Minnie Mouse Cupcakes


Before the weekend we celebrated the twins 5th birthday. Wow, five!

Their party was Minnie Mouse themed, and this year I decided to make cupcakes for the very first time ever. Well, not ‘ever’, but it was a first for not having a cake or two for my kids birthday. I’m usually a cake kind of gal like the Hello Kitty Birthday Cake from last year.

Some of the Minnie Mouse Cupcakes were chocolate, others a white cake and then even more which were swirled with the two. Complicated? Nah, I just made a white and chocolate cake batter and then decided on the swirl when I had leftovers. I mean, I SLAVED ALL DAY. #lie

minnie mouse birthday cupcakes

Since I detest sweet icing, I always make a pudding/dream whip icing, which I won’t get into for now … yet, would you like me to post the recipe sometime?

Piped on top with some purchased Minnie Mouse candies making two different choices for cupcakes – voila!

minnie mouse birthday cupcakes twins

I would have thought the cupcakes with the little bows and mini Oreos for ears would be the bigger hit. I was wrong, all the kids wanted cupcakes with the Minnie Mouse Face. Go figure {who passes up Oreos?} but she IS a cutie so I understand.

Happy Birthday 5th birthday to my beautiful Twincesses!



  1. Adorable! I am a cake girl also. You should check out my cake album sometime. And yes, definitely post the recipe!! :)

  2. Love the Minnie cupcakes. They are adorable.

  3. Love the cupcakes! They are fab! x

  4. umm YEAH, you totally need to post your icing recipe!!!!
    and those cuppycakes look AMAZING! :D

  5. I hope your girls had a fabulous day! You did a great job on those cupcakes. They’re super cute.

  6. Judy C says:

    Love the cupcakes, you did a great job! And yes please post the recipe when you get a chance!

  7. They turned out really cute! Good job! And happy birthday to the girls :)

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