Kevin.Murphy Young.Again: Anti-Aging Hair Care


The first time I learned of Kevin.Murphy hair care products was at my last visit to my hairdresser. I, like most, sit in the chair and gaze among the bottles and bottles that line the shelves and ask question after question. Studying them all like it’s finals.

The Kevin.Murphy lines caught my eye for the eye catching bottles, yet more importantly, the amount of them.  My hairdresser is known for stocking ONLY the items she herself loves, so my curiosity was certainly piqued. 

When I was asked to try the new Young.Again line by Kevin.Murphy, I had to for the reasons stated above. Curiosity and the need to spoil my hair, making it the best it can be. These days, it’s all about anti-aging and I believe you can never start too early with anything ‘anti-aging’. Why not, right?

Turns out, using them provided clean hair that felt great. Plus, the Rinse left my very long hair comb-able yet not caked with product that it felt greasy when dry. So, to me, it’s a great hair care combo with the added perks of bringing some young life {literally} back to the hair. 


In order to help combat the aging process of hair, KEVIN.MURPHY has introduced an entire new line of YOUNG.AGAIN products. Composed of a WASH, RINSE & MASQUE, this new line of anti-aging hair care is designed to help renew youthful lustre and shine to dry, damaged or brittle hair.

The YOUNG.AGAIN line, which is available in salons, includes:

  • YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH {$35} – Immortelle and Baobab infused restorative softening shampoo. Gently cleanses and preps the hair to receive the essential ingredients of the masque and the rinse.
  • YOUNG.AGAIN.RINSE {$35} – Immortelle and Baobab infused restorative softening conditioner. Formulated to lock down the cuticle and lock in moisture.
  • YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE {$49} – Immortelle and Baobab infused restorative softening masque. Addresses all three factors that relate to the premature aging of hair.

I only use the masque about once a week, for that added softness and nourishment. I like that you only need to use a ‘usual’ amount of each, at each wash. Plus, the smell is light and very pretty.

Key Ingredients chosen for their longevity and resilience to renew youthful lustre and soften dry damaged hair:

  • 6 Australian rainforest fruit extracts Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, these extracts were shown to flourish despite the harsh climatic conditions.
  • Baobab seed oil Provides moisturizing benefits to the hair while improving elasticity and tone
  • Orchid flower extract Rich in proteins, reinforces hair strength and provides intense hydration
  • Immortelle Extraordinary healing qualities and great regenerating ability, super antioxidant Lotus flower extract Helps to protect the hair from moisture loss. Rich in protein, leaving hair soft and supple
  • Kakadu plum extracts A potent antioxidant essential for the repair of damaged hair
  • Phospholipids Create a skin like barrier to lock in moisture
  • Bamboo extracts Known for its restorative e≠ects, adding natural shine and lustre to the hair

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.


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  1. tanyab79 says:

    I would love to win because I like trying new products.

  2. kdp13 says:

    ive always wanted to try this line ;)

  3. Andrea B. says:

    I would love to win because I am still looking for the holy grail of hair products and am hoping that these are it.

  4. Vesper says:

    As I didn’t know that I had to combat the aging process of hair I think I need to win this.

  5. shelley Hickey says:

    my hair is old…

  6. lori butler says:

    between the aging process, menopausing, and stress, my hair has been beaten, i would like to try this to see if it brings my hair back to life.

  7. Judy C (Cowan) says:

    I would love to win because my hair is dry and dull and I can’t seem to find the right product to help it so I would love to try these.

  8. Carolle says:

    because i never try it before

  9. My hair stylist uses these products on me (angel wash – the light pink bottle) and also used the dry shampoo by KM on me. Love his stuff, but have never bought it. Would love to try it out for myself in my own shower!

  10. i love trying new things,, this looks awesome,, thnx

  11. Gail Him says:

    Love new products!

  12. Anne Taylor says:

    I’d love to win because my hair is now the hair of a 50yr old woman and it needs some anti aging! :-)

  13. With a two-year old and a preemie at home, I have zero time to do anything with my disaster (AKA hair). Using a product that can give it a little bit of life would be a blessing because I don’t have time for much else.

  14. Pat Mc says:

    Turning 60 in the spring, feel like 30, hair looks like 65!! Need some help

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