The Elements of Summer


I really could go on and on, almost lunatic-like, yet I really do love Summer. Wholeheartedly and completely, I embrace the season like a kid at Christmas. 

With a glance at the calendar, I cringe at the thought of turning that page. How is it that July is almost over? I, like most Canadians, have been waiting too many months for this. So why does January linger like watching the water boil when this month flies by so fast?

Oh yeah, cause we are having too much fun.

As busy and jam-packed as the days are, Summer is also a time for reflection. Soaking in everything around you, all the elements of Summer.

Water  – Days at the beach or running through sprinklers, there’s something so appealing to kids getting soaking wet. There’s perks for us parents too -kids got dirty outside? There’s a garden hose for that. Summer brings on a whole new level of play whether it’s a pool full, a fine mist to cool off or some play in the bath with Minnie and Friends Bath Squirters. Hey, these bathing suit filled days also bring less laundry right? Bring it on!

IMG_4634 2

Air – Jumps on the trampoline to legs pumping you higher on the swing, we all love to feel the peaceful Summer wind. Scents like fresh cut grass, watermelon and sunscreen fill the senses. My kids love going to the park where their imaginations and bodies soar. Across the monkey bars and flying off the end of a slide. Carefree Summer days, sometimes without a worry in the world except for the panic on if you brought the bug repellant.

Earth – Little people in tiny cars zoom through the sand as Ariel stops in her Coach with an invitation to a party. Carefully picking leaves, rocks, flowers and moss for a tiny fairy house for the backyard. Summer is trading in the playroom carpet for zooms across the lawn with a Bubble Mower. Bouncing balls and sidewalk chalk fill the driveway with signs that kids play here. Carefree jaunts in the Power Wheels Barbie Cadillac Escalade, tunes blasting and giggles galore. Gotta love the flip-flop and no coat days when we all get out that door faster than any other season. Skipping. Literally. Wherever the road may lead us.

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Fire – Sitting in lawn chairs watching the sun set and stifling the occasional yawn from a long day in the bright shining sun. Surrounded by family and friends around a campfire, my kids always have a stuffed animal in hand to share the memory. Perhaps a Doodle Bear? From the crisp sweetness of a delicious toasted marshmallow to the spark in your childs eye with each new activity and adventure, there’s plenty of fiery warmth inside us at the end of the day.


What element of Summer would be your favourite?


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    • Tammi says

      Yes! The scents of Summer get me every time, and one of the first things that I appreciate when going on vacation. Summer, don’t go!!!!

  1. says

    I think water. I love going to the coast and watching the waves crash against the rocks. It’s peaceful and soothing. I wish we had nice beaches around here. Most of them are rocky cliffs!

  2. Helen C says

    spending time with my grandbabies outside is my favorite part of Summer. I guess that entails all elements. :)

  3. Felicia says

    We have been regularily going to the outdoor pool this Summer, that’s a lot of water. We have so much fun.

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