the magic, with a couple photos of our time there. Watch for all the juicy details soon, I cannot wait to share all that we did, saw and experienced. 

disney world halloween magic kingdom




    • Tammi says

      Thank you, it’s not hard not to take gorgeous photos in a place like this!! Beauty at every turn!

  1. says

    How great that you and family were able to do the Disney Experience. We have been there and I have almost the exact same shot as your second one……. bet the band has changed, though!!

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