The Whole Dam Tour


We landed in Las Vegas in the early AM, knowing that check-in wasn’t until later afternoon. As much as we wanted to concentrate on seeing the strip for first trip to sin city, we also didn’t want to miss the chance to see Vegas beyond the strip. So, our early arrival was a perfect excuse to meet up with a friend whom lived in the city, to do a little sightseeing.

Our first stop was to see the famed Hoover Dam, yet part of the charm was getting there. A perfect opportunity to see the suburbs and life outside of the main tourist area. When traveling, take in all the differences than what you are used to. Things like houses to restaurants, shops to the landscape – it’s the appreciation of the ‘new’! That, is the true essence of the word, travel.

las vegas hoover dam nevada

Las Vegas is rolling hills of dessert, lots of concrete with the sporadic sprinkle of manicured lawn. I love that before we arrived to the chaotic core of the city, I was able to take in the peace of the areas around.

When you see Hoover Dam for the first time, it’s a ‘holy crap’ reaction. Much bigger that you’d imagine, despite expecting it to be quite massive.

hoover dam nevada travel

Man-made and an engineering masterpiece {for it’s time and for today}, you need to take the Dam Tour. Even if you aren’t the ‘history’ type, understanding the literal foundations for the dam is something that wow, guaranteed.


Here are my tips and must-do’s when taking the whole dam tour.

  • Yes, when walking the corridors, please do stop and re-enact ‘National Lampoons Vacation’ with a piece of gum and water squirting out a crack. You just have to.
  • As well, take many photos. Even though you’d be tempted to just listen to the tour, get your multi-tasking hat on and do your best at both.

  • After the tour, plan to spend time on the observation deck. I hope you are not deathly afraid of heights, the full experience is leaning over and seeing just how massive this dam is. The views are nothing short of spectacular, and you can get a great view of Memorial Bridge.

hoover dam tour

  • Don’t miss the chance to take a stroll on the Dam, where pedestrians and vehicles can cross. Oh, and the very road that the Transformers traveled, heh.

  • The middle of this dam marks the Nevada-Arizona border, so yes, please do jump back and forth with a ‘I’m in Arizona, I’m in Nevada, I’m in …”. I did this many times, so now I can say I did a lot of state hopping on this trip. Literally.

Taking the whole dam serious tour, finding fun in a new location and appreciating the differences from what you are used to. It’s all apart of the wonder of traveling. The beauty of adventure. Adding a damn great stamp in that passport.

Also, my watermark on these photos is like damn graffiti on the dam. Sorry about that.  

Signed, I was here.






  1. Wow that is seriously breathtaking! I would love to visit Hoover Dam some day. What a fun trip!

  2. Besides my kids, i’m the only one in my family that hasn’t been to the Hoover Dam, and I’m so jealous! I’d love to go there one day. Definitely breathtaking. I love your pictures. It is amazing!

  3. I’ve only been to LV for a conference and to see the strip. Now I want to go back and bring our son to see the Hoover Dam. Thanks for sharing the breathtaking photos!

    • Tammi says:

      So many people just go to the strip, which is fine, yet I always love to explore beyond. More adventure!

  4. I went on that tour last year during a visit with my Dad and sisters. It’s a nice tour that I know my family would enjoy. We plan to take a family trip there next summer. It’s beautiful!

    • Tammi says:

      You have a couple options with the tour too, depending on how much time and money you want to spend. I like the video to start too, the old pictures of it being built are astounding!

  5. I love these pics! I am a bit scared of heights, but I think I could handle it! ;)

  6. If I ever get the chance to visit Las Vegas I want to tour the dam. You have lovely photographs!

  7. Judy C says:

    Las Vegas is on my to do list, just haven’t made it there yet. Will add the dam to the list of things to see when we do get there!

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