My Twins Started Kindergarten!


My kids didn’t start school at the same time this year, my oldest began Grade 4 three days before her sisters. It was really odd having this staggered ‘back to school’ routine, I really can’t say I liked it at all.

The worst part was that it really confused the twins, they kept asking why their sister was at school and they weren’t. We all know how repetitive this gets {worse than ‘are we there yet’}, so when the day finally came for them, we were all more than happy.


 Last week I shared a photo of Isabelle’s First Day of Grade 4.

This post? It’s dedicated to the twins and their first day of Kindergarten. How’d that sneak up so fast?  Smiles on and ready to go, they were so excited. Unlike their older daughter too, I was able to get a TON of photos to commemorate the day {as in, not just one photo then many eye-rolls thereafter}. 


 Yet, new and unknown is a little intimidating. They listened and took it all in, yet never left each others side. In fact, when on the tour of the school, this is how they walked. And didn’t.let.go. 


Let it stand for the record that these two hardly ever hold hands. Even when crossing the street and I ask them to, is met with some degree of complaining and arguing. So this moment captured? I die!! 


It was agreed by the twins that Kindergarten is about the best thing ever. First day, success!

My little Miss Katie & Sophia … Kinders!




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    I absolutely adore the Hello Kitty and the outfits…they look like pink perfection! i’m so glad they had a great first day of Kindergarten and I hop they have many more to come! :)

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