The Calgary Tower {Yikes!}

I’ve lived here all my live and never went up the Calgary Tower. That fact is very odd to me. 

This Summer I decided to change that when my family and I set out to seize the Summer with While in Calgary for our weekend getaway, we took the kids up the Calgary Tower, which was built in the 60s. Pretty isn’t she?

calgary tower family travel myorganizedchaos

 Views all around of the city of Calgary, noticing all the landmarks from high up. The kids had a total blast with many ‘this is so cool!’ phrases overheard. 

calgary views tower tour alberta travel

 We learned much of the history of the tower, how it was built, when and all that jazz. Yet I learned something about myself on this trip up 190 feet. 

That I’m terribly scared of heights.

calgary tower

 None of those feet in the photo above are mine … it took everything in me, to lean forward and take this photo. I could hardly go near the glass floor. I shook. I couldn’t breathe. I knew I was uneasy with heights for years, getting a little shaky when extremely high up. In fact, I used to LOVE heights, it’s just something that creeped up on me in adulthood.

So this glass floor? Confirmed it. Full.blown.panic.attack. 

I stood back biting my nails like a maniac while my kids laughed and taunted me by doing things like this: 

glass floor calgary tower family travel

 I almost broke out in sweats watching my babies on that glass floor. What have I become?!

So, I let them play with the scary floor and I did what I was comfortable with. I gazed at gorgeous views of the city of Calgary … from behind a big cement wall. 

city of calgary downtown


city of calgary alberta Canadian Mom blogger myorganizedchaos

Anyone else develop a fear of heights later in life? Ever walked on a glass floor from way up?



  1. says

    I am with you on the panic attack. I am not sure that I would have been able to let my children play on that glass floor. You are a stronger mommy than I.


  2. says

    I can’t do the glass floor thing. The one in the CN Tower freaks me out no end, especially when our kids jump on it! But I’m ok so long as there’s a real, non-see-through floor underneath me and something solid in front of me :)


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