Before Cheerleading camp and practice/competitions start in a couple weeks, my daughter has been practicing on her own.

I love her dedication and passion for this sport!





  1. Will this be her first time? She already looks like a seasoned pro. Impressive!

  2. Wow look at her! She definitely looks dedicated!

  3. What a great jump! What a great picture! That is awesome!

  4. Now that is impressive she has talent

    Have a bouncetastic week ;-)

  5. Awesome picture! Love it!

  6. WOW and she’s so young to! She’ll be a great cheerleader in high school! How fun.

    My niece started a cheer leading squad for special needs kids. In order for her to start it they made her become a cheerleader herself. She was pretty good at it, but didn’t get along with some of the girls. In that school (I went there as well) there are a lot of stuck up girls. Pretty sad. It was so neat to see her special needs kids get all excited over cheering though!!! I liked watching her to! Now she’s going into college! It’s crazy how fast they grow.

  7. Trampolines are such great motivators to get them to practice on their own. My daughter is in gymnastics and uses ours to practice her front and back handsprings. Love your dd’s cute cheer outfit too!

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