Dream Whip Icing: Frosting that is Light and Not Too Sweet

 Looking for a frosting that is light and not too sweet? Hey, I got this!

I’m not a fan of icings in general, they are always way too sweet for my liking. So, years ago I went on the hunt for an icing that was light and A LOT less sweet than say, a buttercream icing.

I mentioned this icing in a blog post a while back and the amount of people asking for my recipe was astounding. So, as promised, I’m sharing what I call Dream Whip Icing

dream-whip-icing myorganizedchaos


This icing is my go-to when it comes to a fabulous frosting. It’s TO.DIE.FOR!

… also, it is so super easy to make. Bonus! 

Dream Whip Icing
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  1. 2 pkg Dream Whip {along with ingredients to make the Dream Whip, as per instructions on packet, which is usually Milk and Vanilla Extract}
  2. 1 pkg Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix
  1. Make the Dream Whip as per the instructions on the package, usually milk and Vanilla Extract {clear, if possible}.
  2. Add in the Instant pudding mix.
  3. Beat until blended.
  4. Colour the icing if needed.
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Make sure you use instant pudding {not cooked} and if you can, use clear vanilla as well. Regular brown vanilla extract will turn the icing a brownish tinge. 

This icing does ‘melt’ faster than a traditional buttercream. So, if you need it to sit out for a while, I suggest adding another package of pudding, since this helps to stiffen the icing a lot.

For instance, I made a castle cake for my oldest {circa 2007} and used this Dream Whip icing, with the extra packet of pudding. It was a very hot day and the house was incredibly warm. I kept the cake in the fridge for the most part {even cooling it down now and then when decorating}, until it was ‘cake time’. 

Yet, as you can see with these Minnie Mouse Cupcakes from my twins birthday this past July, you can shape the icing somewhat as well.

minnie mouse birthday cupcakes twin birthday

And yes, it’s this Dream Whip icing that was in between the ombre rainbow layers of the Hello Kitty cake I made.


So, if you need an icing that isn’t as sweet, this one HAS to be tried. You’ll see why it’s my favourite icing of all time!




  1. Teresa Claire says

    The picture of the Minnie Mouse Cupcakes look so sweet…pun intended :) Well done Tammi!

  2. Erika B says

    oh my goodness those cupcakes are so cute!!!! I will have to save his recipe for icing because I also have a hard time finding icing that is not too sweet!

  3. Victoria Ess says

    Oh that cupcake icing looks fantastic! I still get blown away when I see how talented you are at baking!


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